Why Do Highly Intelligent People Struggle With Love: 7 Reasons


Highly Intelligent People Struggle With Love

Intelligent people are usually the ones who have more trouble finding lasting relationships. It might sound weird, but smartness can also be a disadvantage for someone who thinks a lot. Here’s why intelligent people struggle with love.

The following facts explain why sometimes it’s so hard for intelligent people to fall in love and be in a serious relationship.

Why Intelligent People Struggle With Love
Too Smart For Love? Why Intelligent People Have Relationship Issues

Here’s Why Intelligent People Struggle With Love and Relationships

1. Intelligent people are more independent.

It’s a proven fact that the more intellectual a person is, the more they cherish independence. Since they are afraid that a relationship may disrupt their autonomous way of life, they have a subconscious dread of commitment. Of course, this is not the case. Your independence will never be jeopardized by a strong, meaningful relationship. If your partner genuinely loves and respects you, they would never try to exert control over your life. Love isn’t like being caged.

2. Intelligent people are more suspicious.

Intelligent People And Love: Why Intelligent People Struggle With Love

It’s possible that if you think too much, you’ll start thinking dark thoughts. Intelligent individuals are sometimes plagued by insecurities. They are difficult to deceive, but that is precisely because they are terrified of being deceived! They are very cautious when choosing a relationship or simply a friend, which leads to them staying alone for extended times. Of course, being too trusting isn’t ideal, but being overly suspicious will just add to your worries.

3. Intelligent people focus more on their careers.

It’s understandable that intelligent individuals desire to succeed in life. However, as they’re so focused on their work, they sometimes don’t have time to socialize. That is why intelligent individuals are often “late” in settling down. I don’t see anything wrong with it, especially because we all choose to make small “sacrifices.” You should take your time!

4. Intelligent people tend to think too much.

Intelligent folks are sometimes the ones who cause relationship problems for themselves. They have a tendency to over-analyze every tiny topic, resulting in larger complications. Overthinking in a relationship may sometimes lead to unending conflicts. It’s worse if you don’t fight and hold everything within; you’ll feel as if you’re about to choke. Relax and don’t overthink things because this will simply heighten your worry.

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5. Intelligent people are often perfectionists.

This attribute is frequently paired with the previously described trait of “thinking too much.” Overachievers strive for perfection in their lives and, more importantly, in their relationships. You simply must recognize that this is not always achievable. Your life will be imperfect for the most part. Isn’t this, how life is? The imperfect parts make it fun and worth living for!

6. Intelligent people don’t fall in love that easily.

The answer is straightforward: intelligent people appreciate intellect in others. As a result,  appearance is unimportant. To determine if the other person is the one, they must get to know them thoroughly, including their hobbies and personalities. That’s very understandable. However, if you are intellectual, you should be cautious; if you spend too much time evaluating whether or not the other person is the perfect mate, they may go, leaving you alone.

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7. Intelligent people trust their minds more than their hearts.

Why Intelligent People Struggle With Love

A great mind can sometimes cause the heart to be confused. Simple movements can help your heart and mind function together: To begin, understand the mind’s benefits and drawbacks. Rational thinking is important to some extent, but it can sometimes go too far.

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If you want to learn more about intelligent people and love or why they seem to be less happier in life, here’s a video to help you out:

Intelligent People And Relationships: How Intelligence Affects Love

Reasons Why Intelligent People Face Difficulties In Having A Relationship
Intelligent People And Relationships: How Intelligence Affects Love
Highly Intelligent People Struggle With Love pin
Highly Intelligent People Struggle Love pin

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