Why You Should Never Give Up On Love

Why Should Never Give Up On Love

Sometimes we get exhausted because we’re tired of all the questions that don’t die inside our heads, questions that we honestly don’t have any prepared answers for, questions that maybe we won’t get to figure out. Is that why we give up on love sometimes?

We’re tired of trying to fit ourselves to someone else’s standards, to live up to someone’s expectations, to become the best in their own eyes. We’re exhausted with the modern dating scenes, and we’re even more exhausted to see some people patronizing them.

We’re exhausted from explaining the kind of love that we believe is true, the love that lasts for a lifetime, the love that gives us a reason to wake up every day.

Sometimes we get hurt.

We’re in pain when we remember the relationships we had that only lasted in such a short period of time. We’re tormented about the times that we sacrificed our happiness in hopes that someone will love us back.

We’re hurt that some people think it’s okay to manipulate us, take advantage of us, rob us of our innocence, and play with our feelings.

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Sometimes we get scared.

We’re worried that maybe there’s something wrong with us, something that drives people to step back and turn around, and something that gives them an excuse to run away from us.

We’re afraid that maybe we talked too much when we had our first dates, or our personalities came off as too strong for them to handle, or we weren’t cool enough to sit with their friends.

We’re scared that when it gets dark, and we’re left alone in our own thoughts, we can’t help but ask ourselves, “What If I never love again?

But I think we think too much.

I think that when we’re with our friends, they see us as the fun type, the kind they feel energized to be around, and maybe we are the people who are sometimes the life of the party. I think that when we’re with ourselves, we’re vulnerable, soft, and humble. I think that when we’re with strangers, maybe they look at us as the type of people who have cool hobbies and interests in their lives.

And I think we’re okay. We’re perfectly fine. I don’t think that there’s something that we should change about ourselves, something that we need to adjust for someone, something that we need to do more or do less. We are who we are, and for a lot of good reasons, people love us.

We will not give up on love because whenever we see people who found the right ones they’re looking for, we get inspired and have our hopes up again. We get inspired to achieve the love that makes us believe in second chances, a love that is sweeter the second time around, a love story that is more beautiful when re-written. We want to hope to meet someone who’s going to be the answer to all the doubts that consume our minds.

We will not give up on love so we can show our fears that they have no power to haunt us and bring us down. We want to prove to ourselves that we can live a free life that is not based on impressing other people and desperately trying to make sure they are happy.

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We want to stand in the face of sadness and let it see that it can’t provoke a tear in our eyes, or even trigger any insecurity of us.

We are too strong to give up on love.

We are too young to say no to the possibility of falling in love again. We have plenty of time and energy to embrace our imperfections and work towards improving ourselves.

We need to be the example to the world that it’s alright to be showy of our affections, to be expressive of our thoughts, to be honest with our feelings.

Let’s promise to never ever say no to love. We owe it to ourselves to be happy in all that we do, to be comfortable with our own skins, to be proud of who we are. We owe it to people who love us, raise us, and drive us to select a better half who’s going to give us the same care, respect, and affection.

You see, sometimes we get discouraged to give love a try because we’re so scared to fail again. But we have to persevere, be patient, and to be optimistic in searching for love. Because one day when we’re all curled up on the couch with the people that are meant for us, we’re going to look back on our lives, and be thankful for the moments that we didn’t give up.

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  1. Avatar of Rafed Good Heart

    How we can say no to love ?? How ??? Everything on this ground is From love : can mother no love her baby? Can you no love your son ? Can son no love father….can you no love your lover .. and .. and so really we can’t say this ; no love no life .. just after died no love ;;; You breathe So you love

  2. Avatar of Carlos Ocampo

    Love have 3 elements. Intimacy, Passion and Commitment.
    Intimacy is sharing things into your partner that you don’t share with anybody else. Passion is the one you think, this is a physical attraction or sex. Commitment or decision, the decision that one is in a love Relationship, the willingness to label it as such, and a commitment to maintain that relationship at least for some period of time. If you have this 3 elements you have love. A perfect love.

    1. Avatar of Prince Raj

      ….thanx for all ,but you defined here abt critical pathway of love/life.but what you think abt centre of love.,,,,here my little bit opinion iz dat it iz a hiding shadow,where human create nd destroyed it in daily li

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