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12 Dreamlike Perceptions Causing You Anxiety and Depression

Dreamlike Perceptions Causing Anxiety Depression

When it comes to anxiety and depression, our subconscious perceptions play a major role over any external triggers. What we feed our mind becomes our mindset and our mindset can change the way we behave and how we see the world. This article sheds some light on how perceptions affect anxiety.

When I met Luna a few years ago she was experiencing great levels of anxiety. When she went to the doctor and explained her situation, they prescribed her high levels of SSRI anti-depression medication. Months later, after reading all the endless long-term side effects of using those drugs, I immediately suggested she get off them.

What Causes Anxiety Distorted Reality.
Anxiety and Perception: What Causes Anxiety Distorted Reality

My interest in Western psychology began as soon as I moved to Australia in my adolescence. For as long as I can remember I’ve been interested in the study of the mind’s relationship with life. 

Growing up, I was taught that everything in the world was interconnected, that our perceptions of a divided reality are veils of illusions and dreamlike perceptions we create. My great-grandmother had a saying I still remember to this day:

En este mundo traidor; nada es verdad ni mentira, todo es según el color del cristal con que se mira.
‘In this deceitful world; nothing is true nor false, everything is the color of glass through which you look at life.’

Understanding the Fallacy of Medicine

Western Medicine overlooks an essential aspect of “mind body disorders” and that is the assumption that all body conditions are chemically caused.

This key assumption is what forces doctors to misdiagnose anxiety and depression and address it in an adequate way. Our doctors assume that anxiety and depression are caused by an imbalance of brain chemicals, as opposed to the brain chemical imbalance being caused by anxiety and depression. 

In other words; they confuse the cause with the effect.

There are only a few true mental chemical imbalances (schizophrenia for instance) that require serious prescription medication, yet in 90% of the cases you mention anxiety or depression, they will medicate you.

In fact, depression is an advanced form of anxiety towards life gone untreated, and anxiety itself, with the exception of some brain atrophies, is a cognitive disorder.  In other words, we’ve created a perception of reality, a dream, by believing our negative thought patterns and identifying them as “rules” about ourselves. For example: “I suck at socializing” or “I always have such bad luck in everything”.

Subconscious Perception
12 Subconscious Perceptions Affect Anxiety and Depression

These observations we make about ourselves that come from a few bad experiences, can turn into automatic subconscious rules, or dreams, that repeat themselves in the future.  Our unconscious minds are so powerful they automate things for us, such as how when we learn to drive a car, soon the process is “auto-piloted”. 

In a similar fashion, our subconscious minds can learn to repeat negative words and beliefs in the back of our minds automatically.

Whatever you feed your subconscious mind will turn into a rule (yes, your subconscious is not very smart!)  That is why to reverse your anxiety, you have to be very conscious and aware of what information you’re accumulating and molding a dream out of.

You may perceive anxiety as a feeling, but in fact, anxiety is a thought. Your thoughts are the cause of anxiety, the feeling of anxiety is the result.  To treat feelings you have, you can use chemicals (SSRIs), vitamins, diets, etc.  But to treat thoughts, all you have to do is learn how to be aware of your thinking and learn how to think correctly.

How to Free Yourself From Anxiety

Free Yourself From The Distorted Perception of Reality.
How To Free Yourself From The Distorted Perception of Reality

Once you realize that anxiety isn’t the result of feelings or chemicals but of automated thoughts you create, it gives you the freedom and control to change your thinking. You can aid yourself by using your phone or a piece of paper to create a list of all the thoughts you have that are causing your anxiety.

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