7 Reasons Why You Keep Attracting Toxic People And How to Fix This

Wondering why you keep attracting toxic people?

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Wrong things happen when you trust and give too much attention to, the wrong people.

Do you have toxic people in your life?  Do they influence you in detrimental ways?  Do they leave you feeling manipulated or bad about yourself after every encounter?  If so, you’re probably wondering how things got to be this way.  Despite your positive attitude and approach to life, you find yourself unexpectedly surrounded by negativity.

7 Reasons Why You Keep Attracting Toxic People And How to Fix This
7 Reasons Why You Keep Attracting Toxic People And How to Fix This

It might not occur to you that some of your strongest positive attributes may actually be attracting toxic people.

These people may subconsciously feel threatened by your strengths, or they may just see you as an easy target.  Either way, they will attempt to undermine or control you by limiting your peace of mind, happiness or success.

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What makes us susceptible to toxic people?

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It’s important to understand that every character’s strength has what is commonly called a “shadow side.”  When used too liberally, our strengths can become weaknesses and also make us more susceptible to toxic people.

I’ve experienced this in my own life.  One of my character strengths is that I am extremely sincere and compassionate.  But when pushed to its limit, my sincerity and compassion can become people-pleasing.  I’ve realized that I sometimes quickly appease people who are pushy or rude just so they will like me.  By doing so, I inadvertently allow these people to enter my life and subject me to their toxic behavior.

I eventually learned to find my boundaries and say no, without losing myself in the process.  I became aware of how people may try to use my character strengths to their advantage.  This awareness has helped me ward off many toxic relationships.

The key is not to suppress your positive character strengths, but to educate yourself so toxic people can’t use them against you.

Wondering what to do when you keep attracting toxic people? Here’s how to deal with toxic people.

7 Reasons Why You Keep Attracting Toxic People And How to Fix This

If you feel like these people are drawn to you, here are seven surprising reasons why this may be happening, and some actionable tips to help you address it:


1. You are a great listener.

Let’s face it.  With technological distractions stealing our attention all the time, great listeners are often hard to find.  When you find one, it’s hard not to take advantage of the rare opportunity to be heard.

Toxic people, however, take things to the next level.  They’ll talk to you for hours when they can get away with it.  They’ll ignore everybody’s language and verbal cue you throw at them.  They’ll share unsolicited, negative details about their life every time they see you.  And they’re certainly not interested in what you have to say — because they’re only interested in seeing and hearing things their way.

If you’re great at active or empathetic listening, you may find yourself unwittingly becoming the target of a conversational bully or narcissist.


The fix:

When entering into a conversation, decide how much time you can, or wish to, spend with the other person.  Limit your conversations with toxic people to no more than a few minutes.

Think ahead of time about some exit lines you can use when the time is up or when a lull in the conversation develops.  Here are a few examples: “It was great catching up with you…” or, “I’ll talk to you again soon, but right now I must…” or, “I’ve got to get back to work.”

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