9 Things That Make An Introvert Happy


9 Things That Make An Introvert Happy option

Do you have an introvert friend? Don’t now how to make him or her happy? Want to increase your understanding about them? Here’s is an interesting list of things that make an introvert happy.

In a time when social media has converted the society into an extrovert’s paradise, an introvert seems to others as a very mysterious creature from a different planet altogether. While introverts readily assume something is wrong with them, extroverts avoid being with individuals who simply fail to understand the significance of socializing during the weekends.

Introverts are not difficult people to deal with; they are people whose source of stimulation is internal. They are individuals who embrace solitude, process their thoughts in their heads, are less demonstrative of their ideas through words, occasionally suffer ‘people exhaustion’ and frequently need to retreat into aloneness to recharge their energy.

The preferences of an introvert and an extrovert is distinct. Nonetheless,it is absolutely necessary to respect the differences and accept them as they are. Instead of judging other people, we must learn to understand them.

Introverts are highly misunderstood as they seldom express themselves and their needs.

So, how do you know what makes them happy?

To start with, here are 9 things that make an introvert happy:

1. Plenty of ‘me time’ to unwind their minds

Not to mention, it is a must in their happiness list. Introverts find it overwhelming to stay for long in exposure to a lot of people and happenings.

Enjoying “me time” is the most important activity in their daily schedule. It gives them the same thrill as a long awaited party post a week long work gives to an extrovert. It is what they look forward to after an exhaustive day, a happy day, a disappointing day, a productive day, almost every possible day.

As it is impossible to completely avoid social interaction, temporarily staying away from people to restore the drained mind and soul is a necessity for the introverts. It replenishes their mental clarity and rejuvenates them with the energy and spirit to go through another new day.

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2. Good books to go on a far-off adventure without leaving the house

It’s said that there is no friend as loyal as a book. Guess whose best friends are books?

Given a choice, an introvert will befriend a book over a human being. Books are like a cheery to the cake for the hyper-imaginative minds that introverts possess.

It simply is a fodder for their unique thought process, filling them with the joy of experiencing everything vividly inside their mind. Good books are more treasured by them than any meaningless human connection.

Introverts love to keep their friends circle small and their book shelves filled. Gifting books is one of the best way to make an introvert happy.

3. Immersing in nature to recharge with

Be it bird watching, walking over grass, stargazing or romanticizing nights- nature for introverts is like a healing hub. Introverts get easily drained by social interactions and being in nature helps them revive the lost mental clarity.

Introverts love to connect with the silent reassurance of nature. For them time spent in nature is a relaxing way to de-stress negativity and regain their lost energy.

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4. Writing to express themselves openly

“I think many introverts naturally see the world in terms of story and symbol,” Lauren Sapala, a writing coach for introverts has to say “And when we use writing as a tool, we’re able to connect the dots and lay out the patterns we see for others.”

The language introverts interact through is writings. Unlike other people, introverts are not highly demonstrative of their emotions and writing makes it easier for them to be lost in their fascinating mind and come up with some masterpieces.

Journaling is another way introverts keep a track of their unsaid thoughts and feelings.

Why would introverts not love being alone, in their comfortable space and writing away things they would rather not say?

5. Meaningful conversations that stimulate their mind without zapping their energy 

Have you ever had a small talk with an introvert? You probably didn’t. You never would.

Introverts absolutely detest ‘whats’ and loves ‘whys’. For them small talks are a waste of valuable time. People who are wired to dive deeper into every matter has no interest in making talks that seldom gets past the superficial level.

Meaningful discussions are like an essential mental exercise for them. The emotional intimacy that meaningful conversations create is sought after by an introvert.

Dr. Laurie Helgoe points out in Introvert Power, “Introverts do not hate small talk because we dislike people. We hate small talk because we hate the barrier it creates between people.”

6. Work from home to avoid talking to people

Sounds a bit offbeat? Not really. Introverts will never lose an opportunity to work from home.

And why not? There is no need for brainstorming team works, workplace drama, overwhelming noises that leave an introvert highly drained of their productive energy.

The minds of an introvert is like a boiling pan of thoughts and it takes them an extra effort to focus,especially when they are surrounded by people. For an introvert, nothing can substitute the pleasure, comfort and privacy the four walls of their rooms provide while they work.

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7. Self talks to become better communicators

Introverts engage in a lot of rumination. A part of the rumination involves self talks.

A little voice inside their heads talks of the pros and cons of the decisions they took, reflects on the good and the bad moments of life, expresses things they could never say to others.

Introverts even talk out loud to themselves. And they do not think it’s odd. It helps them clarify their mental blockage, if any. They would any day prefer to open up to themselves than to other people.

8. Solitude to process and reflect

solitude make an introvert happy

Solitude – the holy abode of the introverts. For them the absence of people is nothing to lament on; it’s the presence of silence which they cherish.

Introverts are internally stimulated unlike extroverts and they find it difficult to handle excessive amounts of stimuli in their environment.

Occasionally hibernating from social contacts is rewarding for them. An introvert would rather stay back at home and chill than seek party thrill!

And there is nothing weird about it.

9. Dates with themselves to feel more independent

This is a bit different from spending me time. While me time is more of the time spent with oneself to enhance self-awareness, introverts do not leave a chance to treat themselves with some amazing day outs with themselves. Of course!

They absolutely love treating themselves with good food at restaurants, movies at theaters and adventurous experiences – all by themselves.

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How empowering is that? They don’t need another person to accompany them to make them happy, to relish the small dose of thrill they seek.

Being an introvert is definitely not weird. Extroversion is cool but being an introvert has its own charm.

So, these are the nine things that make an introvert happy.

If there are many more things you love as an introvert, don’t forget to mention them in the comments section.

things that make an introvert happy
9 things that make an introvert happy Pin
9 Things That Make An Introvert Happy
9 Things That Make An Introvert Happy Pin

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