4 Surprising Things Your Teeth Reveal About You


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Surprising Things Your Teeth Reveal About You

Our teeth help us in a number of ways, from enjoying our favorite foods to expressing our feelings with a sparkling smile. But did you know that they can give us essential information about ourselves? Discover what your teeth say about your personality and health.

Every single day, you need your teeth to eat, talk, smile, hold in your saliva, and uphold the shape of your face. But have you ever thought that perhaps there are secrets they conceal about you behind the smiling face?

Just by looking at your teeth, it is possible to identify facts about your behaviors, lifestyle, and characteristics. Recognize and understand what your teeth say about your life and health. These facts about your teeth and personality are explained by experts. Read on to learn more.

What Your Teeth Say About You: 4 Surprising Facts

1. Your biological sex

If you’re interested in things your teeth say about you, then here’s one: a 99.8% accurate study reveals that males have statistically larger teeth than females.

What Your Teeth Say About You: 4 Surprising Facts

For those who are females, it is common to have longer front teeth with a more rounded tip. Whereas males have lateral incisors which are typically larger and more angular. So yes, you can tell if someone is male or female just by looking at their smile.

2. Your age

Wondering what your teeth say about you? Well, did you know that your teeth can reveal your age? Well, even if you take great care of your oral health, as you age, they change.

Teeth Reading Personality: Facts About Your Teeth

Teeth are typically more rectangular in shape in younger people. Moreover, the incisors of young people frequently have more rounded edges. They become shorter and more square as people age. This is because human teeth length typically decreases due to wear and tear throughout the course of its lifetime by 1 to 5 millimeters.

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3. Risk of developing mental illnesses

Wondering what your teeth say about your health? Well, teeth resemble fossils in many ways. They include growth lines, similar to the tree’s rings, capable of providing insight into early childhood experiences.

What Your Teeth Say About You: 4 Interesting Facts

According to recent studies on the subject, dentists may be able to identify a child’s risk for mental health problems by looking at their baby teeth in association with data on their family history.

It may be possible to tell by the thickness of the growth marks on their baby teeth if they’re at risk for developing depression or other mental health illnesses later in life.

4. Your personality traits

Believe it or not, your teeth reveal a lot of information about your personality. Not just the tooth shape, certain habits related to your teeth like the constant grinding, as well tells the world what kind of a person you are! Find out shocking things about your teeth by simply looking at them.

What Your Teeth Say About You: 4 Interesting Facts

Here are a few examples about your teeth and personality:


People who tend to be more aggressive often have a pointer and more pronounced canine teeth. They are also more prone to grinding their teeth or brushing their teeth too hard, which can become apparent over time.


What Your Teeth Say About You
What Your Teeth Say About You: 4 Surprising Facts

One of the ways people with anxiety cope with stress is by grinding their teeth. This can often lead to the wearing away of the protective enamel and smaller teeth in some.


Do you always strive to win? Being overly competitive comes with concentration and feelings of frustration, anger, or nervous tension that cause you to clench your teeth or jaw making your tooth look flattened at the top.

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Passive and relaxed

Flatter canine teeth with curvier tips are more common in those who are more relaxed and composed. These people aren’t used to high-stress levels which eliminate grinding or clenching the teeth, indicating good dental hygiene as well.

Your teeth tell a story. That’s why it’s so important to take steps in order to keep your smile healthy throughout the years. Keep smiling!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do bad teeth say about a person?

Poor habits such as grinding your teeth or having a sweet tooth are examples of bad habits. Teeth grinding, is often a sign of rage, anxiety, or stress. It might also be an indication of a competitive or aggressive attitude.

What can teeth tell us about a person?

Just by looking at teeth, it is possible to identify facts about behaviors, lifestyle, and characteristics of a person.

What does the shape of your teeth say about you?

Among the things your teeth say about you, the shape of your teeth can tell a lot about your age, biological sex, the risk for developing mental health conditions, personality traits, etc.

Things Your Teeth Reveal About You pin
Things Teeth Reveal About You pin
Surprising Things Your Teeth Reveal About You pin

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