9 Types of Toxic People That Will Drain Your Energy

Find out the different types of toxic people who will drain your energy.

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According to psychological research, insults and criticisms have 5 times more powerful impact than compliments or any form of positive communication.

This is the reason, staying with toxic people ruins our lives, hampers our personal happiness and growth.

Here’s a list of 9 types of toxic people you should be avoiding:

(1)  The Self-Destructive Ones:

Self-Destructive people are the ones who constantly need your support. No matter how much you try to help them, they are not willing to change.

They will give you lame excuses and make you feel guilty when you try to point out their flaws. You should clearly stay away from such kind because you are just wasting your time and resources behind them while they have no inclination towards changing.


(2)  The ones who criticize:

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We all have flaws. It’s good to criticize but if the person only criticizes without even acknowledging your positive sides, then you should avoid them.

Else, their constant criticism will lower your self-confidence and make you feel bad about yourself.


(3)  The ones who don’t take their responsibilities:

People who avoid responsibilities bring a lot of toxicity in our lives. Be it words or actions, they will put the burden on you.

They will blame you for something they did or said and they will make you take responsibilities of their lives. But you have yours to take care of, right?

Why then drain your energy behind someone who simply lives a carefree life and uses others to fulfil their needs?


(4)  The ones who are jealous of you:

Jealousy comes from insecurity. People who are jealous of you will make you feel guilty of sharing your happiness with them.

They wouldn’t be happy for your success and rather show it in a negative way. They only pretend to be your well-wisher but had they been one in reality, they would have acted otherwise. It’s better to stay away from them instead of feeling sad by their words.


(5)  The ones who are too conscious of their own image:

People who are too conscious of their own image are the ones who tend to manipulate others to maintain that image.

They are not their true selves when they communicate and you only get to see a polished version which they want you to see.

They wouldn’t help you when you need them if they don’t get benefited by it. They will only participate if it’s required to maintain their image. It’s better you avoid such people.


(6)  The ones who manipulate others emotionally:

We all have emotions but some people use their emotions to manipulate others.

They will make you feel guilty of your actions, they will seek your help always, they will talk about how they have been hurt emotionally because of certain things.  They will never add positivity to your life.

So it’s a wise decision to stay away from them.


(7)  The ones who are in a hurry to know you:

It takes a lot of time to establish a bond between two people.

If you become friends with a person and then they are always curious about your life and whereabouts which make you feel they are in a hurry to know you, you should start avoiding them because it means their intentions are not good and they want to use you for their own benefits.


(8)  The ones who are always ‘Me and Myself’:

Narcissists are the ones you should be avoiding. If they are always talking about themselves, always diverting the attention towards themselves, you should clearly stay away from them because you don’t have a place in their lives. You are just there to enhance the spotlight on them.

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