There are a certain things about you which may look odd to your friends and relatives but these different signs actually makes you a Genius.  Well need not be astonished at all! You might wonder why you don’t behave like a commoner, why your hobbies differ from the crowd.

Anyway, the reason will finely put you in the list of genius people .This isn’t a postulate but a theory that is proved by science  in the past decade .There are a number of signs that reveals your intelligence level thereby showing  genius you are . Just have a look at some of these which can make you proud on acting differently

  • If you are sarcastic  

If you are habitual of using a sharp, bitter and cutting expressions or taunting people for a specific reason then you have the quality of a true genius. Sarcasm is a creation of a mind which helps a person to expand his thinking and creative ability. So if you find yourself being sarcastic, feel pride in it.

  • If you talk to yourself

You may be caught speaking to yourself by the people many a times. As a result you might have faced the humiliation at the instance but the study reveals that talking to oneself is one of the best manners to enhance a person’s self- confidence. In fact, one who talks to himself knows his strengths and weakness in a better way.

  • If you think and worry a lot

“Don’t worry and stay calm” is a very common sentence that is heard frequently. But the reality speaks that if you worry a lot and create fuss out of the smallest things, then you show the signs of a genius.

  • If You enjoy reading

Is it you hobby to read books, newspapers, or journals? Well you are not an introvert or socially inactive soul rather you are an intelligent mid. Reading is an activity which apart from providing you the information can explore the doors for you to work on your creative skills.

  • You have insatiable curiosity

A person who gets inquisitive to seek the answer of a question is one among those who are determined to achieve what they desire. The insatiable curiosity keeps them charged up every time.  People may find this character trait of yours as annoying but science says that, “The more curiosity you possess, the better are the chances of  progress “.

  • If you like to stay up late

Is sleeping in the free time not your cup of tea? Are you a night owl? If yes than tag yourself as smart. There were a number of studies that took place over the past years. Surprisingly it was found that the people who stay up late and work are more intelligent and creative thinkers.

  • Listeners are smarter

It would be your biggest mistake to consider the silent ones of your group to be dumb. They are the ones to grasp knowledge, process thoughts and increase the bandwidth. Hence smarter ones are the silent ones.

  • Feel extraordinary if you are a lefty

Science proved that left-handed people have a more active brain. They possess higher IQ and also have better storing capacity. If you are lefty, you have a brilliantly awesome approach towards problems and know how to tackle it.

  • Appreciate the weirdness in you

Do not feel awkward to disclose the weird hobbies, choices and outlook. What might look weird to the people is actually the idea of ‘fun’ for the genius minds.

  • Introverts define perfection

These unsocial and likely-to-be-rude beings of the planet prefer to talk less. This does not mean they have nothing to say rather they save it for some intelligent discussion. Observing and analyzing makes them up into a stronger personality.

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