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15 Signs You Have a Sense of Entitlement Shadow

Signs Sense of Entitlement Shadow

Are you someone who is constantly regarded as an entitled person? Do you personally believe that you suffer from the entitlement complex? People with a sense of entitlement see themselves being superior to others. The entitlement mentality defines itself as a feeling of having a privilege.

When we were young it was kind of cute when we threw tantrums as toddlers, not getting what we wanted. People would coo at us, maybe even pick us up and hold us, telling us in ooey-gooey tones that “you’ll get it later” or “you’ve got to wait a little while”.

Then our tears would be mopped up, our snotty little noses would be wiped, and we’d be placed gently to the ground again. As we grew older, some of us would learn to wait our turn, be patient and show consideration for others. Some of us, however, didn’t. We’d continue throwing tantrums but in more mature and sophisticated ways.

We’d continue to demand our fair share from others, but more subtly, and often without screaming or rolling around on the floor crying. And lastly, we’d continue to expect special treatment just because … well, because it’s us and we deserve it – naturally!

Well here’s the thing … we’ve all got to grow up at some point. We’ve all got to realize that we’re not the center of the universe. As a prevalent collective shadow in this world, we need to be willing to face this flaw with courage in order to grow as people and connect more from the heart with others.

15 Signs You Have a Sense of Entitlement Shadow
What Is A Sense of Entitlement?

Me! Me! Me!

Having a sense of entitlement can easily be mistaken as natural, and even healthy. After all, don’t our parents and societies constantly tell us that “we’re unique,” “we’re special,” and “we’re number one”?

The truth is, having a sense of entitlement is a malignant form of Self-Love, because it often harms the people around us, which indirectly harms us in the long term.

What is a sense of entitlement?

In essence, a sense of entitlement is established and upheld by the belief that we are the center of the universe, and if the universe doesn’t meet our needs and desires, all hell will break loose.

This narcissistic mindset is often the result of failing to learn as children and young adults that we are not so special, and other people don’t merely exist to serve our needs and wants.

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Examples and Signs of Entitlement Mentality:

  • Tim and Estelle are in a long term relationship.  Tim works full time to support Estelle and their child in a small two-bedroom apartment.  Estelle spends a large portion of Tim’s money on dresses and fancy accessories.  When confronted, Estelle screams that she never wanted to live a “poor and lonely life”, and Tim never treats her anyway.
  • Antonio shows up unexpectedly at his mother’s house drunk one night expecting to receive a bed and a meal.  When his mother refuses, telling him to call his girlfriend to pick him up, he argues with her and drives away in a drunken rage, not talking to her for the next 6 months.
  • Katie and Xiang are best friends.  But when Katie doesn’t respond to one of Xiang’s texts within half an hour, Xiang blocks her and doesn’t talk to her for the next week. Xiang fights with Katie accusing her of “not caring” and “forgetting about her”.
  • Alex and Ben are a gay couple who are about to get married.  While Ben wants a humble and modest ceremony, Alex wants it to be extravagant and expensive.  Meeting with the wedding adviser while Ben is sick one day, Alex raises the budget from $5,000, to $20,000.  When Ben finds out he demands angrily why.  Alex says that he “deserves more than a measly little wedding” and guilt trips Ben into going through with it.

These are only a few illustrations, but there are countless stories out there that exemplify both passive and aggressive disregard for others.

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16 Sense of Entitlement Symptoms

Entitlement Complex Signs
Signs You Have An Entitled Behavior

By now you may be wondering: do I have a sense of entitlement?  Like anything in life, there is a spectrum, and while you may not be a full-blown narcissist or have a borderline personality disorder, you may exhibit a certain level of selfishness that makes other people’s lives hard.

If you have a sense of entitlement, symptoms include the following:

1.  You impose unrealistic demands on your family, children, friends, acquaintances, lovers, employees, and/or employers.

2.  You tend to feel sorry for yourself if things don’t work out the way you wanted (self-pity) and openly advertise this in melodramatic, attention-seeking ways.

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