What Does Your Rising Sign Say About You


What Does Your Rising Sign Say About You

Do you want to know what are the things that influence and define your mindset, personality and appearance?

Your rising sign, also known as your Ascendant, influences how others perceive you and certain expectations you have from the universe or the people around you.

Here’s how you can use your zodiac signs to take notes on advantages and what to anticipate from your rising sign.

What Does Your Rising Sign Say About You

1. Aries Rising


You’re a quick-witted and smart person but often underestimated due to your laid-back demeanor. You symbolize a lover and fighter. You know everything that’s happening around you and would never say a word unless you really feel the need to.

When your rising sign is Aries, it means that you’re brave-hearted and you do what is right. You’d rather have the one ride or die friend than a large group of people that don’t truly care for them. Your playful attitude is something everyone admires. In matters of love and relationships, your intense eyes can do wonders as it’s like staring into your soul. Sometimes you can be bubbly and sarcastic, but that’s only when others get to know you better.


2. Taurus Rising


You’re someone who is super ambitious and likes to visualize in order to learn. You may appear passive or laid back, but you’re secretly always in control. You’re somewhat of a realist, but adore things that resemble beauty and love.

You may seem realistic, but you’re also a hopeless romantic. Your heart is filled with compassion, however, if others do you wrong, you can detach from them quickly. You know now how to set boundaries and tend to take the lead unconsciously without others realizing it. But, most of the time you’re charitable and always looking to give back to society. That’s why people idolize you.


3. Gemini Rising


You’re someone who is humorous but can get anxious from time to time, that’s why you need attention and reassurance more than anyone. When it comes to love, you’re a hopeless romantic and just want something stable and consistent. You’re hardworking and put so much effort into your work and relationships. 

If you’re a Gemini rising, people likely perceive you as talkative and curious because you’re social and good at conversations. However, you tend to take multiple projects at once and it stresses you out. Apart from that, you’re a lover at heart and just love being with people. You always are under the spotlight and people can’t help but stare.


4. Cancer Rising


If there are two aspects of life you really care for it would be family and friends. You would never let go of loyal friends and would go to any lengths for them. Apart from your friendly nature, you can be funny and sarcastic as well. One thing to keep in mind is that you take your work and routine very seriously.

If you are a Cancer rising, you are most likely regarded as the ‘mom’ in the group by your close friends. You’re the person people turn to when they need advice or have problems because you know how to hold space for them. You’re homely and someone who takes relationships seriously. You appreciate and respect your daily schedule because you’ve worked hard to maintain yourself and find things exactly how you want them to be.


5. Leo Rising


You’re warm and welcoming like the sun but on your bad days you shut down. You either overshare or 24/7 or literally do not talk at all. People think they know you but they actually don’t know the thoughts inside you. 

If your rising sign is Leo, you are vibrant, fun, and sexy in a mysterious way. People immediately notice when you walk into the room. Not everyone can keep up with your fiery spirit. You appear cheerful and tend to think emphatically of others but can be very critical of yourself. When dealing with stress or anxiety you make jokes to lighten the mood.


6. Virgo Rising 


You have the ability to pick yourself up from the ground and rise. You may know everyone but there are probably two people who you seriously trust. Your mood swings make you lash out at them but you also make it up because you care for them.

As a person, you appreciate people opening up to you but deep down you can be suspicious of them because you have been hurt before because of your naivety. When it comes to having fun, sarcasm is like a mother tongue to you and you’re an adorable jokester who always knows what to say.


7. Libra Rising


You see yourself as the main character of a movie and are proud of yourself. Even though you seem laid back, you’re secretly the smartest in the room. The best thing about being yourself is that you don’t feel the need to sugarcoat things, you’re true to everyone.

If you’re a Libra rising it means that you are social and a pleasant being. Sometimes you don’t like to open up, but you appreciate it when others open up to you. You can be indecisive at times, but you come with good intentions and generally want everyone to be happy. You’re also one of the most diplomatic among the zodiac signs.


8. Scorpio Rising


You’re a quiet soul who doesn’t really talk but you enjoy listening to others. Once you get out of your shell you can be super bubbly and social. When it comes to romantic encounters you’re flirty and your words make others smile.

If your rising sign is Scorpio, you will often find yourself liking people who have a personality more intense than yours. It’s because you enjoy honesty and bluntness. You dislike people pleasers and want to be around true people. You also come off as someone who is alluring or mysterious but in a sensual way.


9. Sagittarius Rising


You come off as someone who is nurturing without even realizing it. But that doesn’t mean you’re not entertaining. You’re the kind of person who gets drunk and does crazy things. However, you’re also really hard working and have dreams bigger than most. 

As a Saggitarius rising, you’re someone who is the life of a party and is humorous and crazy but you also have an emotional and deep side. You have your own struggles and demons that you don’t show others but fight silently.


10. Capricorn Rising


You’re the kind of person who doesn’t like to overshare. You think logically and surround yourself with like-minded people. People see you as work-oriented but once in a while, you surprise yourself and others by doing crazy things.

If your rising sign is Capricorn, then you’re someone who is self-aware, organized, and driven. 

When it comes to your goals you’re always prepared. You strive for excellence and have high expectations for yourself and those around you. Being well-dressed and presentable comes naturally to you. However, you are also grounded and don’t believe in boasting about yourself.


11. Aquarius Rising


You’re a person who is amusing without trying too hard. People like you because you have a strong personality. Although in reality, you’re the most lonely of all. Once someone comes close to you, you can get clingy and possessive.

You may be perceived as intellectual, imaginative, and philanthropic if you are an Aquarius rising. You’re also known for being very independent. This is because you stand out from the crowd. You like when people rely on you as you want others to take your help.


12. Pisces Rising


You’re undoubtedly one of the most interesting people. You’re someone to have an amazing conversation with and you can make anyone open up. Although you appear to be secretive with feelings.

If Pisces is your rising sign, you are likely to be dreamy and affectionate. Most people believe you get caught up in your own world and don’t pay attention to others. However, when you meet someone for the first time, it may seem that you are not actively listening to them, but in reality, you’re noticing everything about them including their thoughts, posture, and emotional responses.


Discover if the rising signs unfold an accurate opinion about you and share your opinions in the comments below!

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