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The Ties That Bind You To A Narcissist

the ties that bind you to a narcissist

It’s often easier for other people to recognize the signs of toxic relationship but many times you are also aware of the tactics of this game. Still why can’t you move out? In spite of the hell they put you through? You know as the bonding deepens, the manipulations will also deepen. Again, the ties that bind you to a narcissist are so strong that you can’t move out from the trap of the cycle of abuse.

One of our central aims, when we have targeted you, is to bind you to us. During our seduction, we create this magical place and invite you and only you to inhabit it with us.

How Do We Create Ties That Bind You To Us

We build a fantastic place and place you on a pedestal in the center of this artifice. It is very difficult for you to realize this is a fallacy and even harder to do something about it.

Every day, every hour that you remain close to our influence allows us to create more ties, more connections and increases the extent that you are bound to us. We make you feel fabulous, worshipped, and loved. The dizzying, whirlwind nature of our passion is unlike anything else you have known and you readily accept it. It is of course not informed consent.

You have no idea what we are, but nevertheless, you accept all of this wonderful treatment. You allow us to permeate every aspect of your life. We draw you into ours and make you feel special and privileged for being allowed to do so. Consider how we penetrated your every network so everywhere you turned we were there.

We knew all your friends, we ingratiated ourselves with your family and got to meet your colleagues. We knew all the places you liked to go to and introduced you to some additional ones. We made sure we knew every favorite thing of yours, from books to plays to food.

The ties that bind you with a narcissist
The Ties That Bind You With A Narcissist

Your wine rack became stocked with the types of wine you preferred, you wear the jewelry that was bought for you after careful solicitation of what you deem pretty, and I occasionally arrive bearing a new book from the stable of authors that you enjoy reading.

Bit by bit I invade your life and as our relationship progresses at light speed, the gradual, creeping advance of my influence has actually gained more than a toehold. It has spread across your territory like some formidable weed that cannot be held back, covering and smothering.

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My clothes hang in the wardrobe, I have my favorite chair at your house, you now buy the cereal that I prefer to eat in the morning even though you think it is just a mouthful of sugar.

You now wash my socks, my songs populate the iTunes playlist and the bathroom is testament to my occupation with the bottles, razors, and accouterments mingled amongst yours. You cannot fail to see my influence all around you, but you welcome this and from it, you gain great happiness.

From dating to staying over to co-habiting and on to marriage, this inexorable march of sudden and frantic seduction, although this is only ever apparent with hindsight as at the time it was the right thing to do, results in our lives entwining as I wrap my tendrils around your life and drag you tight against me. So many links, connections, lines, and ties between you and me.

These ties keep you in place despite the abuse that is to come. It is sudden and bewildering but you will not give up easily. Not only did you say those vows, you meant every word and we know this.

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You will not let what we have built up crumble to dust. Admirable as your fortitude may be, you may as well stand on a beach and command the tide to halt its own unceasing advance for all the good you will do. This will not stop you from trying though. We know this.

The ties are many and they are tight so you will not run for cover at the first administration of silent treatment. You will not down tools and walk away when the shouting continues long into the night. You do not pack a bag and leave it in the hallway, sitting on the stairs as you wait for us to return, late at night, from whatever tryst we have been engaged in.

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