Harsh Truths About An Overthinker With A Sensitive Heart

Harsh Truths About Overthinker With Sensitive Heart

Harsh truths about An overthinker with a sensitive heart.

If you are an overthinker, you probably take people’s opinions too seriously and try to understand exactly why they say whatever they say.

If you also have a sensitive heart, then all this overthinking probably drives you crazy, because you try to analyze everything without sounding insane to others.

How do overthinkers with a sensitive heart see the world? 

Another harsh truth about sensitive overthinkers is that they see the world in black and white. They can’t be in the middle and settle for gray. They don’t have ‘half-feelings,’ they either do or don’t, love or hate, feel completely happy, or completely devastated.

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Sometimes, you might be ‘too much’ for some people; too sentimental, too analyzing, too emotional, too nervous, too romantic.

And that will make you sad, but you’ve got to realize that not everyone is going to like us. Because if you don’t, then you’ll always feel like you don’t belong.

Another common thing in sensitive overthinkers is that they have an inner struggle to be present in life, but they usually don’t really feel connected to their environment or the people around them.

That’s why they thrive when they work alone or when they are isolated from their routine.

They crave love most of the time, but they don’t like to put themselves out there much. Their heart is fragile and hopeful, so when they don’t get the affection or the love they were looking for, it breaks them.

Then they shut themselves off from the world because they need time to heal, even if it wasn’t anything major.

Overthinkers with a sensitive heart are always trying to find the meaning behind everything; behind their pain or their heartbreak; behind their losses and the lessons they’ve learned. They can’t just live without trying to find answers to the questions they have.

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They have a special relationship with the universe. Sometimes they feel deeply connected like their bond is so strong and powerful, but sometimes they feel so distant like they don’t understand the world anymore. It often feels like it’s them against the universe and that’s a battle they can’t figure out how to win.

When you’re an overthinker with a sensitive heart, it’s possible to suffer from insomnia, as your bed is the place where your worst thoughts and fears haunt you all at once. It’s where you question everything you say and everything you do.

However, sensitive over-thinkers are characterized by some of the best traits in the world. They are artistic, creative and unique.

They have an extraordinary way of thinking which may not be loved by everyone, but it’s worth loving.

They have high emotional intelligence, and that’s why all their relationships, romantic or not, are deep and sincere.

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Are you an overthinker with a sensitive heart? Could you relate to the article? Let me know in the comments.

Harsh Truths About An Over-thinker With A Sensitive Heart
Harsh Truths About Overthinker With Sensitive Heart pin

102 thoughts on “Harsh Truths About An Overthinker With A Sensitive Heart”

  1. Avatar of Me

    Nice to know we’re not alone but that’s all I care to share, time to shut myself away again.

  2. Avatar of M

    Over thinking and being too sensitive don’t only have to do with love.

    I personally get overly sensitive when I’m not taken seriously in my job. When I am constantly being asked if I remember or understand how to do something. Like I’m brand new, even though I’ve been there several years. Heck, I know better than the guy that is asking me. Go figure.

    Over thinking and being too sensitive has to do with anything we are passionate about. Your job, a fundraiser, etc. People, who have never been passionate about something, aren’t able to understand what it feels like when you work so hard for something but you aren’t recognized or appreciated for the effort.

  3. Avatar of Recher

    I am glad I am not alone …I thought I am alone in this, crazy cared too much, love too much, feeling hurt ,sad broken from those who I loved and cared, I felt I am broken, not normal, can’t fit into anywhere, felt so stressed that I don’t get love in return, instead just has been used and didn’t take me seriously, all I wanted was love… I just wanted to be loved, I do whatever I can for everyone, but I never get love, never…. People just shut the door on my face, the last thing I never wanted was to keep hearing that I overthink alot… That was the word that always made me feel I am a fool.. a crazy person… Reading ur article, made me tear, I wish I have friends are just like me, I bet we will take good care of each other then the non overthinkers….

  4. Avatar of Dee

    After reading this article It brought light as to why I feel like I dont Belong or connected at one pont and disconnected at another point! Thank you!!!!

    1. Avatar of Patricia Casey

      I related to it all, I do stress other people out . I’ve always felt like I don’t belong like I’m damaged and what you said about insomnia, I can’t turn my brain off .Thank you maybe I’m not alone as I thought.


