20 Things You Must Know Before Dating A Sarcastic Woman


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Dating A Sarcastic Woman: Things You Must Know About Them

Dating a sarcastic woman is not as bad as it sounds, and is not at all a chore as people make it out to be. Just because a woman is sarcastic, that does not mean she won’t make a good partner. It’s just that, her sense of humour is a bit different than others, but different is good sometimes, isn’t it?

Sarcasm sometimes may prove to be offensive for many people, but in fact, it’s more complicated than that. Sarcastic people are not mean; they just share their own unique kind of humour. Once you understand them properly, you will vibe with them like never before.

Let’s explore what you should know before dating a sarcastic girl.

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20 Things You Must Know Before Dating A Sarcastic Woman

1) She is not easily offended.

One of the best things about dating a sarcastic woman is that she doesn’t take words too seriously. She understands when something is a joke and she’s not hypersensitive with everything she hears. You can say almost whatever you want in front of her – at least whatever you would discuss with your best friend!

She has an amazing sense of humor, and is very sporty when it comes to making jokes, and pulling legs. You will never have to worry about offending her.

2) She knows how to have fun.

The fact that she has a good sense of humour allows a sarcastic woman to have fun the best way she can. You’ll never be bored when you’re around her, she can always find a way to keep you excited. She is an extremely fun-loving person who doesn’t overthink, nor does she behave like a buzzkill.

Being with her feels like a never-ending adventure! You will always have the time of your life whenever you are with her, and will never be bored due to all her antics.

3) She has a unique way of showing her affection.

Sarcastic girls won’t tell you “I love you”, at least not that fast. You need to wait for her so that she is 100% sure that she wants to be with you, and you are the one for her. A sarcastic woman will never come up to you and declare her love conventionally. She will show you how much you mean to her in quirky ways.

Once you be in a relationship with a sarcastic woman, you will understand what this means. Her way of showing love to you will be, well, sarcastic.

4) She likes messing with you in a good way.

When you are dating a sarcastic woman, please don’t take everything she is saying seriously; take her words with a pinch of salt. When she behaves sarcastically, she doesn’t mean to offend you, that’s just how she shows her love. She likes being sarcastic because that’s who she really is. It’s her way of sharing her thoughts and her feelings.

So, when you are dating a sarcastic woman, don’t take all her words to heart, appreciate and see her for who she is and you will be happier like never before.

5) She’s really honest.

She will always tell you what she thinks, no matter what. That can be good, but it can also be painful sometimes. But the thing is that you will never need to be suspicious, jealous or unsure about what is going on, and what she is thinking.

She values honesty more than anything, and that will always work in your favour, only if you understand it properly.

Honesty is something she never compromises on, and no matter how difficult the situation might be, she will always be transparent with you, and never leave you wondering.

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6) She values personality more than appearance.

Sarcasm is a sign of a really great personality, and that is exactly what she looks for in others. It doesn’t matter to her how someone looks from the outside, but if you have a strong personality, she will fall for you.

A sarcastic woman is really smart and like all people with a good sense of humour.

That’s why she likes hanging out with intelligent people. And if she thinks appearance is not the most important thing in a relationship… well, that’s a trait. You might be the most gorgeous person in the world, but if you have an unimpressive personality, it’s never going to work out with her.

7) Sarcasm is a way to defend herself.

Being sarcastic doesn’t mean she’s untouchable; she has her weaknesses too. Maybe that’s what she tries to hide by being ironic most of the time. She needs to trust you completely to show you her insecurities, but then you’ll love her even more. Her sarcasm is a defense mechanism that she uses to protect her feelings.

Once you break the walls she has build over her heart, you will see how sensitive and emotional she is as a person.

8) She can be really shy at times.

You might think that’s she’s a totally extroverted person, but the truth is that she can be incredibly shy. Try to meet her with your friends or even your parents and you’ll find out. When she values someone, she starts feeling a bit insecure. So don’t forget to make her feel comfortable – she’s a human being with human feelings too!

When you are dating a sarcastic girl, you will slowly understand that her sarcastic nature is just a part of her, and once you start looking past that, you will see all the different aspects of her personality.

9) She doesn’t flirt like other girls.

A sarcastic woman loves flirting by laughing at the other person or by completely ignoring them! It sounds a little immature and maybe it is, but you have to admit that it’s also playful and sweet. Sarcastic women will never flirt with you conventionally, or express their feelings to you directly; they have their own unique way of doing this.

Loving a sarcastic girl means she will love you, but she will pull your leg. Loving a sarcastic girl means she will flirt with you, but make fun of you. If a sarcastic woman is doing all this with you, chances are that they might have romantic feelings for you.

10) She is spontaneous.

She likes living every moment of her life without thinking too much. She likes making fast decisions, having a good time, and making weird jokes. Her spontaneity makes her who she is, and sets her apart from other women out there. She is truly different, and probably that’s why you love her.

