How To Stop Feeling Sorry For Toxic People

How To Stop Feeling Sorry For Toxic People

When it comes to feeling sorry for toxic people, here’s a word of advice: Don’t. Whenever you are trying to understand why they behave the way they behave, and what is the story behind their toxicity, you are doing exactly what they want you to do. Which is, feeling sorry for them and getting tangled in their vicious web of lies and deceit.

The more compassion, care, and kindness their victim shows them, the more they are going to feed on their emotions and energy. This will then gradually transform into abuse, after which it’s difficult coming back from that.

Now, are you thinking about how you can stop feeling sorry for toxic people, which includes narcissists, sociopaths, and even narcopaths?

The answer is simple but not completely obvious. One absolutely has to engage the full use of their own logical brain… and prospectively try to provoke an internal Narcissistic Abuse recovery inspired change.

How can you stop feeling sorry for toxic people?

Narcissistic people are also known as the Cluster B personality type, and narcissistic abuse recovery experts always say that the most challenging part of dealing with them is realizing that what they are doing is wrong, and it is only you who put a stop to it. You have to let go of your tunnel vision, and stop your heart from dictating your mind.

People who are inherently good and kind on the inside, especially empaths are seen as the right kind of prey by narcissists. Empaths tend to make the mistake of believing that they will be able to change the narcissist for the better, despite knowing their true nature. They constantly wrestle with themselves about the eternal dilemma of whether they should give up, or keep on trying to make the relationship work.

Causing other people physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual pain, especially those people who love them from the bottom of their hearts is what defines a narcissist, or a Cluster B individual.

Be it toxic friends, toxic partner, or even toxic parents, the dance is all the same for them.

Hurt people never intentionally look to hurt others, because they know how it feels to be in pain. But people who are insecure, incomplete, and unhappy with who they are, are always looking to put other people down, to make themselves feel better, even if it’s for a few seconds.

Due to narcissistic abuse, hurt people tend to suffer from several physical ailments that are a result of constant stress and toxicity. And not to forget the mental ailments too, such as PTSD and C-PTSD.

Stop feeling sorry for toxic people
Stop feeling sorry for toxic people

Why are kind people always the target of narcissists?

As long as Highly Sensitive People fail to understand that narcissistic predators are not interested in their emotions and feelings, and if they keep on trying to see the good in them, they will waste a lot of their precious time by unknowingly turning themselves into sources of narcissistic supply. It’s a truth of life that kind people are always looking to help others, and helping others is what makes them feel good about themselves.

It could be an act so simple as helping a tortoise cross the road by stopping your car putting it in the park, turning on the hazard lights, and helping the little one get from hither to yon in a more expedient fashion or petting a dog and seeing its tail wagging to and fro.

Or, it could be something as simple as paying a compliment to a stranger — telling them something simple like you love their smile without implying a need for further contact.

It can also mean giving some of your time to be with someone who is grieving, helping a friend through a personal crisis, or simply just helping a random stranger with the right directions to the supermarket.

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    Well then….that was a very…odd article. It was good in the sense of somewhat explaining a narcs motives and what they get pleasure from….but….holy worddy batman!!! Seriously some of those paragraphs and run on sentences made no sense at all they started out great and then quicly disolved into gibberish and nonsense….it was like they forgot completely the point they were trying to make. This article could have been half as long and twice as much impact with some clarity and focus if they would have just stopped trying to impress with using so many words and tried to use less and been more straight forward .

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