What It’s Like To Date Her Based on Her Zodiac Sign

What It's Like To Date Her Based on Her Zodiac Sign

The kind of lover she is and what it’s like to date her, according to her zodiac sign

Astrology is the knowledge of the stars and how they shape our lives. How the constellations set in the sky have a great influence on us and our habits. They shape our personalities and a lot can be known about a person by knowing their zodiac sign. And wouldn’t it be great if you could know about the person you want to date?

Compatibility is a matter of personality and habits. It is no good or bad, it’s just that we are better suited to be with some people rather than the others. Knowing about the different zodiac signs and their particular traits can help you. If their stars are compatible with yours, there is a better chance for both of you to find happiness together.


Listed below is the kind of lover she is and what it’s like to date her based on her zodiac sign

What It's Like To Date Her Zodiac Sign
What It’s Like To Date Her Based on Her Zodiac Sign

1. Aries

Aries girl is an absolute bunch of rainbow and sprinkles to have around. She is an extrovert and likes having fun and she will make sure that you have fun as well. She does not believe in putting on masks or not being your absolute true self. She is always genuine, to others and to herself. For her, trust is a very delicate and important thing. Never do anything to ruin that or you might cause very long-lasting hurt.


2. Taurus

Taurus girls are reserved and in the beginning, it might be a bit tough to get through her shell. But that is because when she loves, she gives it her all and if it doesn’t work out, she is left heartbroken and unable to move on. But she is still full of determination and endless love for those who are near to her. Being bossy might just come naturally to her but that has nothing to do with the love she feels for you.


3. Gemini

Dating a Gemini girl is not exactly a walk in the park. She has terrible mood swings which are stuff for the legends. But if you can look beyond that, you will be mesmerized. Knowing her, you might feel she acts differently around different people, but know that she is not being manipulative. She just knows different people like different things and is clever enough to emulate that.


4. Cancer

Girls belonging to this sign are the sweetest and the prettiest. They love easily and deeply and want to be loved in return. Make sure you make her feel appreciated and she will do anything for you. But just because she is caring, doesn’t mean she is a pushover. If you ever make her feel inferior, then you can forget about ever hearing from her again.


5. Leo

They are leaders and you might have to let your lady run the show because that’s who she is; it doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t be a fun ride though. She is a very good partner to have, on your best days and even the rough ones. Don’t try to get to know everything about her in one day. Let her do it in her own time.


6. Virgo

She might not be easy to woo and try to keep you out by being very reserved. But once you really know her you will not be able to help to fall in love with this charming and talented woman. Though she is very rational when it comes to outside things, she might not be doing full justice to herself. You need to be the one to make her see her true potential.


7. Libra

If you fall in love with a Libra girl you are lucky en ough to be loved in return, you are in for a treat. She will cherish your relationship and find ways to celebrate every little thing. And it isn’t that hard to please her as well. Any small token of affection is enough, as long as you meant it.

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