The 6 Types of Narcissists: How To Spot And Cope With Each Of Them

The 6 Types Of Narcisissts: How To Spot And Cope With Each Of Them

Types of Narcissists who can turn your world upside down. 

We think of a narcissistic person to be a self-obsessed person. That’s not it. There’s more layer to such personality. That’s eventually proved to be harmful to people related to them.

At times, some people we date or even land up in a relationship turn out to be narcissistic. If you ever wonder how such people stand up in the world today, you should understand the inner workings of them.

Typically speaking, most narcissists are toxic people that come into our worlds and turn it upside down. They bask in self-glory and often create havoc in our lives.

Here’s how to stop feeling sorry for toxic people. 

We need to have the best coping mechanisms and identify these types of Narcissists.

Here are some of the worst types of narcissists we have identified in research:

The 6 Types of Narcissists: How To Spot And Cope With Each Of Them

6 Types of Narcissists and the havoc they create

1. The Cheating Narcissist

Most of these people are liars and rationalists. They are master deceivers and often cheat on their partners. They often rationalize saying that they have a lot of love to give and have a lot of solace and affection with goodwill for the other partner. However, this is just the smokescreen that gives out a wrong impression. The truth lies in the fact that a cheater often lacks empathy and is self cantered.

 How do you spot them?

These types of narcissists have a lot of admirers who are independent friends and fawning acquaintances.  These people often have their egos stroked and soothed. Their self-doubt is monumental and part of the relationships they are in. They often have multiple partners and swear allegiance to one when the time comes. These people often cite inadequacies and mistakes as an excuse for their cheating behavior.

How to cope with them?

The best way to get past cheaters is to stay alert. You should be vigilant and always try to find out how to get past the vicious web of lies. Turn a new corner and stay abreast of the whereabouts of a cheater.

If you want to know if you’re dating a narcissist, then watch out the video to know the signs

2. The Loquacious Narcissist

If words could inflict damage, then trust the smooth talker to capture your heart and mind! These types of narcissists often are akin to selling their priceless dreams and somehow have the best things to stay. This trait becomes an insidious feature of narcissists. They often control their partners and often turn their backs on you, when the time comes.

How do you spot them?

Smooth talkers can spot it head-on when the partner is thinking about something even before a conversation starts. These people start to manipulate the environment and blame you every time you feel neglected or suspicious and even worried. The relationship seems perfect for the outsider but the problem seems to lie in you!

How do you cope?

Coping with smooth talkers is the toughest thing to do for most partners. They seem to have a halo of invincibility around them. The main intent is to beat them at their own game. You should break into the smooth-talking and stay aware. You need to handle relationships with some amount of agility and nuance.

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3. The Grandiose Narcissist

This kind of narcissist is a tad bit worrying for people who are very down to earth. In this kind of narcissism, the person considers himself as all-important and very influential. He uses verbosity and pomp in describing himself.

How do you spot them?

These grandiose narcissists often project a bag of lies as the truth. They are found in social dos and parties and always are in their best behavior.

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