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Research Shows Intelligent People Stay Up Late, Do More Drugs, And Have More Sex

What is the mark of an intelligent mind in our day and age?

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When we think of intelligent people, we may have been conditioned to envision them in a library somewhere studying.  We associate intelligence with social reservation and good behavior.

But what if the opposite were true?  

What if the ones who are most intelligent are engaging in behaviors grandma and grandpa wouldn’t approve of?

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Times have changed, and people who have a higher intelligence aren’t always interested in studying and following the rules.

This may sound a bit shocking, but a series of studies have come out showing that intelligent people stay up later, do more drugs, and have more sex.

The people in our society who have the highest IQs are nocturnal and enjoy indulging in drugs and sex more often than people with a lower IQ.


Here is a list of the three studies that should completely change the way we think about intelligence and behavior:


1) Intelligent People Are Night Owls

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In a study published in Personality and Individual Differences, researchers proposed the hypothesis that people who are of high intelligence will be drawn to evolutionarily novel behaviors.  

Novel behaviors (new behaviors) are thought to be evolutionary advantageous because they expand our problem-solving ability and provide us with new knowledge we can use to improve our lives.

It’s kind of like nature’s way of pushing itself to evolve and create something new.

They found that intelligent people are not only more likely to be liberal and free thinkers, they are also more likely to have different circadian rhythms (sleep cycles).

The study found that people with high childhood and adulthood IQs went to bed about half an hour later each night than people of normal intelligence, and 30 minutes later than people of lower intellectual ability.

They also wake up later by about the same margins as well.  This was true of both weekends and weekdays.

As the study concludes:

Survey of ethnographies of traditional societies suggests that nocturnal activities were probably rare in the ancestral environment, so the Hypothesis would predict that more intelligent individuals are more likely to be nocturnal than less intelligent individuals. The analysis of the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health (Add Health) confirms the prediction.

The correlation from the study was very clear.  The higher the IQ, the later they tend to stay up.  And these results were concluded from a sample of over 20,000 people.

If you or your children have a habit of staying up late and can’t seem to break it, that could actually be a good thing. Instead of trying to force yourself to go to bed “on time”, use that time to do something creative.


2) Intelligent People Do More Drugs

Intelligent people aren’t just night owls, they also seem to be more into experimenting with drugs.  

Sounds crazy right?  It didn’t make sense at first to me either.  Some of the least intelligent people I have ever met smoke and drink way too much.  But on average, if you have a higher IQ, you are more likely to experiment with drugs.

A National Child Development study reported on in Psychology Today, people who have high IQs both in childhood and adulthood are much more likely to experiment with psychoactive drugs than people with low IQs.  Why?

Because psychoactive drugs are evolutionarily novel and different from the general behavior of our ancestors.

According to this study which was published in the UK in 2010:

Net of sex, religion, religiosity, marital status, number of children, education, earnings, depression, satisfaction with life, social class at birth, mother’s education, and father’s education, British children who are more intelligent before the age of 16 are more likely to consume psychoactive drugs at age 42 than less intelligent children.

There is a clear monotonic association between childhood general intelligence and adult consumption of psychoactive drugs.

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