Overthinkers are people who are always busy inspecting, analyzing, interpreting things. There are different scenarios playing on in their mind continuously, scenarios which are likely to occur or may never occur.

Though they might sound like some species of a rare kind, they are all around us. Chances are you may date one someday and if you happen to do so here are few things you need to know before dating an over-thinker.

Prepare to be restless

They over think which means they over analyze any situation, the way you talk to them, the way you walk and every aspect of you. They will speculate and come up with totally ‘literally’ mind blowing conclusions which only they understand. You should either do your homework or go an extra mile in explaining your thought process; even this is not going to completely solve the problem yet.

Be clear, never be anagrammatic.

Texts you send and things you say should be clear to them. You leave a mole and they will make a mountain out of it.

They are good listeners

Got a problem? Share it with them, not sure if you will have the solution at the end but you surely will have forgotten what the real problem was in the first place. They have these ninja skills of analyzing, they will not only come up with what might have gone wrong but with hundred similar scenarios that could have happened instead.

You will have Sherlock Holmes by your side


stuck in some danger? Don’t worry, just follow their lead, they probably have already prepared the escape route in such situation along with thousands of similar situation even before they ever happen.

Lying is never an option

They know your previous move and they know your next move. Lying is not an option at all. They can become hacker, a doctor, an engineer or even a witch hunter if you try to lie.

Never ignore them

Never dare ignore their texts or calls, with each passing minute the scenarios in their head gets worse. They will even assume you either cheated or died.

They have their brain and heart connected

They get past the limits of romanticism, they won’t just propose you but do it in a much creative and memorable you. Maybe do it in 20 different languages or may be just shut a power grid and light up the sky with fireworks, I don’t know.

They are your mirror to the world

Their behavior is a reflection of yours for them. Though they are keepers but most of the time receives what you give. This makes it easy for you, make them live the moments and have them for lifetime.

When these OVERthinkers apologize, they mean it. They know they can be a pain in the ass sometimes and it’s not something they can help, they are that way and well someone needs to be. Go give your shot.