How Do Introverts Flirt? 50+ Gentle Ways To Show Affection To A Girl He Likes


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How Do Introverts Flirt? Sneak Peek Into Introverts Flirting

He is cute. He is smart. He is an introvert. And he likes you. But how can you tell if an introverted guy likes you? How do introverts flirt? As they are shy and reserved, it can be really hard to figure out how an introvert guy flirts because he secretly likes you. 

Introvert Flirting: How To Know If He likes you

How does an introvert flirt? Introverts are very different from extroverts as they mostly keep to themselves and would rather spend their entire lives loving you in secret than expressing their love.

But love should never be kept a secret. No matter the outcome, love should always be expressed, even if it’s not reciprocated. This can be especially sad, if you like him too but he is too shy to tell you. This is why it is important that you learn to identify the subtle signs an introvert guy secretly likes you.

While introverts may not be as expressive, overly confident and social as extroverts, they do know how to flirt with you and impress you. But it can be a real challenge for you to understand that they are actually flirting with you.

So to make things easier for you and your introvert, let us explore the secrets of how an introvert guy flirts with a girl.

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how do introverts flirt
How do introverts flirt?

How do introverts flirt?

Does an introverted guy have a crush on you? Or are you dating one? Or is that introverted guy at your workplace behaving a bit differently but you can’t really tell? And all that confusion has left you wondering how it looks when an introvert guy flirts? Well, worry no more. Today we are going to explore how to tell if an introvert likes you.

While not all introverts are shy, they are really not experts in approaching people or initiating conversations. So when it comes to flirting, an introverted man’s approach to attracting someone he likes is very different and unique. When they have a crush on someone, they act differently without making it too obvious. This can be really sad as introverted guys are typically rather sweet and committed in relationships and have the potential to build soulmate relationships. So you will have to be highly attentive and focused to understand how an introvert guy flirts with a girl he likes.

So without further ado, let’s find out how do introverts flirt? Here are the signs an introvert likes you and is trying to flirt with you –

1. He looks for ways to talk to you alone

An introvert’s game is subtlety. They are not known for being attention-seeking or spontaneous. When an introvert likes you, they will carefully think about how they will talk and interact with you without attracting too much attention from others. However, as they become too caught up in the thinking and planning phase, it affects how they actually communicate their feelings.

So how can you know when an introvert guy flirts with you? As they would probably think about and be prepared for every possible outcome of approaching or talking to you, an introverted guy who has a crush on you will always be on the look out for opportunities to speak with you when you’re alone.

As they are not comfortable around people, they will wait for you when you are alone and not surrounded by your friends to come up to you and talk to you. Moreover, as introverts don’t enjoy small talks, they will prefer to have more meaningful one-on-one conversations. And that can only happen when you are not distracted by your friends.

So when trying to flirt with a girl he likes, an introverted guy will probably start talking about your –

  • Likes and dislikes
  • Family
  • Education or career
  • Movies, books or food
  • Friends and pets
  • Favorite memories

They might even ask you about your favorite memes as well. Yes, this might seem normal to you. But, it is undoubtedly one of the signs an introverted guy likes you. So if an introverted man always swoops in to talk to you when you are alone, it is likely that he is flirting with you. So now you have some idea about “How do introverts flirt?”

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2. His body language changes when he is around you

Although an introverted guy can smartly hide his true feelings for you, his body language will tell the true story.

Introverts can often go to great lengths to keep their crush a secret, however, hints and signs of their deep interest in you seem to seep through their mannerisms, facial expression, body languages and behaviors. All you need to do is pay attention to his body language to know how an introvert man flirts. 

Although he will try his best to act like he has no interest in you, he is not skilled enough to hide his true feelings. So pay attention to how he behaves and acts when you are around. When trying to flirt with you without being too obvious, an introverted guy will –

  • Change his posture dramatically as he will suddenly stand tall or sit up straight and hold his chest up to appear more confident
  • Change his stance by placing his hands on the hips to show, or at least imitate, the alpha man status
  • Groom his hair and make sure he looks good when you are in close proximity
  • Fix his clothes when you are nearby
ways introvert men flirt
How Introverts Flirting

When an introvert guy flirts, you may also notice subtle changes in his facial expressions as well, such as –

  • Raising his eyebrows when he is intrigued or fascinated by you
  • Parting lips when you are nearby to appear approachable
  • Getting his nostrils flared when he is excited to see you

If you can observe these body language changes, then he is surely trying to flirt with you in his own subtle way. But there are many more subtle ways an introvert guy flirts with a girl he likes.

Want to know more about How do introverts flirt? Read on.

3. He carefully listens to what you have to say

One of the best things about introverts is that they are typically great listeners. As they don’t prefer to talk unnecessarily, they are more interested in hearing what the other person has to say.

