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13 Ways Emotionally Intelligent People Handle Toxic People

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Do you feel drained when talking to toxic people? Don’t know how to control or maintain a distance from them? It’s time to boost your emotional intelligence! Emotionally intelligent people can well manage their own emotions as well as the emotions of others.

They seek out positivity have a knack for being able to handle negative people. So, they can easily handle difficult situations in life.

Here are 13 ways emotionally intelligent people handle toxic people:

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13 Ways Emotionally Intelligent People Handle Toxic People

1. They Maintain Distance With Complainers

People with a negative mindset can only see the hole in the doughnut. They complain about anything and everything and drown themselves in self-pity. Due to the victim mentality, toxic people focus only on the problems and fail to come up with solutions. Also, they transfer their negative energy to people around them to feel less shitty about themselves. Being sympathetic towards them is a foolish act. You will end up in a pessimistic loop.

Emotionally intelligent people set limits and distance even when they lend a sympathetic ear to a toxic person. They can direct the conversation towards something that is more positive and productive when the victim rants about his problems. They will ask questions like what is your next plan? How would they like to solve the problem?

Stay Away From Negative People
13 Ways Emotionally Intelligent People Handle Toxic People

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2. They Don’t Give Up

People who worked hard to become successful understand the need to try the 100th time even though they failed 99 times. They don’t lose hope and keep fighting with the toxic person. Emotionally intelligent people understand and respond to emotions first. So, they pick the right kind of battles and hold their ground when the time is right. 

3. They Rise Above

Toxic people are unreasonable and irrational! Giving an emotional response to their arguments will leave you emotionally drained. Emotionally intelligent people don’t try to defeat them. They deal with such people like you deal with a science project – just respond to the facts, the emotional chaos doesn’t need your energy.

4. They Have High Emotional Awareness

Awareness is the key to emotionally distancing yourself from negative people. When you are aware of what you want and why you want and have mental clarity, you will know when the trigger is happening. You can stop a mentally twisted person from triggering you.

Imagine a mentally unstable person calling you mad. What will you do? Try to correct him? An emotionally intelligent person will smile and nod. To straighten difficult people you need an emotional guard, proper planning and time. 

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5. They Set Boundaries

Most people are poor at setting boundaries because they live with toxic people or in a toxic environment and are sucked into the chaos. Setting boundaries help you rise above a twisted person, and predict their manners and behavior, and know when to put up with them and when you need not. Be at the office or neighborhood, you might have to interact with a  toxic person, but you don’t need to have one-on-one interactions just as you do with other colleagues or neighbors or friends and folks. 

A Lack Of Boundaries Invites A Lack Of Respect.
13 Ways Emotionally Intelligent People Handle Toxic People

Without boundaries you are sure to be consumed by difficult situations and unpleasant conversations. Those who consciously set boundaries are better able to decide about when and how to talk to a difficult person. By proactively setting boundaries, emotionally intelligent people tend to have a control of things. You can stand your ground and manage people trying to intrude in your personal space, which they invariably will. 

6. They Don’t Mind What Others Think Of Them

Emotionally intelligent people know how to be masters of their own happiness. They know their strengths and are satisfied with their achievements. They don’t compare their life and success with those around them. Being emotionally intelligent means having high self-worth. They don’t seek validation or wait for others to appreciate when they are proud of something they have done. What others think of them is neither the source of their pleasure nor distress.

Being emotionally intelligent doesn’t always mean you will be indifferent to what others are saying, but to take the opinion with a pinch of salt. You are not what others are trying to portray you to be. In doing so you will have control on your joy and happiness. No one can manipulate you or break your confidence or limit your joy.

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