Underneath The Mask Of A Narcissist

Underneath Mask Of Narcissist

Underneath the mask of a narcissist, is a person who will point fingers at others, and will never acknowledge that they are the problem.

Taking Off The Mask Of a Narcissist

1. Is a person who will never hold themselves accountable for anything untoward. They will shift the blame onto others and never take responsibility for their bad behavior. Their failures are always someone else’s fault. Never let someone blame you for a mistake you didn’t make.

2. Is a person who manipulates others into behaving and thinking as they deem fit. They cause chaos where once there were none and pit people against each other. They will twist words, sometimes a hint of truth brewed with lies and stirred well.

3. Is a person who will try to isolate you from your friends and your family. They don’t want anyone else to be the focus of your attention. They want you all to themselves, without a support network. By causing rifts in friendships and family, when the relationship crumbles, who will you turn to? In their minds, they know that you will think twice about leaving if your friends and family are long gone.

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4. Is a control freak…  Someone who wants everything on their terms, no matter what the cost. It’s their way or the highway. Their point of view is and must be correct. They are ruthless, often cruel in achieving their goals.

5. Is someone who lacks empathy. Underneath the fake exterior lies a heart as cold as ice. They are unable or refuse to put themselves in another’s shoes. They don’t care if they hurt you, their children, their parents, anyone, as long as they don’t get hurt themselves. If someone gets hurt, that’s ok, they deserved it.

6. Is someone who wants to keep you financially dependent on them. If you don’t have money or an income, how can you leave?

7. Is someone who is a pathological liar. They are convincing and accomplished liars making up lies faster than you can question them.

Mask Of A Narcissist
Mask Of A Narcissist

8. Is a high flyer. Someone who will make sure they get to the top and don’t care who they trample on to get there. They will lie, deceive, backstab, exploit, and fake their own achievements to get the desired result. If you happen to be in the way of their goals, don’t be surprised if your character is assassinated or you are blamed for things you did not do.

9. Is a vindictive bully. Someone who will gossip, lie and slander their target without mercy.

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10. Is someone with low self-esteem. Despite what they often portray, someone who is full of self-confidence, this is someone who is extremely jealous of your popularity. They will take on your mannerisms to become just like you while destroying your reputation in the process.

11. Is someone who appears to be very charismatic when you meet them initially. The longer you know a narcissist, the less likely you are to be fooled by that false persona.

12. Is someone who has promised you the world but fails to deliver. Their promises mean nothing. They will promise anything to ensure their demands are met. Once they achieve what they set out to achieve, they will deny ever having made them.

13. Is someone who fears abandonment. By doing so, they will reject first to put themselves in control of the situation.

14. Is someone who will refuse to acknowledge your very existence as a result of some perceived slight in order to gain power and control. The silent treatment is one of the most severe forms of emotional abuse causing the target to doubt their self worth, often described as mental murder.

Mask Of A Narcissist
Mask Of A Narcissist
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