If You Have Ever Been Called Overly Sensitive, This is For You


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You Have Been Called Sensitive

“Have a heart that never hardens, and a temper that never tires, and a touch that never hurts.” An overly sensitive person can always relate.

There is a small group of people in the world. A very special group. These are the healers, the empaths, and the ones this broken world turns to when things go wrong.

These are the ones, that as children, comforted the ones being bullied, shared their lunches and water bottles with those who ran out, and offered to shared notes and homework with the more scatter-brained ones.

These are the ones that grew into the favorite aunt and uncle of the neighborhood that all the adolescents turned to in times of growing pains. These are the ones who were first in when a neighbor or friend was going through a rough patch.

These gentle and kind people hold space for others unconditionally and have an ability to exude comfort and compassion that casts a cloak of love, understanding, and acceptance over all those they encounter.

And often these are the ones we call over-sensitive.

Overly Sensitive
Overly Sensitive

There’s a reason for that. These ‘over-sensitive’ human beings will cry over an emotional advertisement, shed many a tear at a sad movie, and they will respond to the mood of their environment mirroring the angst and suffering they sense.

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They will be accused of being too kind, or too giving, and, more often than not, the world will take advantage of their niceness.

But kindness should never be confused with weakness or gentleness with meekness.

For there is no greater strength on this planet than the ability to stay kind in a harsh and unyielding world. It is to these empathic and sensitive people that the world owes its emotional well-being and so much more.

Overly Sensitive
Overly Sensitive

So, if you’ve ever been told to get a grip on yourself, or been told that you shouldn’t be so naïve as to forgive and forget, or if you’ve been accused of investing too much time and effort on others, often without thanks or acknowledgment… know your true worth now.

You are the soft landing, the bandaid, the crutch, the healer, the teacher, the empath that redresses the suffering of those around you.

And this ability to love and feel… truly feel the pain of others… This is your superpower.

You are the real-life super-hero that rushes in to pick up the broken pieces and make things right again.

And the same power that moves you to reach for a box of tissues at a sentimental movie also gives you the power to mend broken hearts and heal the shattered soul.

And yes, you will get teased and be told that you have no control over your emotions, but that’s okay because in your heart of hearts you know the opposite to be true.

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You know you have the ability to tune into your feelings and express them, and you know the same ability allows you to tune into the feelings of others around you.

And when the chips are down the broken-hearted will beat a path to your door, for even the most hardened and pragmatic of humans know at the unconscious level that your ‘weakness’ is that very strength that they can lean against when they are falling apart at the seams.

­­­They will gravitate towards you like homing pigeons and you will take them under your wings and offer them the incredible comfort of true compassion… one that cannot be learned through books or courses.

Overly Sensitive

You were born to heal. You were born to feel. And you were born with a very specific purpose.

And yes, you will hurt when those who turned to you walk away, and when they leave without a speck of gratitude, and sometimes the return will even be a well-placed knife in the back.

And you will experience this most keenly because of your incredible gift to feel things more than others.

But you will also heal yourself the way you heal others, and emerge stronger, kinder, and wiser, ready to get on with the business of being the nurturer to the world.

Most of us look high and low on this journey we call life to find our purpose and to find our true calling. Few of us achieve this, however.

We may become rich and famous or powerful, but that will never fill the emptiness of not knowing the true purpose of one’s own existence.

But if you’ve ever been told that you’re too reactive, too nice, too kind, too soft… consider yourself lucky. For in that, lies your cue. Your reason for being, your purpose.

So grab onto every feeling you feel. Together they weave the cape that makes you the superhuman being you are.

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The one that nurtures, the one that mends, the one that fights all the frailties that assail humanity, and the one that is strong enough to experience emotions with enlightened grace – for yourself and others.

You are one of the chosen few who are born knowing your true purpose.

And while you may feel the slings and arrows of humanities fickle ways oh-so intensely, you will also know the ecstasy of being in touch with the purest part of yourself, the sheer joy of being one of that very select tribe that truly makes this world a better place; for the universe selects only its strongest and finest for this unique and demanding role.

If You Have Ever Been Called Overly Sensitive, This is For You
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