51 Things To Do On Christmas – Alone

things to do on christmas alone

Not everyone has the same excitement and enthusiasm when it comes to Christmas. Not everyone wants to sit with a ton of people, socialize, and have dinner. If you are one of them, then there are indeed many things you can do on Christmas alone, without feeling lonely at all.

Christmas time. It’s noisy, materialistic, and socially overwhelming.

Most people plan for it, spend for it, live for it, and dread it all at the same time, each year.

In our society, the Christmas ideal is to sit around a heavily bedazzled tree or heftily set dinner table with every member of our family and friendship circles

But the truth is, many of us don’t meet or fulfil that ideal.  

Many of us wind up feeling lonely, isolated, and disillusioned because of our lack of close friendships or family members. And so we spend Christmas alone.

For those of us who have undergone a spiritual awakening (read: life crisis or breakthrough of some kind), Christmas time can be particularly painful. And that’s what I plan to cover in this article.

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Christmas And Spiritual Awakening

Not only are we mentally, emotionally, and even physically hypersensitive to everything after undergoing an awakening, but we’re also in the process of questioning everything. (If you want to see whether you can relate to this, see our spiritual awakening article as well.)

We might ask questions such as:

  • Why do I need to meet up with people I rarely see during the year for a celebration that is old and outdated?
  • What’s the point of pretending that I “like” or “want to spend time with” family members who are toxic?
  • I’m not Christian and/or I don’t believe in the origins of Christmas – why should I then celebrate it?
  • How do I stop feeling so depressed and anxious during this time of year?
  • Do I even want to celebrate Christmas in the first place?

As a result of the internal process of spiritual transformation occurring, our priorities become clearer and deeper concerns rise to the surface – Christmas becomes a time of dread and depression.  

Not only that, but we may not wish to adhere to the same consumerism that is destroying the planet and our souls. Saying no, being true to ourselves, and listening to our integrity becomes anxiety-provoking as we don’t want to go against the status quo in our family of origin. And yet, a part of us craves to break free and live according to our own values. A painful split emerges within us.

Furthermore, society tells us that to be alone (or to spend time Christmas alone) is a pitiful tragedy that makes us pathetic and worthless. Sure, this might not be blatantly taught to us, but it’s an unspoken, subliminal message that we absorb. And it’s absolute rubbish.

The Joy Of Spending Christmas Alone

Before I get into the joy of spending Christmas alone, let’s explore why we fear aloneness.

First off, being alone is not the same as being lonely. The two are totally different experiences.

To set the record straight: being alone is something we enjoy or choose. Being lonely is something we despise.

So why the horrid fear of spending Christmas alone?

I believe we fear spending Christmas alone, not just because of the social conditioning that we shouldn’t, but also because very few people know how to be alone anymore.


Well, when we’re alone, we have to face ourselves, our thoughts, and the irrepressible truth that we are alone, at an ego level. This fear of facing the hard truths of life causes us to fear being alone, and in the process, forget the delights of solitude.

In our society, it is heretical not only to be alone but heretical to find contentment and fulfillment by ourselves, in ourselves as well.  

As writer and solitude-lover, Lionel Fisher comments in his book Celebrating Time Alone,

… we’ve been conditioned to press on mindlessly, be part of the norm.  

And that norm is to stuff our inner void as full of stimulation and noise as possible.

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