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Did you know that manifestation is actually a powerful technology that was taught in all the ancient mystery schools, including those of Egypt? This knowledge has since been suppressed and intentionally hidden, for many reasons. The good news is, we are finally awakening, and this powerful knowledge is being restored.

Many will say that the law of attraction doesn’t work, and this is very true — if you don’t possess all the key components necessary for success. But, when all the pieces of this technology come together, and you consciously use them properly, you have the makings of a Super Power.

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I first discovered this Super Power, in the mid-1970s, when I was twelve years old. It was the holiday season, and the only gift that I wanted for Christmas was a green ice skating skirt to match the laces on my ice skates. I had it in my mind that if I wore, this very particular green skating skirt, I would be able to skate like world-class figure skater Dorothy Hamill.

It was the night before Christmas, and my parents were taking me out for our traditional holiday dinner. As we were driving up Northern Blvd, in Queens, New York, my mother sadly announced that, despite her best efforts, she could not find a skating skirt like the one I wanted, and especially not in the exact shade of green. She said, “I want you to know this now so that you won’t be disappointed on Christmas day.”

I knew she was telling me the truth, but you see, I also KNEW that I was getting that green skating skirt. I had been imagining it for weeks. I clearly saw myself on the ice rink doing spins and figure eights, just like Dorothy! I believed that the green skating skirt held the key to my success, and I had to have it! Remember, I was twelve. So, even as my mother was telling me it was impossible, I continued to imagine what I desired, without doubt, or hesitation.

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Soon, we were pulling up in front of the restaurant, only to discover that the store next to the restaurant had moved out and in its place was a sporting goods store, and, there IT was – in the window on a manikin – MY Green Skating Skirt!! I practically jumped out of the moving car, with my mother in tow.

The store was closed, but I could see the store clerk inside. I banged on the glass, until my relentless enthusiasm made her open the door. It was the only skating skirt that they had in the whole store, and it was my size – and, yes, it was the perfect shade of green. It was even on sale. My shocked mother’s mantra was, “I can’t believe it.” But, I did, and that is the whole point!

On Christmas day, I put on the skirt, got out on the ice, and without a second thought, I gracefully spun, twirled and figure-eighted my way around the rink. When someone asked how many years I had been training, and I answered, “None,” it occurred to me that my expertise on the ice was technically impossible, yet, I was doing it.

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It took me about ten years to understand how the power of my mind instantly made me a figure skater, but it would take me decades to understand how I manifested that green skating skirt. What was this magic key that I had accidentally stumbled upon, and how could I use it, at will, to create or attract, what I desire? That green skating skirt set me on a life-long journey of metaphysical discovery.

After years of searching, researching, and traveling to ancient metaphysical sites, I now understand this ancient technology of manifestation, and, in fact, it is easy to teach and simple to duplicate. I have successfully utilized this powerful method, time and time again, and I have taught it to friends, family, clients and students, all around the world, and, now, I am going to share it, as my holiday gift to you.

In your mind and body, you possess the greatest, and most sophisticated, technology in all the world, and when you know precisely, and accurately, how to use it, you have the power to consciously create the life you most desire.

There are seven steps to creating anything that you desire.

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The 7 Steps to Manifest-ology

Steps To Manifest

1. Know what you want with clarity and certainty.

2. Know that you are unconditionally worthy to be, do or have what you desire.

3. Imagine what you want, as if, it has already happened.

4. Do not concern yourself with “how” it will manifest.

5. Know that it is already done, even in the face of opposing evidence.

6. Stay “tuned” to your desire, without doubt, or hesitation, for as long as it takes to manifest.

7. Take action when inspired.

There is literally nothing that you cannot manifest with this formula, but, in order to make it work, there is no room for deviation.

Conscious Manifestation often does not work if:

  • If you have split energy, and you are not sure what you want.
  • If you don’t believe that you are worthy of what you want.
  • If you don’t imagine what you want, as if, it has already happened.
  • If you become over-concerned with how it has to happen.
  • If you believe evidence that says it will not happen.
  • If you give in to doubt, discouragement or uncertainty, or you give up after a certain period of time.
  • If you don’t follow your inner guidance, and you fail to take inspired action.

