16 Things Women Want From the Man in Their Lives


Things Women Want From Man

What does a woman want in a man? What do they really look for in a partner? Women are mysterious, to say the least. And this is why men have been asking what women want since time immemorial. Although it may seem like a tough question, the answer may be right in front of our eyes.

Gentlemen, you may think that what women really want from men may be the biggest secret in the universe. But when it comes to dating and relationships, most men and women expect and want the same things from their romantic partners. But there are some gender-specific differences between men and women that can make things seem more complicated than they actually are. They do not want to ask for what they need from you nor they want to tell you what is important to them. Women expect you to figure it out. And this is what makes it so complicated.

Well, don’t worry. You don’t need to be a prince charming to win a woman’s heart (although it doesn’t hurt to be one). 

1. Women want you to be confident 

This one seems like a no brainer, but you’ll be surprised at how many men lose their cool and confident demeanour while interacting with women. Women want their men to be confident, someone who can hold a conversation and keep them interested. When you believe in yourself, know what you want from life and understand yourself, they will be attracted to you. However, you need to understand that there is a difference between being confident and being an ego-maniac. Women want you to feel comfortable with who you are as a person and not become overbearing.

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2. Women want chemistry

Has a woman ever turned you down because you lacked chemistry? This is something you need to consider with the utmost importance. Women like a man because of attraction and it is not based on your finances or your looks. Initially, how much a woman will be drawn to you depends on the emotional and sexual attraction she feels for you. This makes them the desire and invested in you. It depends on how much you can keep her interested, how deep you can converse, and how energized you make her feel while interacting. Women want their men to create a deeper connection and a meaningful relationship.

3. Women want you to be positive

Are you a sad sap? Do you feel depressed and negative all the time? Are you an energy vampire? Then you can forget about attracting women unless you can develop a positive mindset. Women desire a man who can make them smile and feel good about themselves. When you feel positive about life and smile a lot yourself, making her smile will come naturally to you. Share positive thoughts and moments you experience throughout the day and she will get hooked to your positivity in no time.

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4. Women want you to be charming

No, you don’t need to be a smooth talker or a prince to be charming. Although it does help. Women expect a man to be pleasing and likable. And for that, you don’t need swag. What you do need are originality and uniqueness. Being charming is about being yourself. Speak about your dreams and passions and what you actually care about. This is the secret to charm her.

5. Women want you to open up

Have you tried to be in a relationship with a woman who is closed off? It sucks. This is exactly what women feel when they date a man who loves to be in a power position and hides his vulnerable side from them. When you are willing to open up and show your emotional and vulnerable side to her, she will see you as a person who is comfortable with himself. This, in turn, will make her feel comfortable around you. Moreover, as you open your heart, she will feel more connected to you and will be able to open up herself.

6. Women want you to be attractive

You don’t have to Ryan Reynolds or Ryan Gosling to make them find you attractive. But make no mistake, women want to be with a man who they find attractive and desirable. It may sound shallow and superficial, but let’s face it…no one wants to date an unattractive person. And no, it doesn’t have anything to do with your looks. Women are attracted to men who take care of themselves and make sure they dress to impress. You don’t need to dress like a celebrity. Just make sure your hygiene game is on point, you have your own unique style and you put some effort into your physical health.

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7. Women want you to be stable

Stability is crucial for women when it comes to men and relationships. Emotional stability is as important and economic stability. It may sound crass, but that’s how it is. What women want is a man who can financially support himself and has enough control over his own emotions and thoughts. They also want you to be stable in the relationship. This means you need to be reliable, supportive and predictable enough so that she can lean on you when things get rough.

8. Women want you to be emotionally present

When you talk to her, listen and pay attention to her. Look at her and focus on what she is saying. This is what women want from men. Instead of checking your Instagram every 2 minutes or checking out other girls nearby, be emotionally present when you are with her. Be attentive and responsive to her. That means when she calls or texts you, respond to them promptly or at least let her know that you are busy right now.

9. Women want you to be protective

Making women feel safe around you is mandatory. This is an unwritten rule that all men must follow. If she feels wary or defensive when she is with you, then there is no scope for any attraction to develop. So make sure you don’t act like a creep when you are around women. It is only when she feels safe, she will drop her defences and let you into her life. When she feels protected, she will get comfortable with you.

10. Women want you to be passionate

If you like her, make sure you show it to her. Do not play mind games or play it cool when you’ve found the woman you want to be with for the rest of your life. Any woman wants her man to show her how passionately and strongly he loves her. So make sure you show her how you feel about her through small daily acts and some grand gestures as well.

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11. Women want you to be an accepting person

If you try to change your woman, then you are not man enough for her. Women want to be with men who do not judge them or try to better them constantly. Of course, its okay to tell her when she does something wrong, but you cannot assess or try to improve her. By judging her, you’re telling her that she is not good enough and she needs to upgrade to be with you. What she wants you to do is accept her the way she is and support her in being the best she can be, but only if and when she wants to.

12. Women want you to be sociable

Okay introverts, calm down. You don’t need to have a giant circle of friends or a big social group to hang out with to attract women. What women want is a man who they can introduce to their friends. When you are a passionate person who invests in his interests and hobbies, you will automatically become interesting to her and her group of BFFs. Show some willingness to hang out with her friends, talk with them using your natural charm, don’t try too hard to be liked by her friends and just be friendly. She will notice the efforts you take to meet her friends and will respect you for that.

 13. Women want you to be assertive

Being shy is one thing, but not speaking up for your own needs is one of the biggest unattractive moves you can make. You need to be assertive if you wish your relationship to grow and thrive. However, most men feel like they can’t ask for something from women they are in a relationship with. But in reality, she wants you to. So go ahead and ask for that back massage. It is only by sharing your needs with each other and acting on them, you will be able to create a loving & caring relationship.

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14. Women want you to be independent

This can mean different things to different people, but most women want their man to be independent and self-reliant. Women desire men who can take care of themselves, take their own decisions, live by their principles and values and follow their dreams and passions. If you can be your own self in any situation and you are able to pay your bills, then she will respect you as a man.

15. Women want you to see them as equals

Women want their men to treat them as equals. They want a partner who respects them as equal partners and doesn’t try to dominate them or change them. They want a relationship where they are treated fairly and where they can speak openly. They do not want any special treatment from you but that doesn’t mean you will stop being chivalrous.

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16. Women want you to have a sense of humor

Ever heard of the phrase girls just want to have fun? Women may find the silent, brooding type men sexier, but what they really want is a man who can make them laugh. Sense of humor is a crucial criteria in attracting women. Being able to joke around and having the ability to laugh at yourself and at life is very appealing to them. When you can make her feel lighthearted and happy, she will be drawn to you. When she knows she can have a good time with you, she will want to spend more time with you. Laughter is one of the core pillars of a healthy relationship. 

Be yourself

We may not know exactly what women might actually want from men, but these are some of the traits that are compulsory for you to develop if you wish to attract a woman. You can develop these traits one at a time but make sure you are honest to yourself and not being fake just to pick up women. 

Look inside you and you will realize you are already the man any woman would like to fall in love with. You just need to hone certain aspects of your personality.

Here’s an interesting video on what women want from men:

The Secret Is Finally Out: This Is What Women Want From Men
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