This inherent skill of listening becomes magnified manifold when an introvert is around his crush. An introverted guy will actively listen to the girl he loves for hours without interrupting her or getting bored by her incoherent babbling. In fact, when he has a crush on you, he will love to listen to you talk about your day and your life.

Although an introvert may not be a master conversationalist, he is undoubtedly an expert listener. So while they may seem quiet, reserved and shy, they will intently listen to anything and everything you have to say. And you will feel that when interacting with an introvert who is trying to flirt with you.

While someone else may fake their interest in you, he will nod, laugh and respond just at the precise moment, he will be fully interested and involved in the conversation. When an introvert guy flirts, he will listen to you with undivided attention day after day, even when you are in a social setting.

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Even though this might not seem like a big deal to most people, this is how an introvert guy flirts. And what could be more precious than a man giving you his undivided attention because he loves you? So pay attention if he’s paying attention or not. That’s how you will learn “How do introverts flirt?”

4. He opens up to you and shows you his vulnerable side

While this may not seem like a big deal to an extrovert, it means the world to introverts. When an introverted guy likes you, they open themselves up to you and lower their guards around you.

That is exactly how an introvert guy flirts and most people don’t get that. Introverts are highly self-aware, self-conscious and tend to have social anxiety.

So if an introverted man chooses to share their genuine thoughts and feelings about different topics to you, then it means he feels comfortable around you. It means they feel really close to you and trust you with their innermost thoughts. And that is a compliment you should appreciate.

When an introvert tries to flirt with you, they will tell you what’s been on their mind – about their education, career, family, health, passions, hobbies, ideas, inspirations etc. They will talk to you about what projects they have been working on secretly and what achievements make them feel proud about themselves.

They will talk about what they are afraid of and share about their fears and insecurities. They will become truly emotionally intimate with you without making you feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed. When they let you in on their personal inner world, know that you are special to them. While it may not sound like typical flirting behavior, this is what matters to an introvert – genuine, deep connection.

When someone shows you their real self, invites you to see their inner world and bares open their vulnerabilities, that’s love. You will become the first person to know about what goes on in their life – you will become their go-to person. For an introvert, opening up to someone is the greatest expression of love. This is one of the most common ways introvert men flirt with someone they like.

We are not done yet. There’s more to know about “How do introverts flirt?”

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ways an introvert guy flirts
How do introverts flirt?

5. He tries to be more extroverted around you

For an introverted guy, reaching out, going out and socializing in large groups can be the biggest nightmare. Being around people makes them feel drained and tired and so they need to have a lot of alone time to recharge themselves.

But when an introvert guy flirts and is in love, he will consciously try to act more extroverted and do things that require him to be more social, even when it is really difficult for him.

He will reach out to you more, ask you out, go to social gatherings and try to be friends with your group, even though it is way outside his comfort zone. Even though they would love to work on their passion project at home, they will make an effort to go out with you and spend more time with you.

They will do things they never imagined, like going to parties, fancy dinner dates & hanging out with your friends – all to make you happier. But that’s not all. He will explore new experiences and go on new adventures with you.

Watching an introvert guy trying to be an extrovert just to impress you is surely a special feeling for any lucky girl. This is how an introvert guy flirts when they are in love and when you notice this sign in someone, hold on to him. He is a keeper.

It takes a lot of courage for an introvert to do things that seem normal to an extrovert. However, you should also allow him some space to recharge by spending some time in solitude and just being himself.

6. He feels nervous around you

Although anyone can be socially anxious, research indicates that introverted people are more likely to have social anxiety. Their social anxiety can become especially intense when they are around the girl they have a crush on. Although he may typically seem calm and composed around his friends or other people, he acts a bit weird and wonky when he is near you.

As he feels overstimulated by your presence, he may behave awkwardly, seem distracted and laugh nervously. While he may try hard to impress you and make you like him, he is terrified about screwing things up, which makes him nervous around you.

So if you see him being on edge when interacting with you, it means he is trying to flirt with you. Yes, as counterintuitive as it may seem, he is just overly focused on not making you upset or disappointing you. 

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Fueled by his habit to overthink every small detail, his fear of messing things up will affect his nerves. If you are wondering if an introvert guy likes you, then here are some thing to notice when an introvert guy flirts –

  • He will sweat all over the place even when it’s not really that hot
  • His voice will crackle & shake and he may fumble or stutter while using his words
  • His hands and feet will visibly fidget a lot when he is interacting with you
  • He will appear restless, unable to sit down and will constantly keep his body moving
  • He may, contrarily, freeze and turn into a lifeless statue – too afraid to move or say anything to you

How do introverts flirt? How can you know? Well, he may also cross his arms, crack his knuckles or bite his nails, simply because you make him nervous. When an introvert guy flirts, he will approach you and then suddenly turn around and walk away before actually getting to you.

