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7 Things She Secretly Wants You To Know (But Won’t Tell You)

Things She Secretly Wants You To Know

Take note! No matter how much they love you, there are certain secret things what women want men to know, but will never tell them. Here are seven things she wants you to know!

Ladies, I think you are amazing – don’t get me wrong, but understanding you is on par with understanding a lecture about Quantum Physics that is being given by a drunk man speaking a foreign language.

Guys, until mind-reading technology, is developed (or you get electrocuted like Mel Gibson in What Women Want), you’re going to need to know some simple things that your lady secretly wants you to know, but won’t tell you.

7 Things What Women Want Men To Know

1. Have a backbone.

Women don’t want a doormat that they can walk all over. It might be easier to be a “yes” man, but your lady secretly doesn’t like that. I’m not saying that you need to go full-blown caveman on her and drag her around by her hair, but have a spine. Women like a little challenge, just as much as we do.

7 Things She Secretly Wants You To Know (But Won't Tell You)
What Women Want Men To Know: Discover 7 Things She Wants You To Know

2. Spend time with your buddies

When you find yourself in a relationship with the right person, being away from them is the last thing you want to do. Spending every waking moment with your significant other is great at the beginning of a relationship, but as you go on – it becomes smothering.

Women want you to spend time with your buddies, not just because it’s a good thing for you to have your own friends, but because she’s probably tired of your face. Give her some air. Besides, absence makes the heart grow fonder. You’ve got to let her miss you.

3. Remind her that you love her.

Women love affirmations that they are YOURS. I’m not talking about a simple “I love you” every day, but real, honest reminders that she is your lady.

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We all have that instinctual fear of being replaced by someone “better” than us. Reminding her that there is no one else for you but her is one way to ease her anxiety, and in the long run – makes her more comfortable with you. Be honest with her, and with yourself.

7 Things She Secretly Wants You To Know (But Won't Tell You)
7 Things Your Woman Secretly Wants You To Know

Don’t be afraid to be goofy, women find it endearing. This is all about effort because is you don’t put it forward, it’s not going to happen.

Chivalry is far from dead, we’ve just gotten lazy. The simple act of opening a door shows her that you are still her knight in shining armor.

4. Know that she is faking.

I’m not talking about orgasms here, I’m talking about everyday things. “Sure honey, I’d love to watch this TV show about guys who build cars.” Relationships are all about compromise, and women tend to do more of it than men. Women have a tendency to play to our egos, and there isn’t much we can do about it.

The only real way to find out what she really thinks is to talk to her. You might not like the answer, so be prepared to take that shot to your pride, but if you want her to be happy, ask her how she really feels.

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5. It is possible to be a bad boy and a good man

We all know that the bad boy appeal is a huge turn on for women. Having a wild side is fine in some circumstances, but in the end – women want substance. Things like being able to be the life of the party, and still do something sweet to show her you care.

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