Having said all this, we have all had experiences of manifesting what we desire, without following every aspect of this formula. We can sometimes manifest even when we are sloppy with our energy, but think about all the times that we did not manifest what you wanted. If we analyzed your missed attempts at manifesting, according to this formula, you would be able to ascertain where you went wrong, and why particular desires did not manifest.

In other articles, and my soon-to-be-released book, “Seducing the Field” I discuss these various components of manifestation, but the key point that I would like to focus on, for the purpose of this article, is Step #3 – Imagination.

Imagination is the most pivotal, yet, overlooked step in the manifestation process. When you understand the super power of your imagination, and, you know how to use it purposefully, and consciously, you possess the golden key to conscious creation.

It Takes No Time For The Universe To Manifest What You Want

How does Imagination Manifest?

Although we might rarely think about it, imagination is the foundation of our lives. From a logical standpoint, it is easy to see that virtually everything begins with imagination; every book written, every house built, every painting painted, every invention invented, every song sung – all the result of imagination.

Imagination pre-empts all manifestation. If you take away imagination, you take away the creation process of life. On a metaphysical level, you might even say that the sky, the stars, and the air is all imagined into being, by an omnipotent power.

It is not difficult to see the connection between imagination and materialization, but what if you could consciously utilize your imagination to create or manifest anything that you desire?

This might sound impossible until you consider that the world, in which we live, may not be anything more than a hologram. The backdrop of this 3D hologram is what is known as the Quantum Field. It is believed that before anything materializes in reality, it first manifests (as vibration) in the Quantum Field.

The Field is consciousness itself, and it responds to our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, but, the way in which, we most powerfully command the Field is through imagination.

When manifesting

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What is Imagination?

We often think of Imagination as thought or visualization, but that is just part of the equation. When we imagine something, we experience it internally, as if, it already exists. This means that there is a full sensory experience associated with an imagination that may also include imagined sounds, tastes, bodily sensations and emotions.

When I imagined skating in the green skirt, I heard the sound of my skates scrape the ice, I felt the cold against my skin and I felt the emotion of exhilaration, as I landed a jump for the first time.

The Lost Power of Imagination

You may ask, “If we can manifest our dreams and desires, simply by using the power of imagination, then why do we continuously imagine things that we do not want?”

First, you must understand that Imagination is something that everyone is born with and every child possesses until disempowering beliefs override imagination. Instead of supporting and cultivating this great gift of imagination, most systems of education are designed to reward us for memorization and thinking logically.

Traditional success in society is very much dependent on our ability and willingness to think rationally, all the while, imagination is deemed silly and useless, and sometimes children are even punished for “making things up.” As a logic, and following the norm, are rewarded, imagination is devalued and undermined.

By the time we reach adulthood, most of us have lost our ability to imagine what we really desire. The most powerful ability that humans possess is carelessly buried under societal nonsense.

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Our Brains are Trained to Imagine Negativity

The part of the brain that is most active in the majority of people is the part of the brain responsible for survival. Because we do not remember that we are powerful creators, we believe that we must be alert to possible danger.

This means that our minds automatically sort for potential threats, and we must also pro-actively imagine possible threats so that we might recognize them, and protect ourselves. If you are stranded in a dangerous environment or situation, this is probably a good strategy, but this is a terrible strategy if you want to consciously create your life.

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Without knowing it, we are in the habit of imagining what we do not want, and noticing all that is wrong, and as we unconsciously imagine, we unconsciously create. How would you react to the following?

On your way driving to an important appointment, there is an unexpected traffic jam. What do imagine? Do you imagine being stuck in traffic, missing your appointment, and having to deal with negative consequences, or do you imagine everything working out perfectly and arriving easily on time?

How about this scenario?

You are in a foreign country and you don’t speak the native language. You arrive at your hotel only to realize that your suitcase was left at the airport. What do you imagine? Do you imagine the hassle that you will have to go through in order to reclaim your bag, or maybe not find it at all? Or, do you imagine the suitcase easily finding its way to you, with helpful people effortlessly reuniting you with your bag?

If you are like most, your programmed instinct is to imagine the worst in each of these scenarios. This is exactly where we go wrong.

When we imagine the worst, we align with a negative expectation, and, as a result, we invoke painful emotions, like stress, fear, and worry, as if, it is already happening. We falsely believe that these negative emotions are indicators that our negative imagination is correct, and, so, we become even more fearful.

