10 Unexpected Signs That You Might Be a Genius And Not Know it

10 Unexpected Signs That You Might Be a Genius And Not Know it

Signs That You Might Be a Genius And Not Know it

There are certain things about you that may look odd to people around you but these are actually telling signs that suggest of your higher IQ level.

From learning an instrument to staying up late, you may be displaying signs of intelligence which you’re not aware of”

These Unexpected Signs of Intelligence, as listed below will put you in the list of genius people. This isn’t a postulate but a theory that is proved by science in the past decade.

Just have a look at some of these which can make you proud of acting differently.

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1) If you are sarcastic

Sarcasm is a creative way of responding to others.

People who are good at replying to others with wit imply that they have a creative mind. Sarcastic humor encourages conceptualization and allows the mental horizon to expand.

2) If you talk to yourself

You may have faced humiliation as a result of being caught talking to yourself.

But a study reveals that talking to oneself is one of the best manners to enhance a person’s self- confidence and self-awareness. It helps to explore our inner world and retrospect it as a spectator.

3) If you overthink and worry a lot

Overthinking and speculation about potential happenings reflect our imaginative power which is linked to the high intelligent quotient.

Now you know why you often worried so much more than others.

4) If you enjoy reading

Is it your hobby to read books, newspapers, or journals? Well, you are not an introvert or socially inactive soul rather you are an intelligent mind.

Reading is an activity which apart from providing you the information can also help you strengthen your ability to imagine. If you love reading more than watching movies then it’s because you have an active and creative mind.

Introverts As Long As We Have Our Books

5) You have an insatiable curiosity

Curiosity is one of the basic needs of human beings. It’s our innate tendency to seek for answers, which lead us to the attainment of immense knowledge.

This inquisitive need to seek answers to your insatiable curiosity is a sign of the genius mind trying to keep itself updated.

 6) If you are a night owl

Numerous studies have surprisingly found that the people who stay up late and work are more intelligent and creative thinkers.

An intelligent mind requires ceaseless stimulation. It is always so overworked that genius people find it difficult to shut it down.

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7) Listeners are smarter

The more sense organs you utilize to absorb in the simulation surrounding you, the more information you acquire, the more alert you are.

Good listeners not only use their eyes to see but also listen to grasp knowledge, process thoughts and increase the bandwidth. Hence smarter ones are the silent ones.

8) Feel extraordinary if you are a lefty

Hand function is a manifestation of our cognition.

Apparently, left-handers have a bigger right side of the brain which implies they have a better ability to mentally represent objects and better spatial understanding.

A bigger corpus callosum (a bundle of nerve cells that connects the two brain hemispheres) also ensures that they have increased connectivity between both sides of the brain so they tend to process information more quickly than right-handed people.

This makes them smarter than right-handed people.

9) If you find yourself weird

If you keep interest in weird hobbies, there is nothing to feel ashamed of. It means your mind is creative enough to find pleasure in even the dullest and weirdest of habits.

Many introverts

10) If you are an introvert

These seemingly asocial and likely-to-be-rude beings of the planet prefer to talk less. Observing and analyzing is what they take interest in.

76 thoughts on “10 Unexpected Signs That You Might Be a Genius And Not Know it”

  1. Is it a two edged sword? One persons genius is another persons neurotic? How do I stop myself googling everything I come across and wanting to know more……need some self discipline I thunk!…lol….(not saying I’m a genius)….

  2. i have non of them that means am not genius,no way may be am the newly discovered upgraded genius

  3. I agree with this article. I have dated and lived with 2 different geniuses and met many of their friends who share the same traits. Plus I’d like to add “Eccentric” to the list. One of them was a musician that rarely faced the audience because he spent so much time adjusting the knobs on his amp to get the perfect sound out of his guitar. While in the audience, I couldnt tell the difference of the many, many, many adjustments and neither could the other band members. BTW…He was a Hydralics Specialist that was called to fix machines all over Canada. If anyone knows anything about hydralics, the math involved is killer!!

  4. I do all seven and had a professional of 158 on multiple tests…so I must really be a genius. Though my parents say I am the dumbest smart person ever and that I act like Sheldon…lmao

  5. All is relative! It is not because one has not yet experienced their genius in a significant way, that their are not geniuses. Also, the genius can be hidden behind the most unsuspected and all aspect of life.

  6. Ego stroking b.s. The article might as well have listed:
    If you cut your toenails.
    If you bathe regularly.
    If you get sun burns.

    As the 7 things are things that most people do. Real geniuses should see right through this. In my opinion seeing through the b.s. is more genius than reading some redundant list. ( I’m not saying people commenting aren’t geniuses, just that these traits are not true measures of such.)

    P.S. I have all 7 traits. For whatever that’s worth.

    1. I have a psych degree and there is merit to this. This isn’t just rum of the mill traits, it us more extreme. Compulsion, ADHD, Spectrum type of behavior. Think of Einstein, Tesla, and many others. They were on the spectrum. Their, Jobs, even my mind, work abnormally.

    2. True, but I know non geniuses that also have all seven traits. It’s a list designed to make a ton of people think they are geniuses when they probably aren’t.

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