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10 Things Toxic Parents Say And What They Actually Mean

Things Toxic Parents Say

Having a toxic and narcissistic person as your parent is nothing short of a curse. The constant ridicule, criticism, insults, and emotional neglect can easily take a toll on you. There are so many hurtful and damaging things narcissistic mothers say to their children, that stay with them for the rest of their lives.

No matter how far you get away from them, and no matter how happy you might be in your life, their harsh words are always there at the back of your mind.

Toxic parents inflict a lot of emotional and mental damage on their children, sometimes even knowingly. All the things that toxic parents say to their children are a reflection of who they are as people, and the worst part of this is that they feel absolutely no remorse for their horrible words. Nor do they realize the damage they do to their children’s emotional, mental, and psychological well-being.

With time children might get used to what toxic parents say to them, but does it mean you don’t care anymore? Or that can just shut them out? Of course not! Their words still damage your psyche and your self-esteem, it’s just that you get better at not showing your hurt and pain openly.

Read on to know what toxic parents say and the real meaning behind their poisonous words.

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10 Things Toxic Parents Say And What They Actually Mean

1. “I never said that. You are simply making things up!”

This statement is gaslighting at its finest, and if you are living with a toxic parent then be rest assured you will be hearing this a lot. When your toxic parents say or do something questionable and painful and you confront them about it, they will simply deny it and put the blame on you by accusing you of making it up.

Toxic parent behavior dictates that they should never take responsibility for their words and actions because they are incapable of doing that. If you try to hold them accountable, they will deny everything and pretend that they are absolutely innocent.

2. “You need to relax, I was just joking. Why can’t you take a joke?”

Toxic parents say a lot of derogatory things under the guise of humor because that way they can get away with it. They will say horrible stuff about you and if you react they will simply say that they were joking, and you need to chill out.

The fact that they mocked, ridiculed, and humiliated you doesn’t register in their brains, and as usual, they wash their hands of the responsibility of owning up to it. For example, having a toxic mother means she might ‘joke’ about your physical appearance, but you’re not allowed to feel bad about it.

things toxic parents say
10 Things Toxic Parents Say And What They Actually Mean

3. “I sacrificed a lot for you. Whatever you’re today is because of me, so be grateful for it.”

This is one of those things toxic parents say when they want you to feel indebted to them for life. They conveniently forget the fact that as a parent it’s their responsibility to take care of you and give you a good life and instead use their basic responsibility as a way of manipulating you into doing what they want you to do.

They will attack you every time you go against them, but try not to let this get to you. They do this because deep, down inside they are highly unsatisfied and unhappy with how their lives turned out. They couldn’t achieve what they wanted, and now in order to compensate for that, they are dumping their beliefs and broken dreams on you and forcing you to fulfill them.

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