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Here’s the thing that may set you free; stress, fear, and worry are not indicators that your imagination is correct, but rather messages, from your inner wise guide, telling you that you are imagining what you do not want, and, warning you to imagine something much better – so that you can consciously create.

Why imagine the worst, and align with undesirable circumstances, when you can imagine the best, and align with what you really do desire?

Some people might argue that ignoring reality is ignorance, but, according to quantum physics, no one reality is permanently locked into place. In fact, quantum physics demonstrates that we are constantly popping in and out of realities, and the reality that we experience, at any given moment, is the reality that is most aligned with our situational and core beliefs, and the reality that we most give our attention to through imagination.

If this is the case, shouldn’t we be consciously imagining what we do want at all times?

Why would you ever waste your time and energy imagining what you don’t want, when you have the power to imagine what you do want, and your imagination can bring it about? Every time you imagine something, you are either invoking the reality that contains what you do not want or you are invoking the reality that contains what you do want. It is your imagination that seamlessly takes you from one reality to another, and you are the only one to make that choice.

There are two types of imagination:

Reactive Imagination Reactive Imagination happens when you are unaware of your imagination, and you unconsciously react to reality. For example, if there is not enough money in your bank account, you react by imagining not being able to pay your rent or buy that really cool figamajig. Reactive imagination causes negative emotions, and ‘calls in” the reality that you do not want.

Creative Imagination Creative Imagination is invoked when you consciously use your imagination to focus on what you do want. Instead of reacting to reality and imagining more of what you do not want, you consciously imagine what you do want. If there is not enough money in your bank account, you imagine paying your bills easily and having more than enough money to buy that special gift. Creative Imagination calls forth positive emotions, like love and enthusiasm, and attracts the reality you most desire.

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The reason the rich get richer and the poor get poorer is because they are each reacting to reality, and imagining more of the same. Yes, it is certainly easier to imagine an abundance of money when you are looking at a big pile of money, and it is more challenging to imagine wealth when you don’t have an extra cent to your name, but, if you want to go from poor to rich, you must first pave the way with your imagination.

You don’t go from sickness to health by imagining more sickness, but rather by imagining health.

You won’t meet your ideal romantic partner by imagining being alone, but rather by imagining being in a happy partnership.

Belief is the Magic Wand

In order to manifest your imagination into a full-on reality experience, you must believe your imagination to be true. If Imagination is the magic of the Universe, Belief is the Magic Wand. Have you heard the expression, “You will see it when you believe it?” If you don’t believe your imagination, it has no power to materialize.

This means that in order to manifest what you want, you must also believe that you can have it.

With evidence to the contrary starring you in the face, be that debt, sickness, or an empty space in your bed, you may not, at first, believe that you can have what you desire. It is much easier to just believe reality, and react to reality, but that just gets you more of the same.

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The real work of manifesting lies in your willingness to re-train your mind. Instead of settling for a reactive imagination, you can entrain your imagination toward focusing on what you do want, and mastering your Creative Imagination.

Because the subconscious mind does not know the difference between real and imagined, if you consistently imagine what you do want, day after day, until it feels real to you, your subconscious mind will believe that your imagination is, in fact, reality. Once your subconscious mind believes anything, it transmits powerful energy that commands the Quantum Field to deliver.

As the mind believes the Field delivers.

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Claim Your Power

Despite how it might seem, no one has an unfair advantage. Each, and everyone, of us have the same intrinsic power to create our lives, but we must claim this power and use it wisely, in order for it to produce the results we desire.

Yes, there may be many undesirable circumstances, in which to react, but, why react to an undesirable reality, and create more of it, when you can consciously create a better one through your Creative Imagination?

The same way that I imagined that green skating skirt into creation, we each have the ability to manifest our individual dreams, as well as, manifesting a new paradigm for a thriving humanity. As you imagine a higher version of reality, you join me, and people, all over the world, who are now using the power of imagination to shift and align the world upwards, towards love, peace, and harmony. The path to your best life destiny is through your imagination, and the moment you decide to believe something better is the moment you invoke your power as a creator.

Your Soulmate Is Out There Manifesting You

Written by: Nanice Ellis
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