Why The Strongest Women Often Feel So Broken Inside


Strongest Women Feel So Broken Inside

When you see a strong woman, what do you see? You see immense inner strength, an always-smiling face, and an indomitable spirit. The most admirable thing about strong women is not only the fact that they are truly strong from the inside, it is that strong women remain strong even when they feel extremely broken inside. They might be going through a storm inside themselves, but you will never know.

“She has fought many wars, most internal. The ones that you battle alone, for this, she is remarkable. She is a survivor.” ― Nikki Rowe.

Here Are 12 Reasons Why The Strongest Women Often Feel So Broken Inside

1. She only trusts and depends on herself.

When you are a strong woman, you are capable of doing everything on your own and do not like taking anybody else’s help. You are used to handling all your problems alone, and you have gotten quite good at it. Your immense confidence tells you that you do not need anybody else to help you, you are fine on your own.

But, sometimes you do not ask for help, even when you might need it a lot is because you feel it will be a burden for them. You don’t want to impose your difficulties on others and come across as weak.

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2. She is someone who wears her smile all the time.

She is always there to greet you with her vibrant smile no matter how much tension she is going through. You only get to see the sunshine, not the clouds behind it. She hates it when people see her sadness, and pain, as she believes that portrays her as a weak person; she will only want others to see their strength and happiness.

It is only when she trusts you more than anything, will she show her vulnerable side. Her emotional side. Her broken side. Otherwise, you will always see her with a wide smile on her face, a smile that might not always reach her eyes.

3. She can listen to you for hours.

She will always have your back, her shoulders will always be there for you to cry on. She tells you she is there for you, she tells you she understands you. And she actually will always be there for you; those are simply not just empty promises and words. She will take all your pain and sadness and take it upon herself to make you feel better.

But she says nothing of herself, and you will never even know if she is having troubles of her own. She is very good at keeping her emotions locked up, and not letting anyone see what she is going through on the inside.

4. She is the secret-keeper for everyone.

She will have all your secrets guarded, and will never disclose them to other people. She knows the value of trust, and will never intentionally break it because you are too important for her. She will take all your secrets to her grave.

But nobody even cares to know the secrets she might be carrying within herself and is unable to share them with someone. This is why strong women feel broken inside, because they are so used to bottling everything up, they forget what it feels like to share. All those concealed secrets starts taking a toll on her, after a point.

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5. She has everything sorted.

People think her life is just awesome, and she has everything sorted and settled into place. She got whatever she wanted from life because she never complains like them or whines. Whatever curveballs life might throw at her, she will whack them out with a strong kick. A strong woman on the surface will always seem invincible and infallible.

What people don’t realize is that they only see what she wants them to see, and this is just a part of herself she has decided to reveal to the world. Everything might seem perfect from the outside, but for the most time, that is not the truth. A lot of struggle goes on behind closed doors than other people don’t get to see.

Why The Strongest Women Often Feel So Broken Inside
Why The Strongest Women Often Feel So Broken Inside

6. She never breaks down in front of others.

Nothing seems to tear her apart, but nobody knows the agony that’s brewing inside her heart. Nobody knows the pain that runs chaos in there. Everything seems utterly perfect, and magical, but the truth is something else altogether.

All-day long, she is calm and composed, helping others in need, cheering others up, and always being incredibly positive. But nobody has seen her when she is alone, and nobody knows how she struggles to get all her pieces together at night. She will never cry in front of you, but when she is alone in her room at the end of the day, she will let all her pain flow.

7. She deals with all her own issues alone.

She wouldn’t let anyone get a hint of the trouble she is going through, and that is why people feel comfortable with her. She has solutions to every problem, and she will never let anybody suffer unnecessarily. She will deal with all her emotions and issues alone, without looking for anybody else’s support.

She knows how to deal with difficult situations. She doesn’t get angry when others ask for help but she is all alone when she needs help herself. She doesn’t show her vulnerability, and she shields herself completely from other people and keeps up the act of everything being perfectly fine.

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8. She knows everybody makes mistakes.

She knows people conspire, betray, and hurt you, but she doesn’t let others’ shortcomings and weaknesses make her lose faith in humanity. She believes in the power of forgiveness, and never makes other people suffer like they have made her suffer at times. She makes people believe in themselves by her goodness and kindness.

Even if she has shut herself down from the rest of the world, she doesn’t let others do it because she knows the importance of communication. A strong woman knows that no human being is perfect, and according to her, it is unfair to keep on making them suffer for their mistakes.

9. She goes the extra mile or two for the ones who come to her for help.

When it comes to the people she loves, she can do anything to protect them, and make them happy. She will not think twice before doing what needs to be done in order to bring a smile to their faces. The happiness of her loved ones is what matters to her the most, no matter what the cost.

But what about her, and her happiness? The unfortunate truth is that what she does for other people, she doesn’t always get it back; whenever she is in any trouble or difficult situation, she will handle it herself. No wonder strong women often feel so broken inside.

10. She gets affected physically when she resists being vulnerable.

A strong woman is so used to keeping everything on the inside, that after a point, she starts getting physically sick. Too much stress and pain makes her susceptible to heart diseases, and declining cardiovascular health. Constantly suppressing emotions end up making her heart weak.

The saddest part is, she does not only feel damaged inside, she actually does get damaged inside.

11. She derives her strength from past tragedies.

Strong women get extremely resilient after going through difficult and painful tragedies, so the next time you see a strong woman being strong, think about all the horrible things she must have gone through to be who she is today. She has been psychologically scarred in her past, but she is still powering through life.

Just because she is strong now, that does not mean she has forgotten her painful past; she still remembers it sometimes and feels sad and heartbroken. Because strong women do not talk about their painful pasts, they feel broken inside more often than not.

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12. She strives to be happy.

She overcomes all the pain, and trauma she has experienced in her life and becomes her own sunshine and guiding light for others. And this is not the first time she is doing it. Happiness does not come naturally to her, so she has to work extra hard to find it. But she never gives up.

No matter what she has gone through in her past, she will continue to look for happiness, and will not stop until she finds it one day. If this doesn’t make her a strong woman, then what does?

It’s a cycle for her. She knows she will keep on shining, and her immense strength will never allow her to feel defeated or give up on life.

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Here's Why The Strongest Women Often Feel So Broken Inside
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