9 Types of Toxic People That Will Rob You Of Your Happiness


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Types Toxic People Rob You Of Your Happiness

Toxic people have a way of making even the most beautiful and positive thing adverse. No matter where you go, and what you do, they will always find a way to destroy your happiness and make you feel down and out. And the worst part of this is that there is not just one kind of toxic person, you will come across several types of toxic people who are always brimming with hate and negativity.

According to psychological research, insults and criticisms have five times more powerful impact on a person’s psyche, than compliments or any form of positive communication. It’s more like this – you need to think of FIVE positive things to make up for ONE negative thing planted in you by a toxic person. Sound horrible and exhausting, doesn’t it?

This is why staying away from these different types of toxic people is your best bet. The less you engage with them, the more will be your mental peace. But in order to do this successfully, you first need to know the different types of toxic people.

Here Are 9 Types of Toxic People That Will Rob You Of Your Happiness

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(1) The ones who are self-destructive.

Self-destructive people are the ones who constantly need your support, and always want you to invest all your time for them. But the toxic thing is, that no matter how much you try to help them, they are not willing to change. They will do what they want to do and will expect you to still be there for them and adjust with them.

They will give you lame excuses and make you feel guilty when you try to point out their flaws. You should clearly stay away from such kinds of people because you are just wasting your time and resources behind them while they have no inclination towards changing. In other words, they are just playing you.

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(2) The ones who are over-critical.

Everyone has flaws, and everyone is imperfect in their own ways; that is what makes every person unique and beautiful. Occasional and constructive criticism is fine, but when someone constantly criticizes you and never acknowledges your positive traits, then that spells trouble. It can be a spouse, a parent, or a friend, if someone is always putting you down in some way or the other, then it’s time to say goodbye to them.

If you don’t maintain your distance from them, their constant criticism will lower your self-confidence and make you feel bad about yourself. After a point, you will start believing the lies they feed you all the time.

(3) The ones who gossip.

Stay away from people who gossip about others, and their personal lives, because one day they will do the same to you too. They are experts at being two-faced, and while they may act nice in front of you, the moment you turn your back they will start gossiping about you. Gossip mongers love pulling people down to their level.

Many times they pretend to be someone’s friend just so they can have all the information about their private lives, and then gossip about it behind their backs. They will want to know every minute thing about your life, only to talk about it in a malicious way.

(4) The ones who hog conversations.

These types of toxic people are also known as conversational narcissists, who love to dominate every conversation by talking about themselves and their lives. If you give these people the floor, they will keep on talking about themselves till the cows come home. What makes them toxic is when the tables are turned, and it is their time to listen to someone else, they hate it and never do it.

They will fall back on you for emotional support, but when you will need them to do the same for you, they are nowhere to be found. When you will talk about your feelings with them, somehow they will end up making it about them, start talking about their difficulties and completely forget what you were saying.

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(5) The ones who are selfie-addicts.

Now listen. Taking selfies is not morally wrong by any means, and taking pretty pictures of yourself can also be considered a form of self-care. But when someone is spending all their time taking pictures of themselves, that’s honestly narcissistic. Such people always want to look perfect from the outside, but from the inside, they are not really so.

When someone is obsessed with taking ‘perfect’ pictures of themselves, and only want to look good from the outside but doesn’t spare a thought about how they are on the inside, it speaks volumes about their personality and toxicity.

(6) The ones who mansplain women.

You will find mansplainers wherever you go, and they are some of the most toxic people you will ever come across. If you ever come across a mansplainer, turn around and walk in the opposite direction. Such people will definitely get on your nerves, especially when they will try to impart their wisdom about things that they have absolutely no idea about.

So, before you punch a hole in their face, calm down and just stay away from them. Because engaging with these types of toxic people will only make you want to pull your hairs out and gouge out your own eyes.

(7) The ones who are always jealous.

Jealous people are a different breed altogether; you can smell their jealousy from a mile away. Stay away from those people who are never happy about your accomplishments and progress. Such people will always find a way to pull you down and make you feel like you are not good enough because they themselves feel insecure on the inside. They know about their low self-worth, and in order to feel better about themselves, they will make other people feel like garbage.

Genuine friends will never be jealous of your success, talents, and positive attributes; they will always cheer you on, unlike envious people. So, whenever you come across someone who hates all the good things that you have achieved, stay away from them. Never let their negativity impose a dark shadow on your happy life.

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(8) The ones who tell you to ‘calm down’.

Has anybody in history ever calmed down when they have been told to calm down? Chances are, no. Even though being overdramatic is not really an admirable quality, but asking someone nonchalantly to calm down never works, and it also gives off the vibe that they are being oversensitive. Moreover, it’s extremely condescending.

When someone tells you to calm down, they are basically portraying themselves as rational, grown-up adults, and treating you like a child. When someone treats you like a child and just wants you to shut up, then it’s clear that they are toxic people who do not care about your feelings and emotions.

(9) The ones who dwell in negativity.

All of us worry but continuously talking about negative things actually makes things negative. If they make you see the negative side of everything, you too will feel depressed and it will decrease your productivity. Being cautious and a tiny bit pessimistic is okay, but if someone is always talking about all the things that can go wrong, it can prove to be mentally draining.

Why waste your emotions behind negativity when life is such a beautiful joyride? It’s better to avoid such people who are always focused on stealing your joy, and making your life seem like a dark, ominous thing.

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Toxic people can damage your life, and if you don’t identify them and avoid them, you will do a lot of harm to yourself. One of the most important factors for being happy is to surround yourself with positive people and stay away from toxic and negative people who only create problems and complicate situations wherever they go.

9 Types of Toxic People That Will Drain Your Energy And You Must Avoid Them At All Costs
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