14 Things Overthinkers Will Understand

Things Overthinkers Will Understand

Thinking too much over a matter can take a toll on you and trap you in a cycle of misery and unhappiness. So you need to understand at first whether you are an overthinking person or not. There are certain things overthinkers will understand, and if you relate to all those things, then my friend, we welcome you to the club!

Imagine this hypothetical situation: It’s quite late at night and your husband is still not home from the office. He is 2 hours late than his usual hours of reaching home. You start wondering why he might be so late. You try to reason with yourself in every way possible.

Finally, you get so overcome with anxiety that you call him. You find his phone switched off. This gets you more panic-stricken and you start to engage in all sorts of negative thoughts about what could have happened to him. At some point, you feel like your head is hurting with all the pessimistic thinking and it’s going to blast.

Does this sound familiar?

When we overthink, we are actually putting pressure on the parts of our brain that are specialized for cognitive functions. Our logical reasoning capacity is clouded and our stress level is elevated. We apprehend all sorts of negativity around us and contemplate danger or threats.

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In a world that caters for several stressful events, thinking is not at the surface level anymore. Most of us are so anxious that we end up overthinking even the trivial things, of least importance.

If you are here, you must surely have struggled with overthinking at any given point in time. Let’s find out what it’s like being an overthinker!

14 Things Overthinkers Will Understand

1. When you say “you’re sorry,” you mean you’re really sorry.

If you feel like you’ve hurt others’ feelings, what they don’t know about is the amount of time you have spent thinking about the minute details of the fight and have realized how much sorry you are for your part.

That’s why whenever you apologize for your mistakes, you do it genuinely and not just for the sake of it. Your apologies are never fake because you have the courage to admit and accept when you’re wrong.

2. You’re not an insecure control freak, you just think a bit too much.

I mean you don’t have to call us back right away but just know that in our mind we have already played out a bunch of scenarios where you are cheating on us with someone else or you have died in a horrible accident. It is what it is.

Yes, it’s possible that if you sent us on voicemail, we might think you aren’t alive anymore. We are not control freaks nor are we trying to be a buzzkill, it’s just our overthinking controlling US.

when people don't respond
Things overthinkers will understand

3. Your critical thinking skills are pretty on point.

You have mastered the art of reading between the lines. You do not believe in the face value of your words. Instead, you just interpret the deeper meaning of your lines, thanks to your capacity to over-think.

You overanalyze every little thing and come up with a solution. No wonder your critical thinking skills are enviable.

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4. Your friends don’t seem to appreciate your analytical ninja skills.

Your friends might just end up saying how your overthinking irks them. Others might just end up unable to appreciate how analytical overthinkers are. You understand that your overthinking can sometimes get a bit too much, but you want your friends to understand that you can’t help it.

It’s not that you have any bad intentions, or you are deliberately trying to annoy everyone, this is just how you are. You don’t like it yourself sometimes, but you can’t help it.

5. You find it hard to have a proper night’s sleep.

Lying in the solitude of the dark without any distractions inevitably makes you sink into your endless thoughts. After a long, hard day, all you want to do is have a good night’s sleep but your overthinking does not let you do that, most of the time.

This is one of the many things overthinkers will understand – how it feels to have a million thoughts swirling in your mind in the middle of the night when all you want to do is sleep for a few hours.

6. You go crazy when someone unfollows you on Instagram or unfriends you on Facebook.

You won’t rest until you find out what the reason was and what your part was in getting unfriended or unfollowed. All sorts of disturbing situations and possibilities go around in your mind, and it drives you crazy. You hate it when someone dislikes you, so a situation like this is one of your worst nightmares.

It’s not that you are trying to stalk them or irritate them, you just want to know the reason why they let you go. That’s all. Even though it might come across as sad.

7. You delete texts, hesitate over writing emails and Facebook messages, and delete and re-write tweets.

You always believe that the text could be put more precisely and in a better way and that’s why it takes you forever to write an important message. Okay, basically any message.

You write, rewrite, delete, write, and rewrite till you zero in on the “perfect” message. Even if it takes you an eternity, and by the time you send it, the moment has passed.

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8. You regret the fun times you have when the fun wears off.

If a party is genuinely exciting you will like to enjoy the moment till you get a hangover. The next morning you are horrified by the thoughts of what you could have said or done while being intoxicated. You even try to avoid facing those people once again when sober.

Chances are you might not have done or said anything embarrassing, but being an overthinker, you have obviously thought of a million ways what a joke you might have been (Spoiler Alert: You were not).

9. You think every little pain in your body means you’re dying.

While pondering over what a small bruise or pain on your body would mean, you need someone to talk you off the ledge. You need someone to tell you that they’ve experienced pain similar to the one you’re describing, that there’s nothing to be scared of and that you’re not going to die.

This is one of the most common things overthinkers think and drive themselves crazy. Don’t worry, you’re not dying, but if you are really concerned, instead of overthinking about it, just go see a doctor.

10. You can’t make quick decisions

Making a decision about anything is the most difficult job for an overthinker. You are always stuck on the pros than the cons. This thought keeps shifting until you get someone else to decide it for us.

Being indecisive is your middle name, and even the simplest decisions take a lot from you. And don’t even get me started on making major decisions!

you gotta be extremely
Things overthinkers will understand

11. You save a lot of screenshots for “future purposes”.

You always like to have a second option and some backup plans. Because who knows when you might need it? Your phone is full of screenshots, and information that you think you might need for future references.

Maybe someone is being untruthful so you need evidence of their “deception”. Or you need to have some screenshots, in case you forget something and might have to come back to this.

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12. You would actually enjoy a break from your thoughts.

One of the major things overthinkers will understand is that you don’t feel good about being an overthinker, most of the time. You really, really want a break from your thoughts, just so you can relax for a some time without feeling anxious or on edge.

If someone takes you somewhere stimulating enough that you won’t have to be mind-numbingly introspective for once, you’ll love them forever. Being an overthinker is exhausting and you really want to get out of your head sometimes.

13. You internal freak out when someone says “I will see you soon”.

Something as simple as “I will see you soon” freaks you out and pushes you almost into the arms of a very welcoming panic attack. You want to know what they mean by “soon”, and you need all the details so that you can put your racing mind at ease.

You like it when someone makes your life a little less complicated and tells you straight up what they mean. If they don’t you’ll probably spin it to mean something more, anyways, but it’s still nice.

14. You have a soft spot for people who know how to live in the present moment.

Since you are not able to live in the present all the time, because of your overthinking, you like and respect people who know how to do this effortlessly. You like hanging around with them because you feel relaxed.

People who know how to enjoy the present are your favorite kinds of people, and when you come across someone like that, you hold onto them for dear life and refuse to let them go.

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So, how many of these things did you relate to? Now, that you know the things overthinkers do, let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

Want to know more about the things overthinkers will understand? Check this video out below!

Things overthinkers will understand

14 Things Overthinkers Will Understand
14 Things Overthinkers Will Understand
14 Things All Over-Thinkers Will Understand
What does being an overthinker mean
Things Overthinkers Understand pin
Things Overthinkers Will Understand pin

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