Underneath The Mask Of A Narcissist

 December 09, 2016


13.  Is someone who fears abandonment.  By doing so, they will reject first to put themselves in control of the situation.


14.  Is someone who will refuse to acknowledge your very existence as a result of some perceived slight in order to gain power and control.  The silent treatment is one of the most severe forms of emotional abuse causing the target to doubt their self worth, often described as mental murder.


15.  Is someone who lacks self control.  A narcissist will  often overreact and display uncontrollable rage not unlike childish tantrums one would expect to see from a five year old child.  Their rage may be fuelled by something as little as a contrary view point.


16.  Is someone who needs to be admired… Their puffed up self-image needs feeding.  A narcissist needs admiration and attention like a drug addict needs supply.


17.  Is someone who will push you to your limits to get a reaction.  When you react they will try to make you appear out of control and they play the victim card.


18.  Is someone who believes that the rules don’t apply to them.  They are risk takers believing that they are above the law and won’t get caught.

19.  Is someone who is arrogant, thriving off the admiration of others.  They will flaunt their wealth, their accomplishments, real or imagined, in order to boost their fragile ego.


20.  Is someone who is lacking in morality yet will be the first to judge the moral standards of others.


21.  Is someone who will never be satisfied.  They will become bored and want more.  The perfect, wife, husband, children, house…. None of it will ever be enough.


22.  Is someone who is highly reactive to the slightest form of criticism.


23.  Is someone who projects onto others behaviours that they can’t or won’t accept in themselves.  A narcissist has a strong desire to conceal their weaknesses and  not face up to their own inadequacies.


24.  Is someone who may apologise but unless there is something in it for them, the apology is just empty words which means nothing.


25.  Is someone who may promise to change their behaviour which is basically changing who they are, their very personality…  The question must be… Is that possible?


A true narcissist will put a tremendous amount of effort into the creation of an effigy,  which when viewed by others signifies something wholesomely good,  a beacon to draw attention.  In reality this closely resembles the moth to the flame.

By Anne Mc Crea

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