This is another common sign of an introvert flirting with you. While he may find the courage to come up to you, his nervousness will kick in and make him abort. Introverts are too self-conscious to be spontaneous. So if he seems paralyzed after seeing you, then it is likely that you live in his heart rent-free.

But that’s not all.

how do introverts flirt
How introverts flirt?

More subtle signs of an introvert flirting 

There are many more signs to watch out for when an introvert guy flirts with you because he really likes you, but he is a little too shy to ask you out directly. Here’s some ways introvert men flirts with someone –

7. He doesn’t actually flirt with you but rather allows things to unfold by themselves without actively making things happen

8. He tries to stay close to you and hangs around in close proximity

9. He makes dry and sarcastic jokes around you which can make him look like a jerk

10. He recites poetries to you that he has written (perhaps secretly for you)

11. He keeps things subtle and doesn’t express his feelings towards you directly

12. He talks to you often and this is an important signs as talking is a big deal for introverts

13. He has deep, meaningful conversations with you instead of making small talk

14. He talks like he has practiced or rehearsed the conversation in his head

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But that’s not all. Here are some more answers to “how do introverts flirt? –

15. He makes time for you and spends time with you more than others

16. He is highly active on social media and likes & comments all your posts and texts you frequently 

17. He knows a lot more about you, your life, your personality and your likes & dislikes than you can imagine

18. He flirts with you through his actions instead of using pickup lines or smooth conversations. That’s how an introvert guy flirts 

19. He has unique, fun and cool ideas for dates

20. He lets you know that he shares his innermost thoughts only with you

21. He usually gravitates toward you in social situations

22. He stares at you from a distance and steals secret glances

23. He will always be by your side when you need him as introverts are usually very caring and loyal

24. He invites you to his personal space i.e. his home, when an introvert guy flirts with you

25. He often mirrors your energy, body language and expressions when interacting with you

26. He shares his interests and passions with you and tries to find what common interests you share

27. He often remains silent and admires you when in your presence

28. He is very protective about you

29. His friends talk about how much he likes you

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30. He notices small changes in you and remembers every detail about you

Still confused about “how do introverts flirt?” Let’s explore.

31. He becomes more romantic as the days go by

32. He asks if your are fine for no reason

33. He tries to befriend your friends

34. He shows genuine interest in you and ask questions about you

35. He calls you by a special nickname

36. He tries too hard to impress you at times

37. He wants you to be a part of his daily life

38. He shares every single detail about his life with you first

39. He shows you his genuine self when an introvert guy flirts with you

40. He supports you in achieving your goals, like organizing events for charity

 introvert guy secretly likes you
How do introverts flirt?

41. He smiles a lot every time he sees you

42. He struggles to make eye contact with you

43. He blushes when talking to you

44. He never hesitates to help you in need

45. He compliments you at every opportunity he gets

46. He tries to be funny around you, often making a fool of himself

47. He becomes very talkative and extroverted when he is with you

48. He becomes a bit touchy-feely, but in a respectful way

49. He laughs at your jokes, even though they are not really that funny

50. He responds to your calls and texts almost instantly

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How do introverts flirt? Here’s how an introvert guy flirts with a girl he likes –

51. He is very respectful and treats you the right way

52. He closely observes everything you do and say but in a positive way

53. He often tilts his head to the side when he communicates with you

54. He makes frequent thoughtful gestures

55. He is your go-to guy every time you need to vent about something

56. He likes to share his food with you 

57. He randomly gifts you nice little presents without any special reason

58. He suggests you about books, movies, hobbies, fitness etc., as introverts tend to have rich inner lives

That’s how an introvert guy flirts with the girl he likes.

Have you identified the signs of flirting in an introvert?

How do introverts flirt? Introverts don’t flirt like others. Due to their shy and reserved nature, they don’t express their feelings openly. Instead of communicating their interest in you through words, an introvert will rather reveal their feelings through their behaviors and actions. The signs mentioned above can help you learn about how an introvert flirts with you and wants to build a future with you.

If you find a cute introvert guy crushing on you, then make sure to make the first move and ask him out, else he will take it really slow until he feels comfortable and sure that you will not reject him. So make sure to encourage him if you like him back and give him the space and positive feedback to express his feelings for you.

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Share your thoughts on introvert flirting int he comments below!

ways introvert guy flirts with girl he likes pin
How Do Introverts Flirt: Introvert Flirting
ways an introvert guy flirts with a girl he likes pin
How Do Introverts Flirt: Introvert Flirting
how do introverts flirt
How Do Introverts Flirt? 50+ Gentle Ways To Show Affection To A Girl He Likes

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