  5. Avatar of SL

    You were just getting started. The facts you have come up with seem to be on point. However, where’s the rest of the article?

  6. Avatar of Treena Rose

    Omg… Being a sensitive person is almost like being a unicorn in today’s world. Everyone seems to be under the assumption that mean n nasty is the way to be. I have completely given up on everyone at this point. I see this walking away from it all to be a very comfortable level of freedom and a turning point in my life. It is so true what my parents told me that not everyone is going to have the same heart as you n “THAT” is what will continually f things up in your life. I will never attempt marriage ever again as men have only proved to be selfish abusive monsters. Being sensitive should not be a reason for bad people to prey on a truly good person.

  7. Avatar of Kavita

    This is so true. I can totally relate myself. Very heart-touching article. Can you write something about how to tame our mind and heart for overthinking sensitive heart people? It will be nice.

  8. Avatar of Suzanne

    Thank you for writing and putting into words how I feel on the daily. I so struggle with what you wrote and felt this post to the depth of my core. So many times I have been told I am to sensitive or I should not care so much. On the flip side others say I can be intense. Love the perspective of how these traits can be a positive.

  9. Avatar of Shelly

    Yes..I am.
    Ur each and every word is true. Sometimes I think I will loose my mental balance. I m always try to do everything possible..still I can’t make my family happy..becz I am loosing my Tempe and st that moment I always behave very badly.

  10. Avatar of Debra

    I’m a huge I overthink with an extremely sensitive heart. I’m dealing with some comments from coworkers right now

    1. Avatar of Lorraine

      I am so much of an overthinker as well as very passionate in everything. I have been taken advantage of and have a broken heart that never gets a chance to heal. I am constantly trying to help my son as well as giving to much of myself to him. Its never appreciated nor am I appreciated. I give so much and all I wind up doing is talking to myself asking what did I say or do that was so wrong to b yelled at as well as cursed at. Its the same with his father also. I am 55 and have yet found a way to either walk away or just stop giving all of me where i am always sad and shedding tears and my heart, my mental and emotional state of mind. I believe will never fully heal again. When people overthink and question themselves i believe its because we are intelligent as well as giving, caring etc.and these people that r in our lives or around us are not only ignorant but they don’t know how to communicate or have words that come out of thr mouths that don’t try and break us down even more then they already have. I wanna thank each and everyone of u for making me realize I am not the only one that feels the way I do. We all must try to figure out how to work on ourselves instead of always working on others that only c us when the need or want something

  11. Avatar of Whiterook85

    Im struggling rn cause I relate to this article and it speaks to me. I try to find meaning in my failed relationships. I feel overbearing at times when I am just a very passionate person. My love is strong and I want to know and understand every aspect of a person and situation. However, walking through this life and also seeking adventure and purpose it’s becoming extremely difficult! I feel that life is very dark and bleak Its difficult to know and understand what I should be doing and why I have the overwhelming feelings that cone about at times.

  12. Avatar of Eugenia

    I just finished reading this. Nothing wrong with being over sensitive or anything else for that matter. No two individuals are the same.. Our world is too judgemental and materialistic, anything that doesn’t resemble those traits looks odd.

  13. Avatar of Allison

    This is so me… I’ve never read anything on this before .. it’s very interesting… at least I know it’s a thing and I’m not totally messed up!! Thanks for sharing

  14. Avatar of Jess

    I can completely relate! For years I thought I was an oddball or an outsider because of just how much I feel and how sensitive I can be. It’s nice to know that I’m not alone. I hope that one day I will find my tribe of people who accept me as I am and understand me.

  15. Avatar of Marcia

    Yes, that’s exactly how I feel – disconnected, misunderstood and with an ability to read how people feel about me. I am outgoing, giving and always try to make people feel good about themselves. Rarely do people do the same for me. I do feel I always have to try to fit in but it’s exhausting and hope one day to find my ‘tribe’.

  16. Avatar of Doreen Peters

    I could relate in every aspect of this article, I’m very creative and sensitive and as my husband says I overthink everything, I try not to but I can’t help it before you know it I’m in a world of my own overthinking every word and comment it’s a good thing and a bad thing because it has caused problems I. The pass and present, but that’s me.. thank you for this I knew I wasn’t the only one. Doreen

  17. Avatar of Tseyuhla Bhutia

    I could relate to this entire piece on another level. An overthinker with a sensitive heart certainly does see the world in a different light. Thanks for writing this, it made me understand myself a bit clearer and better.

