Dating a girl with a big heart but a complicated mind is no less than a trip to Adventure Island. You have surprises waiting at each step.

Just when you think you have figured her out, a new surprise is thrown your way taking you aback.

If you ever set on this roller coaster here’s how the ride would be different.


They keep it simple

When they love someone they do it with all their hearts there is nothing in-between. There isn’t a confusion or doubt, they are 100 percent sure about their decision. Dramas are directly proportional to doubts thus here you save a lot of drama. Though their minds are complex, they like their life simplified.

They are over-thinkers

I don’t know if this should worry or excite you but truth be told, they are over-thinkers. They have 100s of imaginary scenario playing in their head (in some you even cheat or die), sometimes this makes situations more difficult than it should be but well this is how they are.

Your efforts never go unseen

Your small act of love and compassion, they never fail to appreciate you. Be it picking her for a date, calling to just check on her how she is doing or fondling with her hair while listening to her stories, they notice everything and appreciate it.

They will challenge and confront you

They aren’t someone who would keep things to themselves and let it turn your relationship toxic. They will confront you of your mistakes and points where you’re doing it wrong. They will put challenges to make you do better. They want to do best for both but most of all they want to bring out the best in you. They are not the one who would nod to everything and laugh at every silly joke. They are real and that’s how they want the relationship to be.

They are not easy and sometimes they can be really difficult

They like their life simplified but up there they are really complicated, the over-thinking trait just adds a star to it. They may get angry and are not easy but it doesn’t mean they are some sort of control freak. They just want things to be perfect, they want it to last. Last longer. It’s just they think a lot which at times messes up the situation.

Your emotions will be valued more than any material

Your I love you(s) will give her more chills than expensive gifts will ever. She will instantly melt when you look at her in the eyes, well not furiously but with emotions and sincerity.

They are best of listeners

Your stories may end but not her will to listen. She will listen to all of your stories with keen interest even if it’s about something she doesn’t understand. She knows communication is the key to a healthy relationship and she always knows the importance of listening. Make sure you can reciprocate.

Normal is not normal with them

They have this tendency to question everything; they just won’t accept anything just because it has been this way. They need a logic behind things and there are essentially no ‘should be s’. If it doesn’t make sense to them, then they won’t settle with ‘because this is the way it has been ever since’. They like to investigate things for themselves and not just accept the predetermined context by the society.

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