Sangeetha Shinde

Sangeetha is the Managing Editor of The Business Innovator, an international business magazine, based out of Brussels, Belgium. She has a Master?s in Business Administration, a BA in English Literature and a thirst to tell the stories of women. She is the author of the books 'A moral murder and other tales from the Blue Hills" and "Amman: Story".

I am an Indian woman

I am female. I am Indian. My thoughts, my life, my soul, my body are not mine, but belong to my parents, my husband and a society that worships mothers and reviles daughters.

If You Have Ever Been Called Overly Sensitive, This is For You

These are the healers, the empaths and the ones this broken world turns to when things go wrong.


There are many others who feel just like you, and the reason for your emotional ups and downs may be, unsurprisingly, buried deep in your childhood.