The Masculinity Myth: Why Men Need To Accept Their Femininity

The Masculinity Myth: Why Men Need To Accept Their Femininity

A man is more empowered in his masculinity when he cultivates his feminine.

“Masculine pride is an exceedingly precious and fragile thing.” – Loretta Chase

The Feminine In The Masculine

“The feminine in a man?” A big burly man says. His massive biceps dwarf his muscle shirt, as he lifts at the gym. “Ha, you got to be kidding me. Next thing you know, you’ll be asking me to be join the knitting club.”

“That manly man ain’t so manly,” another man says, “if he’s afraid of his heart.”

Ok, you guys, break it up. Let’s talk here. The feminine in the masculine. What’s that mean?

Most guys say, I don’t know. Yet, guys who have done some work on themselves say, it’s being in touch with your emotions. True, and there’s more.

Fear, anger, sadness, joy. Those are the basics. Not so easy for a man to access.

“What are you feeling?” I ask Jason, my client.

“Well, I’m frustrated. My wife is insisting that we go to her parents for Christmas. She knows I always feel picked on by her mother. I don’t want to go and…”

“Jason, what are you feeling?” I say. He looks at me, annoyed. “Frustrated is not a feeling. It’s a state of being. What is the emotion behind the frustration?”

He takes a breath and continues. “It’s just, I don’t want the holidays to be a shitshow, like they were last year. Why’s she asking me….?”

He’s back in his head.

A man who can’t access basic feelings is stuck in a compromised state. He can only be so strong as a man. He can only be so strong in his masculine.

“It is not what he has, or even what he does which expresses the worth of a man, but what he is.” – Henri-Frederic Amiel

Any man who stays in this place for too long will notice that most of his relationships are compromised – with his partner, his kids, his parents, siblings, etc.

He is often told by his partner that he’s emotionally absent.

Told that he’s not enough. And as a result, he feels diminished in his masculinity — his ability to be strong, capable, and directed.

The paradox is this.

A man is more empowered in his masculinity when he cultivates his feminine.

And that begins with his ability to feel his emotions. When he can’t feel his emotions, they come out sideways in…

…and self-destruction (drugs, alcohol, pornography, etc).

The statistics are staggering.

In response to the emotionally sideways man, most women leave. Yes, 70% of divorces today are initiated by women. And it’s as high as 90% for college-educated women.

Dudes, it’s a new world. Women aren’t taking our shit anymore.

Today, the relationship is the super-currency to happiness. Your marriage or partnership is an external manifestation of the currency you traffic in. And the backer is your relationship with yourself.

Your ability to work with your hooks and triggers.
To feel your emotions.
To bring your masculine to the feminine.
And ultimately, to own, master, and be self-responsible with your emotions.

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Until you do so, you will naively believe all your emotions, especially if you can’t feel them. And they will run you from the unconscious. You can’t master what you can’t see.

The new male warrior of the world is the relational master. Relationships dictate everything – his work, his friends, his family.

The relational master partners with a woman who is his equal. He has his tribe of allies. And he does business with those who can meet him at his level.

His self-relationship is his compass for all his relationships. He ascribes to the old age truism, inscribed on the Delphi Temple millennia ago – Know Thyself. Today his greatest challenge and most critical endeavor is … Know Thy Heart.

Yet the climb to such mastery is steep.

Ken Wilber, integral theory pioneer and acclaimed philosopher said, a man has been trained, for thousands of years, in two instincts – F*ck it or Kill it. For a woman, it was one instinct – Relate to it.

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