I’m Dying


I’m dying.
I’m drowning.
I’m suffocating.
There’s something in my head
attacking my thoughts.

My emotions stab my heart,
and my tongue drips in words unspoken.

My eyes scream for help,
and my mouth tries to form words,
but silence floats out like a bitter song.
But my smile…
My smile is my biggest lie
when my eyes scream for help.



We think nakedness is only
the absence of clothing.
Well, the truth be told,
it’s all the times we feel stripped
and exposed down to our very essence
with no place left to hide.
Today, let’s think of all situations
that made us feel naked and
let’s make it our business to cover
someone’s nakedness and
not the other way around.


    In So Many Ways, You Are Beautiful

    In so many ways you are beautiful

    Even though it’s nice to hear your stories,

    To see your smile, your hellos, and goodbyes,

    It’s even more beautiful to see you grow…

    The struggles you have gone through,

    The lessons you have learned,

    The love you have shared,

    The broken pieces you have mended,

    The choice you have taken to heal and keep ongoing…

    For that I thank you.

    Because the world would never be the same without you here,

    My life would never be the same without you near.

      5 Signs Your Unconscious Mind Is Trying To Tell You Something

      Unconscious Mind Is Trying To Tell You Something

      Did you know our unconscious mind can also communicate with us? Here are 5 signs your unconscious mind is trying tell you something.

      Our mind is a den of mystery. Scientists have not yet been able to fully decode it. Yet, our deepest thoughts and insights are a product of our unconscious mind.

      We are aware of our conscious mind and tend to think that it is everything there is. However, there are times when we are signaled by our unconscious to pursue actions we should be undertaking.

      Here are 5 signs your unconscious mind is trying to tell you something

      Sign 1. Sudden Insights

      Interesting facts about the subconscious mind

      Your intuition is a powerful tool. And the thing that it mostly leads to are insights that occur in striking flashes. These insights are extremely ephemeral, but are powerful enough to convey spiritual messages that leave lasting impacts on our lives.

      You’d never know when you’re going to have insights. They are unpredictable and sudden. Their frequency is not something you can measure. And it mostly occurs when you least expect it. Insights are messages from our unconscious rendering us powerful revelations, thus persuading us to act accordingly.

      Insights are mainly associated with deep thinkers and introverts, and often end up guiding their lives in directions least traveled by others. Thus the unconscious mind gives us flashes of these mysterious spiritual insights, signalling us to follow them to what we’re destined for.


      Sign 2. Fleeting Thoughts

      Your subconscious mind is 30,000 times more powerful

      The mind is a treasure trove of thoughts. Some are heavy and impactful, while others are just momentary flicks. But there are times when we have no control over our thoughts. Our mind is subject to randomness at these moments.

      We find ourselves just scrolling through random thoughts just as we do with our social media timelines. The only difference being, when browsing the internet, we’re in control of ourselves, but here, we have no control over our thoughts.

      Our minds just keep getting bombarded by millions of thoughts that come and go in seconds. In these situations, our unconscious mind is trying to say that we are emotionally perplexed and that we need to take hold of our lives.


      Sign 3. Recurring Dreams

      70% of your dreams contain secret messages

      The ancients often used to consider dreams as visions sent by the divine. They theorized that if you’re having the same dream over and over again, then you’re being communicated by your guardian angel regarding important events that are going to take place in your life.

      Whatever their hypotheses were, we now know that it is our unconscious that is trying to convey signals that we keep ignoring. When we are awake, we tend to bypass these hints, that’s why the unconscious tries to make up for it by showing them in our dreams.

      It can be some unfulfilled desires or things that are taking a toll on your health and that you should be careful of. The unconscious basically attempts to make you aware of things that need to be addressed on an emotional or physical level. It is not wise to ignore these subtle signals.


      Sign 4. Physical Symptoms

      Dreams are not the only method via which our unconscious mind tries to communicate with us. Sometimes our body acts as physical conduits for these signals. You’ll find your body displaying signs or functioning in unusual ways.

      These signs can be either internal or external or both, depending on the circumstances. External signs can include chronic lower back pain, headaches, abdominal bloating, neck and shoulder pain, etc. Internal signs include perpetual fatigue, energy drainage, sudden drop in energy levels, exhaustion, etc.

      All these are subtle indications of personal or work related stress that your unconscious mind wants you to address on an immediate basis.


      Sign 5. Reduced Or Lack Of Free Will

      Have you ever come across times when you want to do something but lack the sheer will to carry it out? You have been subject to reduced level of free will. Free will is defined as the mental state vital for executing something you deeply desire.

      You might think that the desire itself is enough and that every time you have pursued your dreams, it was the desire alone which drove things to fulfillment. But free will is the matrix that acts as a prime mover of these dreams and desires. Whatever you aspire to become or get done, you need to have a strong free will to make things happen.

      Imagine Your Mind Like A Garden And Your Thoughts Are The Seeds

      Imagine your mind like a garden

      Read this slowly:

      Imagine your mind like a garden and your thoughts are the seeds.
      You get to choose what seeds you plant in it.
      You can plant seeds of positivity, love, and abundance.
      Or you can plant seeds of negativity, fear, and lack.
      You can also spend time trying to take care of everyone else’s garden.
      Or you can work on making yours beautiful and attract other beautiful people to your garden.

      – Jakewoodard

      Isn’t It Odd How Much Fatter A Book Gets When You’ve Read It

      Isn't it odd how much fatter a book gets when you've read it

      Isn’t it odd how much fatter a book gets when you’ve read it? Several times? As if something were left between the pages every time you read it. Feelings, thoughts, sounds, smells, and then, when you look at the book again many years later, you find yourself there, too, a slightly younger self, slightly different, as if the book had preserved you like a pressed flower, both strange and familiar.

      – Cornelia Funke

      We Fall In Love With Personality

      We fall in love with personality

      We fall in love with personality,
      the words they say
      and their behavior
      the thoughts, and opinions,
      the moments you make and remember
      we lust with our eyes
      and love with our hearts.

      I would say it is completely possible
      to fall in love with someone
      without having a physical contact
      because it is a pure, love for them;
      who they are
      and what they’re about

      Perhaps it’s the best way to fall in love.
      You fall in love with the sight of their soul,
      not the sight through our eyes –
      which may be misleading.

      Beneath The Thoughts And Feelings You Have Worn On Your Shoulders For So Long

      Beneath the thoughts and feelings

      Beneath the thoughts and feelings
      you have worn on your shoulders for so long,
      there is the real you,
      who is worthy of freedom
      from what darkness said you would be
      for you are more than what you feel,
      you are more than what you think,
      and yes, these things do matter,
      but they do not mean everything
      there is still this open space
      deep within endless grace
      to let those old things go
      and start all over again.

      – Morgan Harper Nichols