3 Bad Habits That Are Signs of Exceptional Intelligence: Claims Studies

Bad Habits Are Signs of Exceptional Intelligence

Parents, teachers and society always scold us for bad habits and appreciate us for goof habits. But, science says that are three bad habits that are signs of exceptional intelligence. Gear up! It’s time to boast of having these!

Some people just don’t like to keep their room tidy or their belongings in order. They love messiness. And there are some people who don’t follow Benjamin Franklin’s motto, “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise”. They sleep late, wake up late and yet happy. 

People are wired to think that messiness and waking up till late night are bad manners and signs of failure. When it comes to swear words, people say “Mind your language!” Using bad language at workplaces and educational institutes – hampers social relationships and leads to severe punishment.  Right?

But, do you know these three habits that are considered to be bad and unhealthy can actually reveal your hidden talent? 

Here’s what research says-

1. Messiness

Unorganized and messy living can boost your creativity according to a psychologist at the University of Minnesota. People with messed up rooms seemed to have creative thoughts. They can enjoy a creative workflow and think outside the box. According to this new study messy desk and intelligence go hand in hand! 

A lot of people may argue that a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind. Saying that, what does an empty desk mean?

Just so you know, Albert Einstein was also well-known to be messy! There are many other highly intelligent people having disorganised spaces, yet they are creative and focused in life. So, if you are not cleaning your desk, your mind is definitely occupied with something important. 

“Well-behaved women seldom make history!” said Laurel Thatcher Ulrich. The same can be applied to men as well! So, it can be said that a well-behaved person may earn a good reputation in public, but may not be able to sustain unfavorable circumstances. Supporting this psychologist Kathleen Vohs says that a disorganized environment can help you gain fresh insights. Because messiness inspires you to break free of traditions. 

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2. Staying up late

Do you know night owls have high IQ scores? Scientific research has found that more intelligent people tend to be more nocturnal. Humans have the ability to hold back their biological clock and alter the circadian rhythm accordingly. Another study found that intelligent children are more likely to stay up late and less orderly. 

Based on these studies it can be said that staying up late may be good for social intelligence. No wonder why Charles Darwin, Keith Richards, Barrack Obama are all famous for nocturnal activities.  

Further, psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa reported in Study Magazine that IQ average and sleeping patterns are most definitely related. Those with IQs less than 75 went to bed by 11:30 pm on weeknights in early adulthood, whereas those with IQs over 125 went to bed around after 12:30 am. 

These studies confirm that night owls think it is the right time to live when everyone has gone to bed. Are you the one who loves to play under the moon? Then congratulations on your bad habits and intelligence!

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3. Swearing A Lot

Intelligent people use more curse words and have vaster vocabulary confirmed a study published in Huffington Post.

Volunteers of age range 18-22 years were asked to name taboo words and name animals in the same way within a stipulated time period. Results showed that those who swore more had a better vocabulary. Another study showed that swearing relieves mental and physical stress. 

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Are you the one who enjoy swearing, live in a messy room and a proud night owl? Then you must have enjoyed reading this post! Let us know if you could relate it and are happy to know about your intelligence. Feel free to share this post with others who have these three bad habits and make them aware of their intelligence. And stay tuned for most interesting posts!

bad habits and intelligence
If you have these 3 bad habits, you might be exceptionally intelligent: study says
Bad Habits Are Signs of Exceptional Intelligence Pin
3 Bad Habits That Are Signs of Exceptional Intelligence: Claims Studies

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  1. Avatar of Karl Humphreys

    Sorry, but number 2 is hogwash–what can one expect from the Huffington Post? The person with a poor vocabulary has trouble articulating in an argument and falls back on foul language because it takes very little brain work to spit out expletives. Unable to offer fully thought out rebuttals, a person who lacks intelligence will fall back on what comes easy; foul language, hoping to win the argument through sheer will or force and not logic or facts. An intelligent person rarely has that trouble. The other two answers, I have read before. Although not entirely convinced of their validity, I believe they could be at least somewhat true.

  2. Avatar of Wil Lobach

    Here’s three vague and general things that will inevitably apply to everyone, so people who click the link will feel “exceptionally intelligent” and share our bullshit so that even more people repeat the process, driving up our web traffic and make us money. Here’s a hint: “Exceptionally intelligent” people do not need a 3 item checklist to determine if they are. They are painfully aware of their intelligence in an increasingly stupid world.

  3. Avatar of Salma Otieno

    Exceptionally intelligent? Why do we lie to ourselves? Since when was sharpening the mind about standing out as exceptionally intelligent? Why can’t people just enjoy their own thoughts without always thinking they dont’ want to be stupid?

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