  18. Avatar of John Cyprian

    Its is easy as well as most difficult trying to understand why we do what we do but we do it to benefit others and usually at our expense. The main problem is most other types of personalities dont have time or really just dont care. They are they ones always trying to pull on our emotional strings to get something out of us at our expense without any form of payment or even acknowledgement of our accomplishment. It took me years to finally accept this form of self destruction. It an endless cycle but it does have its advantages. Finding another common personality helps with the healing but the only way to achieve Is to accept and ignore. Accept the person you are and ignore the endless banter of being taken advantage of. I do it because I can and if they dont appreciate my help and honesty then that defines their negative existence in this world were trying to keep positive. You have to love yourself before you can accept your place in this rat race for other people’s goals. Talk about falling through the cracks. Lol. Once you can ignore the mosquitoes biting you constantly they just disappear and start trying to attack another one of us.

  19. Avatar of Melissa

    I have literally went my whole life not even understanding how I am the way I am until the last 3-5 years … this whole article just hit me in less that 10 minutes .. thank you.

  20. Avatar of Amanda Hook

    You just described my 12 year old daughter with every word. We have been thinking it’s anxiety and depression. Now I’m thinking it’s not. How can I help my daughter who suffers from this?

  21. Avatar of kranthi cool

    Woow absolutely no doubt and the writer am sure you are one of us. Thaks for mirroring us I words

  22. Avatar of Michelle Cook

    Thank you for giving me such a surprising mirror. I was awed at the articulation. It was very validating which is something I rarely find or even look for. THANK YOU!

  23. Avatar of Brenda

    Yàa, I think I’m one, it’s painful at times but, you also realise how the world needs people like yourself, to càlm things down.

  24. Avatar of Carl Jihnson

    Yes, I can def relate and it’s scary? It’s also good knowing that there is a reason and explanation for how I am. Thank you!

  25. Avatar of Jen

    It really helps to read articles like this one. Life already feels lonely and I often feel ignored….but maybe my jargone is just overwhelming and people just can’t deal with what I’m talking about. It bums me out because most of what I talk to someone about is intended to help them. This article reminds me that I might not be so alone, maybe too intense, but not so alone.

    1. Avatar of margaret mendolla

      Oh May I know that I’ve been over thinking my whole life. All of what I just read hit a home run with in my own soul. Thank you God Bless you for this gift of understanding

  26. Avatar of Lele Nkutha

    This article explains a lot about my feelings. Things that I just couldn’t understand about me. Thanks.

  27. Avatar of Kavya N E

    This is me. I can literally going through the same things which you explained here. It’s perfectly explained and by reading this blog I can understand what I’m going through. Thank you so much.

  28. Avatar of Madhumitha Selvakumar
    Madhumitha Selvakumar

    That is sooo true..I experience everything other than the insomnia.. I’m not that much of an insomniac yet. Thanks for letting me know there are other people in this world like me, don’t get to see them everyday.

  29. Avatar of Mish

    Spot on … and withall that is the fact no one around me understands me which either annoys them or they make assumptions of who I am. I love being this way , but I hate being this way!

  30. Avatar of Barbara Hernandez
    Barbara Hernandez

    Wow, You nailed it. I am a Gemini and everything you said is so true. I’m 62 years old and I still don’t know my purpose in life. Meditation has helped me more than any doctor or medication that was prescribed.. I really am learning to live in the present. It’s been a struggle many years. I love with all my heart and I give my all. There is something missing. Many years of false beliefs has taken a toll on every aspect of my life. I never thought about anyone else being an over thinker. Sometimes ( ALOT OF TIMES ) I wish I could shut my mind down. Two and a half years ago I started Sync Meditation. Oh my goodness. I started sleeping all night. I had lots of energy and I felt good. I started doing yoga. Love, love, love it. Then I fell last April and hurt my back. I was able to still Meditate. It truly helps. My life is a little out of place right now. I’m at a crossroads, and I’m so afraid of making the wrong decision. I know there is more to Life. I haven’t lived yet. Do I walk away from a man that I have loved most of my life, because he is content with his life. I know some how I’m suppose to help people. Be a life coach , maybe an Essential Oil specialist and certified aromatherapist. For now. I’m on my journey and the Universe is my guide and I have LOVE AND LIGHT from God. Guess I’ll take a Leap of Faith. Ty so much for this article. Now I don’t feel so alone.I would love to read more of your articles. I can feel your energy!

