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14 Things All Over-Thinkers Will Understand

14 Things All Over-Thinkers Will Understand


Find out 14 things that all Over Thinkers will surely understand.

Thinking too much over a matter can put you in a vicious cycle. So you need to understand at first whether you are an overthinking person or not.

Are you an overthinker

Imagine this hypothetical situation: It’s quite late at night and your husband is still not home from the office. He is 2 hours late than his usual hours of reaching home. You start wondering why he might be so late. You try to reason yourself in every way possible.

Finally, you get so overcome with anxiety that you call him. You find his phone switched off. This gets you more panic-stricken and you start to engage in all sorts of negative thoughts about what could have happened to him.

At some point, we feel like your head is hurting with all the pessimistic thinking and it’s going to blast.

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Does this sound familiar?

When we overthink, we are actually putting pressure on our brain areas specialized for cognitive functions. Our logical reasoning capacity is clouded and our stress level is elevated. We apprehend all sorts of negativity around us and contemplate danger or threat.

In a world which caters us with several stressful events, thinking is not at the surface-level anymore. Most of us are so anxious that we end up overthinking even the trivial of things, of least importance.

If you are here, you must surely have struggled with overthinking at any given point of time.

14 Things All Over-Thinkers Will Understand

Here are the 14 things that you might be able to relate to as an over-thinker:

1. When you say “you’re sorry,” you mean you’re really sorry.

If you feel like you’ve hurt other’s feelings, what others don’t know about is the amount of time you have spent thinking about the minute details of the fight and have realized how much sorry you are for your part.

Stay rest assured knowing that whether others accept their apology or not, this will not soon be forgotten.

2. You’re not an insecure control freak, you just think

I mean you don’t have to call us back right away but just know that in our mind we have already played out a bunch of scenarios where you are cheating on us with someone else or you have died.

Yes it’s possible that if you sent us on voicemail, we might think you aren’t alive anymore.

3. Your critical thinking skills are pretty on point.

You have mastered the art of reading between the lines. You do not believe in the face value of your words. Instead, we just interpret the deeper meaning of your lines.

Thanks to their capacity to over-think.

4. But your friends don’t seem to appreciate your analytical ninja skills.

Your friends might just end up saying how your overthinking irks them. Others might just end up unable to appreciate how analytical over-thinkers are.

5. Sleep is probably the most difficult aspect of your life.

Lying into the solitude of dark without any distractions inevitably makes us sink into our endless thoughts.

Night seems to the best environment to spend some time with your train of thought.

6. God forbid someone unfollows you on Instagram or unfriends you on Facebook.

You won’t rest until you find out what the reason was and what our part of the contribution was in getting unfriended. If will try to establish contact with that person to know the exact reason.

7. You delete texts, hesitate over writing emails and Facebook messages, delete and re-write tweets.

We always believe that the text could be put more precisely and in a better way and that’s why it takes us forever to write an important message. Okay, basically any message.

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