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Understanding Superiority Complex Better

Understanding Superiority Complex Better

Does superiority complex in someone annoy the hell out of you? Well then, the best way to tackle it is to understand how superiority complex works!

This post does not seek to offend anyone, nor does it seek to put me as an author on a moral high ground – I do not stake claim to any perfection and could well be perceived as many things by many people. These are just posts for reader consumption, perhaps to help connect a few dots, and have some fun in the process!

Haven’t we interacted with people who exude an air of – wait let me put it explicitly – a sense of entitlement when they walk into any space? Watch out, while you may be wondering if they are suffering from superiority or an extreme sense of insecurity, you may discover that their behavior shows manifestations of superiority and anxiety to prove otherwise to others. More often than not, superiority is an extreme sense of “feeling special”, and borders mildly with egotism.

I am a perfectionist, I know it all – and most certainly better than you

Superiority complex comes with the vibe of “I know it all – and better than you”.

Some people just exude this air and do not offer explanations. Some kinder souls launch into long drawn harangues about their accomplishments, their educational feats, their life experiences, their travels, the workshops they have attended, their lifestyle, their presence of mind which, ahem, naturally make them entitled to preach! So, woe betides, if the recipient does not buy into the story.

Now, one may ask what if someone were to accidentally be boastful, without any overt intention. Possible. One way of giving the benefit of the doubt would be to see the consistency with which someone is boastful and full of swag. Consistency is key – even for a superiority complex! 

Here Is How You Will Understand Superiority Complex

1. I will give instructions to the last micro-details, basically, I will teach God godliness.

Wow, this is the hallmark of superiority – when a person teaches and gets instructional not for his or her own betterment, but purely because they live in the grand illusion of altruism, that they are out to bring out the best in another.

They know so much that they instruct and micro-manage another to the extent that they end up stifling and killing the other’s natural ability. All this, while living in their head with the notion that they are doing their best to uplift Mankind!

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2. Magic Mirror on the Wall, I am the most beautiful of all.

Self-love is good and highly recommended in a world where people are increasingly so distant from themselves. But, there comes a fine line between self-love and vanity. A sense of one’s beauty and good looks gives rise to superiority.  However, this is the toughest trait to discern in a world that actually encourages vanity and narcissism through posts, selfies.

After all, technology has pushed even the most unassuming person into self-indulgence. So, how do we know?  We would know a vain person from an enthusiast – we are intelligent and intuitive enough to know. Trust instinct – we can spot vanity through the constant and consistent need for praise over one’s looks, smile, charm, dress sense, elegance, house, money, wealth, status et al.

3. I am the center of attention. Spotlight on me, please. 

In a gathering, the person who is the cynosure of all eyes need not necessarily be a vain,  conceited asshole. Watch for this: There are people who manage to be the center of every other mini-group, surrounded by admirers, saying little or nothing, fishing for compliments by throwing a glance here and there. That is superiority at play for you.

These are the ones who cant handle the principal person in the spotlight and ensure their presence is missed in every gathering, and people ask for them. They generally make a grand entry, speak little and get their attention quotient for the day. Some pretend humility, while others don’t – they don’t deem it fit to make the effort, you see.

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4. What I believe is the best, is the best.

And compliments? It is only receiving. Giving is a big NO. But, naturally, how can the world’s best person come down from their pedestal and dole out a good word? Or, even if they do, it is done with a sense of deliberate measure and said with so much strategy that the naive recipient should end up feeling God showered flowers on him right from the heavens.

You see, praise came from the best, in acknowledgment of me being somewhere distantly close to the best.

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