Navigating Relationship Challenges: 7 Essential Steps For When Your Partner Is Thinking Of Leaving

7 Things To Do When Your Partner Is Thinking of Leaving You

When your partner is thinking of leaving you, it’s probably one of the worst things to go through in life. When your boyfriend leaves you or when your partner leaves you, picking up the pieces and moving on can be challenging. So, what to do when your partner leaves you or when your partner is leaving you?

It seems to me in our great grandparents and grandparents’ era, people seemed to stay together no matter what. In today’s fast-moving, perfectionistic world people seem quick to leave no matter what.

In my therapy practice, I often help ambivalent clients differentiate between deal-breakers and deal-makers. Should they stay or should they go? But what about the partner they are thinking of leaving?

If your partner is thinking of leaving you, here are some tips to help you navigate this painful chapter.

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7 Things To Do When Your Partner Is Thinking Of Leaving

1. It’s Not All Your Fault

Despite what your partner may say, the fact that they are thinking of leaving you is not all your fault! I am sure you have some relationship patterns to change– we all do– but the fact that they are considering giving up on the relationship is not (and I repeat) NOT all about you.

Your partner may have issues with some of the things you do, but a healthy and committed partner tells you about them respectfully, remains open to working on them, and decides which issues are essential to change and which ones they can live with and accept.

Do look at your part in the relationship struggles. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. It simply means you are a teachable person who’s willing to grow and change. Over time, you will see if your partner is willing to grow and change as well.

When your partner is thinking of leaving you
When your partner leaves you

2. Stay In the Moment

The natural tendency in a life crisis like this is to want to predict the future. The truth is, anything can happen. I’ve seen couples survive (and thrive) after infidelity. I’ve seen people who didn’t think they could survive a breakup be the ones to make the final decision to leave and end up happier.

The bottom line is you have no idea how this is all going to turn out. Just do what’s right in front of you and when the time comes to make a decision, in that moment you will know.

Much like reeling in a fishing line, we all need to learn how to reel our ever-so-creative and active minds back to the present moment.

The stories and scenarios we create seem so real that they actually cause us to have feelings about things that haven’t even happened. So, begin to catch yourself as often as possible and reel yourself back to actual, factual reality.

3. Don’t Make Any Major Decisions

I’m talking, don’t even buy a new washer/dryer right now! The only thing you need to do is your basic self-care and necessary responsibilities.

When enough time and tears pass, you will be clear about what to do. Making a decision from the place you and your partner are in right now is likely to be reactive, rather than rational.

Unless your partner is abusive and/or an addict (and unwilling to get help), I recommend that you give this process enough time to make sure you are making a well-thought-out decision.

There is nowhere to go that will be magically easy or bring permanent happiness. Unless you’re both totally clear that the relationship is over, or there is abuse (in which case it should be), this relationship might be worth waiting for. The decision will unfold and become clear over time.

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4. Don’t Be Your Partner’s Therapist

Your partner may be confused and in a lot of pain right now but you are not the best person for them to sort this out with. You both need safe, objective, and forthright people to support each of your very different needs.

It’s not good for you to be constantly hearing every detail of your partner’s ambivalence about the relationship and it’s not good for them to be hearing the daily details of your emotional pain.

If it feels productive and important for you to hear some of your partner’s grievances, and you can still maintain your sense of self, then do that. However, if you feel like you are turning into a therapist or a punching bag, it’s best for you to set some limits.

5. Avoid Turning to Excessive Habits for Comfort

Many people turn to excessive substances or behaviors at a time like this. While they do provide short-term relief, they generally lead to long-term grief.

Are you numbing your feelings with drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, shopping, gambling, food, diets, or obsessing over your appearance? Are you excessively exercising, or using screens and devices until you’re zoned out? Are you preoccupied with another relationship? Even depression (de-pressing feelings) can be a way to numb out and avoid painful emotions.

The truth is it’s hard to feel emotional pain and it’s hard to feel the consequences of excessive habits that are intended to avoid emotional pain. However, only one will lead you out and through, while the other is a dead-end road of anesthetization.

Once you find the right kind of support and build a tolerance for feeling difficult emotions, you will see that all feelings eventually pass. You can learn to offer yourself compassion and receive comfort from other supportive people.

Don't numb your feelings when your partner is thinking of leaving
Don’t try to numb your pain when your partner is thinking of leaving you

6. Don’t Lose Yourself

When a person is at risk of being left, their basic sense of value can feel threatened. The natural tendency is to wait like an innocent puppy to see if its owner is going to come back.

What once may have been an equal playing field between partners can turn into a one-way power play with all the power in the hands of the person considering leaving.

But, in spite of countless poems and country-western songs, love is not enough. It takes shared values, commitment, maturity, spirituality, communication, and grit (from both people!) to make a long-term relationship live a long and healthy life.

While it is important to stay open to working on relationship issues (if your partner is willing to respectfully discuss them), it is equally essential that you stop putting all your focus on your partner’s wants, needs, and feelings, and begin to regain your own sense of self.

You were (hopefully) okay before you met your partner, and if the relationship ends, you can be okay again.

Your partner may be unsure about the relationship, but what are you unsure about? What do you want? What are you unwilling to live with? What do you need to be different if the two of you were to stay together?

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7. Pursue What Brings You Joy

In addition to dealing with moment-to-moment self-care during a life crisis, it’s essential that you also begin (when you’re ready), to use this time as an opportunity to find things that fulfill you.

Not only will this help you now but it will also create hope for your future. And, as a bonus, people who feel joy and do things they feel passionate about are much more attractive to their partners than people who are overly dependent.

Pursuing joy might mean reestablishing activities you used to be passionate about and got away from. It may mean cultivating some new interests. Is there anything you used to love that you gave up when you met your partner? What have you always dreamed of doing but never had the time or courage to do?

Whether it’s a meditation or yoga class, a book club, a hiking or biking group, a new sport you’ve never tried, a craft, music lessons, or reconnecting with an old friend, you name it. It’s critical that you find, have, or rekindle the things that bring you joy.

When we give up important parts of ourselves for a relationship and the relationship is at risk, our stability is at risk as well.

When we are filled up and living a full life that we love, we may still need to grieve and face the unknown, but we will not have forsaken ourselves in the process. You might be feeling abandoned by your partner right now but you do not have to abandon yourself.

Andrea Wachter is a licensed psychotherapist, author, and meditation teacher who is passionate about helping people with anxiety, depression, body image, disordered eating, grief, and communication. You can check out her online courses, free meditations, books, blogs, or interviews at

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your partner is thinking of leaving you

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