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5 Things Narcissists Do To Be The Center Of Attention

Things Narcissists Do To Be The Center Of Attention

Narcissists are not just toxic, vicious, and manipulative people, but they also love to be the center of attention, no matter where they go. It is by getting the spotlight that they try to establish their superiority over others and eventually get control of other’s lives.

They do not earn this spotlight from others; rather, they engage in a lot of acts to become the center of attention. 

So, in order to help you understand this better, we have made a list of weird things narcissists do to become the center of attention.

Here Are The 5 Things Narcissists Do To Be The Center Of Attention

(1) Twisting conversations:

Narcissists will always twist the conversation according to their own needs. While we always consider ourselves as rational human beings and consider others to be so, narcissists will never do that.

Instead, they will project us in ways that go against our moral and ethical values.

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(2) Playing the blame game:

Narcissists always try to divert the conversations into sensitive topics that are not your comfort zones. Once you start becoming defensive and they can easily get inputs to blame you, their job is done. They will leave you right there dwelling in guilt.

(3) Interrupting continuously:

It’s always ‘Me, Myself and I’ for a narcissist. Narcissists always interrupt conversations even though we all know how rude it is. They simply don’t care. They will just interrupt so that the conversations will remain focused on them or on things they want to.

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(4) Intimidating:

Narcissists will always try to intimidate you in order to get control of you. Their primary objective is to confuse you, so they will make you feel so horrible by twisting and manipulating your words that you will feel you are responsible for everything. Eventually, this will make you submit to them.

(5) Tricking into becoming victims themselves:

Narcissists will always try to become the victims so that the blame can be on you. By acting as victims, they also get the sympathy of others and earn other’s trust which is needed to cover their lies and evil intentions.

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If you find these traits in people, be sure you are dealing with a narcissist. Don’t get manipulated and stay away from them.

Things Narcissists Do To Be The Center Of Attention Pin
5 Things Narcissists Do To Be The Center Of Attention

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