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9 Toxic Personality Types And How To Deal With Them

Toxic Personality Types How To Deal With Them

Dealing with a toxic personality can be very hard and annoying, even more so in their twisted mind games. However, there are different toxic personality types, and once you know you are dealing with which toxic personality, you will be able to handle them better.

We’ve all come across those people who have very toxic personality types. I often wonder – why people have to be so mean to one another? Why do some people choose to live a life of unkindness? We (unfortunately) often face these kinds of toxic personalities in our everyday lives – at work, at school, within our own families, among friends, at parties or bars, and around new people, we may meet.

Here Are 9 Toxic Personality Types And How to Deal With Them

1. The Manipulator

9 Toxic Personality Types And How To Deal With Them
Dealing With A Toxic Personality: Toxic Personality Disorder

This one is sneaky, and will always try to get his or her way no matter what. Be careful, the manipulation is usually very subtle, and sometimes, you won’t even know it’s coming.

These people have a need for control. If you must interact with them, just remember to stand your ground and don’t ever do something you don’t feel comfortable with. Choose your words wisely around them, and definitely don’t trust them. They’ll be quick to back-stab you if they get the chance. Do not let them control you or play mind-games with you.

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2. The Power Tripper

9 Toxic Personality Types And How To Deal With Them
What Is A Toxic Personality?

This one can sometimes go hand-in-hand with the manipulator. We’ve all had that boss or co-worker who is on a complete power trip, and using that power to intimidate others. The power tripper will speak to you as if you’re inferior, or beneath them.

They use their power to exert control, probably because they feel as if they have no control over their lives outside of the workplace. Or, these people simply might be so power-hungry, they belittle those in a lower position because they feel like they can do whatever the hell they want.

DON’T let them get to you. You have to just do your work and remind yourself: this person does not own you. Do your thing and know your worth. If they want to pretend to be all high and mighty, let them. Reality will hit them hard one day.

3. The Cliquey Bitch

9 Toxic Personality Types And How To Deal With Them
How To Deal With Toxic People

You know the type, she won’t welcome you or anyone into her group, or she’ll go out of her way to make you feel like you don’t belong. She’ll stare, judge, and give dirty looks.

Things I never understood about girls like this: 1. Who wouldn’t want more friends added to their social circle? 2. It takes way more effort to be catty and mean, so why do it?

My advice – ignore them, it’ll drive them crazy. OR, kill them with kindness. They seriously won’t know how to react since they waste all of their energy being mean. And when their little clique falls apart, maybe they’ll regret not welcoming anyone new into their lives. Being a bitch almost always ends in loneliness. Just remember that.

Toxic personality
Toxic personality

4. The Judgmental One

9 Toxic Personality Types And How To Deal With Them
How To Deal With A Toxic Person

This person will judge everyone and everything. People like this are just so damn miserable with their own lives, that they feel the need to point out the flaws in others to try and feel better. When in reality, these people should spend more time reflecting on themselves own self, rather than judging everyone around them.

Certainly don’t listen to what these people might say behind your back, they tend to gossip a lot. And when they’re not gossiping, they’re wasting time staring, judging, and not growing as a person. They can judge all they want…and while they’re doing that, you’ll be too busy focusing on building a successful, happy future to notice.

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