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Dear Woman, For When You Feel Tired of Being Strong All The Time

For When You Feel Tired of Being Strong

A strong woman is an inspiration to others, and her strength is a testament to the kind of person she truly is. But is being strong all the time too much for her to take? Or just because she makes it look easy, does it mean it really is?

“She’s strong, but she’s exhausted.” ~ r.h. sin

Being a strong woman in this world takes a lot of courage and energy. A strong woman is fierce and tackles problems directly. You believe certain things and are constantly on the lookout for solutions, caring for others and living your life to the fullest. And you always encourage others to do the same. However, sometimes dealing with everything by yourself can be a bit draining and leave you feeling emotionally and mentally tired.

Dear Woman, For When You Feel Tired of Being Strong All The Time
Dear Woman, For When You Feel Tired of Being Strong All The Time

In fact, “tired” maybe a bit too shallow a word to describe the exhaustion you feel inside your bones. You’re exhausted from being strong. Yet, you keep trying to be fierce and strong despite being tired to your core. But somewhere you’ve started to realize that this mental and emotional exhaustion has started to take its toll on you. It has started to affect your performances at work, your friendships, your relationships, and even who you are as a person.

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How it feels when a strong woman is drained

You’ve always been brave and tough. You’ve always played the hand you’re dealt and never ran away from a challenge life threw at you.

You’ve always emerged stronger from every situation that tried to hold you back and pull you down. You were the girl who couldn’t be hurt. Some were inspired by you, while others were envious. But for some reason, you don’t want to be that girl anymore… at least for now. 

You feel that you can’t tolerate all this anymore and just need a break from everything. A break from standing straight all the time. A break from all the pain that’s been hiding inside you for a long time. You want to run away from all the people, their expectations, all the responsibilities, and burdens. You feel that you don’t want to be strong anymore, even if it is for a little while. Because you feel so exhausted.

The exhaustion is not just in your mind, it’s in your heart and soul. You feel that you will fall apart from all the burden everyone has put on you.

Dear Woman, For When You Feel Tired of Being Strong All The Time
Dear Woman, For When You Feel Tired of Being Strong All The Time

Being a strong woman is great. But it’s never easy. Everyone admires the alpha woman. They admire your bravery, strength, and courage. But they don’t know what it takes to be an independent, strong woman. They don’t know how draining it is to maintain this image of a badass woman. They don’t know how it is breaking you apart from the inside.

They don’t know how tired you’re of meeting others’ expectations all the time. Tired of pretending to be happy. Tired of being tough. Tired of fighting. You’re tired of being there for others when there’s no one for you. You feel like you’re dying inside.

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Why you feel tired of being strong all the time

A strong woman is always great at whatever she does. But that doesn’t mean she can’t get emotionally & mentally exhausted. Here are 5 reasons why strong women feel tired of being strong all the time:

1. You never share your feelings

Sharing your thoughts and emotions with another person is a very uncomfortable experience for you. You never like opening up to someone about your problems as you don’t wish to bother anyone with your issues. However, this leaves you feeling lonely as you navigate through the challenges of life alone.

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