Her spontaneous nature will make sure that you are never bored; she will always find ways to keep things interesting. Life with her will never be monotonous, and will always be adventurous and exciting.

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11) She sometimes wishes she could think before she speaks.

There are things we all wish we didn’t say, or should have thought before saying. Imagine how a sarcastic person feels about such things.

They say mean things all the time, without even meaning them. But if you don’t know them, you can easily hate them because of that. A sarcastic woman does not have any ulterior motives or bad intentions at heart; that is simply how she is.

She sometimes desperately wishes that she would think properly before saying something, so that the other person doesn’t feel offended or hurt.

12) She will occasionally say something incredibly honest.

When you are dating a sarcastic woman, there will be times when she will say something from the heart and will show utmost honesty, but you won’t realize it because you’ll think she’s being sarcastic. Then, she will feel pretty foolish for putting herself out there, and will go back to her bubble, and bring all the walls back up.

In such situations, you need to try and understand her better, and learn to know when she is telling the truth, and when she is simply joking. Having the ability to differentiate between honesty and sarcasm, will help you make your relationship with her better and stronger.

13) She does get hurt easily, but never admits it.

You’ll rarely see her cry, and that’s because she likes to hide her tears, and hates being vulnerable in front of others. She will go to any lengths to cover up her true feelings so that no one can take advantage of them. She is very protective of herself that way.

You need to start understanding her reactions so that you’ll comfort her when she gets hurt. It’s really hard for her to admit it, and secretly she will want you to console and support her and help her through it.

14) She’s really proud.

Dating a sarcastic woman means dating someone who is incredibly proud. This can sometimes be a bad thing because she rarely admits she’s mistaken about something. When she realizes that she said something wrong, she stops talking and looks really angry. Her ego sometimes takes a turn for the worse and ends up escalating the situation.

When you are dealing with a sarcastic woman like this, keep in mind that screaming and shouting at her won’t help, try to be more patient and make her understand gently where she is going wrong.

15) She doesn’t really know how to make a move.

She truly doesn’t know how to give you the signal that she likes you/loves you/cares about you/wants to apologize. She’s just hoping you will see through her sarcasm and see she’s basically dying for you to notice her. This might feel frustrating at times, at the end of the day, but she is worth it. She is worth all the mixed signals that she throws at you.

Once she falls for you, and opens herself up to you, you will quickly realize how amazing she truly is, and how much she actually loves you.

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16) She can see right through you.

Understanding other people’s state of mind and emotions are related to her ability to understand sarcasm. If she is responding with a sarcastic remark to your excuse, then she probably doesn’t believe you. She will see right through your facade, and more often than not, she will be right. So you’d better watch out!

Don’t try to fool a sarcastic woman, she is an extremely intelligent person who understands more than she shows.

17) She is an introvert.

A sarcastic woman is an introvert by nature, and that’s because she finds meeting new people exhausting! She has to be nice and friendly until she knows them well enough to unveil her true self. And she genuinely feels that not everyone deserves to see the real her, so she chooses to mingle with just a few close people.

Introversion and sarcasm go hand in hand, and most of the time, this is a good thing, because that means she genuinely likes you when you get to see her real side.

Dating A Sarcastic Woman
20 Things You Must Know Before Dating A Sarcastic Woman

18) She likes dating smart people.

Smartness and intelligence are two things that a sarcastic woman never compromises on. So, if you are not smart and witty, she will not even give you a second glance.

If you are not the type to keep quiet at her nonsensical comments and more often than not, provide some extremely witty comebacks of your own, she will fall head over heels in love with you.

Being able to go toe to toe with her when it comes to having a sense of humor, and passing witty remarks, will be the cornerstone of your relationship with her.

19) She can somehow insult you whilst making you laugh.

When you are dating a sarcastic woman, you will see that she does an amazing job of insulting you while keeping you in splits. She will call you out on your flaws but will do it so constructively and smartly that you will never feel like she is humiliating you.

Her insults are full of humour, and love and no matter how angry you might be, you will never be able to hate her for it.

You don’t even realize until after, but by then her humor has won your forgiveness. That’s why she’s adorable.

20) She doesn’t have a lot of friends.

It’s not she doesn’t have a lot of friends because people hate her sarcasm, it’s actually because she likes choosing the right people to be by her side. She also believes that the less, the better.

Quality over quantity, you know. She will any day choose to have two genuine friends rather than a hundred superficial friends.

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So, if you are dating a sarcastic woman or loving a sarcastic girl, you’re a lucky, lucky guy. And remember: she chose you!

20 Things You Must Know Before Dating A Sarcastic Woman
20 Things You Must Know Before Dating A Sarcastic Woman
20 Things You Must Know Before Dating A Sarcastic Woman Pin
20 Things You Must Know Before Dating A Sarcastic Woman
dating a sarcastic girl
20 Things You Must Know Before Dating A Sarcastic Woman

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