16 Ways In Which The Girl With The Big Heart But Sarcastic Mind Loves Differently


“The heart has its reasons which reason knows not.” ― Blaise Pascal.

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You love her; you know she’s probably the right girl for you. But she’s different. A girl with a big heart and sarcastic mind might often seem to be quite complicated but it’s not that difficult as it seems.

Here are 16 ways, how a girl with a big heart and a sarcastic mind loves differently:

(1) Her character is defined by her sense of humor:

She doesn’t mean to hurt anyone with her raw sense of humor. People love her for her wits and sarcasm.


(2) She has trouble opening up:

She might be herself when it comes to being physical interactions, but she finds it hard to reveal her emotions. Give her time.


(3) She’s a fur ball underneath her steel exterior:

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The strong, rough exterior she carries doesn’t define her. She’s actually very soft and weak.


(4) She loves presents which have inner meanings:

Price tags have no value for her. She appreciates presents which add meaning to the relationship, like a hand-made card or a home-made dinner.


(5) She is outspoken:

She hates to be diplomatic. While everyone else in the group pretend, she is honest about what she feels and she doesn’t care who likes it or not.


(6) She hates to be vulnerable:

Just because she has a big heart, that doesn’t mean she will let others hurt her. If that happens, she will withdraw and move out silently.

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Emilia Gordon
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