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Why Are You Not Getting The Love You Want?

Not Getting Love You Want

You are feeling lonely and void from inside even when you are in a relationship. It may be because you are not getting the love you want.

Are you looking for love for all the wrong reasons?

Do you find your efforts to feel loved, actually push love away? Have you found that the more you want love, the more you feel unloved?

Are you an empathetic lover who takes care of the needs of others at the expense of your self? Why does searching for love make you a vulnerable target for narcissistic abuse?

Do you wonder why you attract abuse or unavailable partners in your life? Do you lose yourself in your relationships by revolving your whole life around your partner?  

You cannot feel real love if you’re not giving to yourself first. Many of us make the mistake of wanting love so badly that we will do anything for it; which does not allow a partner to know the real you.

Chasing them does not allow them to chase you. If you’re trying so hard to impress or please someone, then you are not allowing yourself to flourish.

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Giving up yourself or sacrificing your ‘self’, works against feeling happy and does not allow others to get drawn to you.

Instead fitting in with them, means you’re always meeting their needs, not yours.  The end road can lead to resentment or a lifeless relationship.

The actual truth is that you will not get the love you want if you’re not loving yourself, first. Real love is not obtained by choosing partners because you are longing to feel loved or wanted.

You cannot get your needs met by hoping that someone else will meet them for you. If you love who you are, as a person, the chances are you will get the love you want.

If you can define your needs and know your ‘self, then you will have better chances of finding a partner who suits your needs, rather than choosing to settle for relationships because you are afraid to be alone or feel unworthy.

How do you avoid choosing the wrong relationships?

Many of us are on a quest for love in order to escape from feelings of loneliness or worthlessness. Could you be searching for the love that you didn’t receive?

Is your yearning for love driving toxic men directly toward you? As empaths, many of us give everything of ourselves in order to feel loved or worthy. Are you searching for it to feel good about yourself because deep down you feel bad about yourself?

Many individuals attract partners for all the wrong reasons, often finding men who will make them feel good and wanted temporarily while ignoring their bad behavior or red flags.

For many, holding onto the fantasy of getting their unmet needs met in love, can actually blind them from seeing signs of abuse.

Seeking others in order to feel good about yourself doesn’t actually change how you feel about yourself. In fact, you will feel worse about yourself, if you choose a partner who does not treat you right.

The more we need others to make us feel good about ourselves, the more we make ourselves vulnerable to how others treat us, rather than seeking relationships that meet our own needs.

Real love is when we do not need others to make us feel good about ourselves because we have learned to love ourselves. Real love comes from choosing partners based on the qualities that enhance ourselves, not take from us.

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