6 Action Steps To Take When You Begin Feeling Overwhelmed

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Feeling emotionally overwhelmed can be an all consuming feel.

I’m often asked that if you make the decision to choose to be happy. And follow all the strategies of living a life that feels nourishing and fulfilling. Will that equate to never feeling stressed or overwhelmed again?

And, honestly, answer is no. And that’s because life was never meant to be perfect. But the thing is, when you do find the path to choosing your happiness. And find strategies that work for you, those moments of stress are more easily traversed thanks to knowing the kind of action steps to take when you begin feeling out of sync.

Here’s 6 action steps to take when you begin feeling overwhelmed

1. Get Moving

The first one of the action steps to take when you begin feeling overwhelmed is to go for a walk. It’s an approach to exercise that almost anyone can do. And there’s no equipment necessary. All you need is a decent pair of shoes and somewhere safe to take a stroll. This can be around the block, at the  mall, or on a treadmill somewhere.

Our thoughts often shift us from managing things OK to feeling overwhelmed. So, by moving your body, you’re forcing yourself out of your head and into your body. There’s also something especially grounding about putting feet to pavement. As if you’re sending those frustrations into Mother Earth.

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2. Go to the Page

Taking pen to paper is one of the action steps to take to deal with feeling overwhelmed. And the best way to deal with those thoughts and emotions is to go to gratitude. so that your hand and brain seals the message with your soul that, even on the crappiest of days, there is goodness in your world.

In a small notebook or a on a stack of index cards, each day simply write down three to five things you are grateful for. Every day, so that it becomes a habit. Kind of a stop, drop, and write moment.

Just know that gratitude will rewire the way your brain processes your thoughts. To make science work for you, do this daily as a morning or evening routine. Do this as a practice and see it as a ritual. And as a sacred act for your own soul.

3. Take it to the Mat

There’s a reason why mediation is a hot topic when talking about managing stress. That’s because it works. Scientists have found that folks who meditate  regularly have lower blood pressure. And even lowers blood sugar.

Meditation is one of the best action steps to take to deal with feeling overwhelmed. You can do this by sitting and breathing or downloading an app. And, when you make meditation a part of your life as a regular practice? It can help you better control how you respond to stress.

That means you will feel overwhelmed less often.

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4. Make a Coffee Date

Sometimes the best solution to feeling overwhelmed is to spend time with others.  So, when you are feeling overwhelmed, one of the best action steps to take is to call a friend and set up a coffee or lunch date. Yes, I know you’re busy. And yes, I know it can feel challenging to coordinate schedules with your friends, who are likely just as busy as you.

However, when you feel overwhelmed, is there anything that sounds better than having a good laugh? And sharing tales of the day with someone you trust?

So, text your BFF and schedule that time stat!

5. Plan Something Fun to Look Forward To

One of the best books I read last year was by Off the Clock by Laura Vanderkam. In her research, she found that planning something you are looking forward to doing or experiencing allowed the anticipation – and pleasure – to build. Sometimes, even more than actually having the experience.

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