    Love and Light

  31. Avatar of Selorm Ann

    Me unedited. Thanks for the article… I can see the light now, thought I was alone. Any suggestions how I can manage this situation. Dealing with serious insomnia.

    1. Avatar of Parul

      As a counselling psychologist, what i think for you to practise meditation. As when we try to meditate our subconscious things goes to unconscious..So tht will create a peace and positivity in you. Thank you

  32. Avatar of Alana

    Sixty years of this is a long time with such deep feelings. Sometimes it’s a gift and other times it’s lonely.
    So I’ve learned to retreat to reenergize, guard your heart and mind from this world that is cold and will drain you if you let them.


  33. Avatar of Debbie

    I feel that oversensitive people are abused and used by the world and not treated fairly because they’re seen as weaklings by everyone. Now everyone knows how to be empathetic.

  34. Avatar of Brinda Reddy

    I am always an over thinker with sensitive heart. Every point written was like a reflection of mine. Love your way of presenting

  35. Avatar of Kimberly White

    Yes, you described me to a T. It’s comforting to know that I’m not alone that it’s okay to be the way that I am.

  36. Avatar of Carm

    I felt as though you described me perfectly and that is the only time someone has in my 62 years of life. I usually just think i have depression, but i actually know its much deeper than that. Its an outlook, its a sense of self that seems like you are the only one who is this way. It can be very lonely but then we only have ourselves to blame because we isolate in fear that people won’t or don’t like us. It is not easy being me but i do my best and yes sleeping is very difficult for sure. Thank you for the article. It was right on track.

  37. Avatar of Tracy

    I’m an over thinker and highly sensitive that internalize’s. Having gone through a rough divorce watching a judge alow my ex to torment me and abuse me and my kids Letting him get away with it. I find it very difficult to have delt with this extreme stress for 8 years. I’m struggling to deal with stress in addition to trying to understand when even attorneys can’t. I’m still trying to figure out ways to handle it. Everyone thinks that it’s so easy to “let it go”.

  38. Avatar of Crystal

    You got it! That is me…it must be you too? Because not everyone understands how we think or why we are the way we are…so I figure you relate because this is you too.

  39. Avatar of Nicole Uscher

    Definitely me except the insomnia part I do love to get into bed my safe place but that’s when all the THOUGHTS start so therefore NO SLEEP comes easy

  40. Avatar of marcy sease

    Oh yeah, this is me unchained. But most of the time I keep that stuff wrapped up tight. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I let it go, and I imagine myself in a corset but then I cut the strings and I explode. Sadly, most people are not comfortable with explosions, I can’t imagine why. lol.

  41. Avatar of Michelle

    I felt so identified and i would love to know how to fight against all the struggles we have because of this.

  42. Avatar of Anonymous

    To define people is a futile aspiration.
    You may understand partial, but you will never see the whole.
    If their are not asking for your opinion, don’t give it.

    1. Avatar of Deep

      Are you still an over thinker? You enjoy being one or Coping with it to bring out the necessary changes?

  43. Avatar of Tayo

    The analysis is great and real because it actually fits me.
    Thanks for making me to see me.

  44. Avatar of Sujata

    Hi. I am a sensitive over thinker. This article hits it on the head. Very well written and presented.

  45. Avatar of leroy

    loved it. that’s me. still in shock how this appeared in my home feed, but wow am impressed and enjoyed reading it

  46. Avatar of Taryn

    I can definitely relate. How can I alter the way I am or the way I do things so I can live my life. I feel like I’m ruining relationships with my family. I’ve already started distancing myself from my friends. I’m seen as mean and judgmental or critical.

    1. Avatar of marcy sease

      What helps me is that I try to see how I would feel if someone said/did to me what I said/did to them. Would I be hurt? Would I be angry? Would I try to be better? I do kind of think in black and white, right or wrong. My husband said one time it was like living with Jesus. I really try to work on not being so self absorbed and just overly sensitive to everything, but not being sensitive to other people’s feelings. But this is me, not you. You can take this or throw it out, just my thoughts. I, personally, needed to get out of my head more.

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