20 Clear Signs You Are The Child Of Toxic Parents

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Children are often encouraged and taught to explore the hidden and uncharted by their parents who support and love them unconditionally. But is this the truth for everyone out there? Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with good parents, and these children are often controlled and manipulated incessantly by their toxic parents.

Toxic parents are often very dominating, abusive, and manipulative and only want their children to dance to their tunes. What their children want, and how they feel do not matter to them in the slightest. They never think about how their actions are affecting their children and their mental health, and only care about satisfying their own egos. That’s why, it’s no wonder that so many people coming from toxic families carry a lot of trauma, that haunts them even when they step into adulthood.

Here Are 20 Clear Signs You Are The Child Of Toxic Parents

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20 Clear Signs You Are The Child Of Toxic Parents

1. Your parents always refuse to respect your boundaries, and are too assertive about their dominance.

2. Your parents joke and even belittle you about things that you are insecure about, like your weight, career, salary, or relationship status. They love making you feel worse about things that are already a source of your anxiety and depression.

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3. At home, only your parents and their needs and wants mattered, and you never did. You always came last, and were always made to feel like a burden.

4. When your parents are upset, they resort to passive-aggressive behavior and often gave silent treatment to you. If you had siblings, they made sure that they treated them better than you, so that you felt worse and more broken about it.

5. You know you are the child of toxic parents when they always criticize you socially and publicly but never provide any support, compliments, or even encouragement in times of dire need.

6. Growing up in a toxic family, you always struggled and still struggle to show your true emotions, especially the painful ones. If you felt hurt, you used to cry in silence and alone, because you knew nobody would understand, rather you would be made to feel worse about it.

7. Because you had toxic parents, you always had trouble coming to terms with your feelings and emotions in a healthy way. You always doubt your feelings and dismiss your pain as something that’s not at all important.

8. You constantly thought or maybe you still do that your parents would behave differently if you were a lot better, smarter, and successful.

9. Toxic parents can intentionally make a child feel guilty when they do not get what they want, and the same thing happened to you too. Whenever you refuse to do something they blindly want you to do, they play the blame game and try to make you feel bad about it, just because you chose to take a stand for yourself.

10. You always hesitate to share your achievements and accomplishments with your parents, because you knew that they will undermine you, and uselessly criticize everything, just to hurt you and make you feel worthless.

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11. They always want your respect, praise and attention, but will never give you any.

12. You are forced to do things and participate in activities that only serve their interests. The fact that you never like doing any of it, does not make any difference to them whatsoever.

13. They taught you to be respectful towards them, solely through intimidation, fear, guilt, and threats. You are made to feel that if you did not do what they expect you to, you will be faced with dire consequences.

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20 Clear Signs You Are The Child Of Toxic Parents

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