How To Develop Your Sixth Sense: 12 Tips


How to develop your sixth sense

Tom Cruise can read minds and sense distant information according to Daily Mail! People with mind-reading abilities enthrall me. But, I was speechless when I heard that Ritchie Neville was able to detect girlfriend Natasha Hamilton’s pregnancy solely through his sense of smell. Now, that is an incredible sixth sense!

Do you want to have such a sensing brain? Then it’s time to sharpen your sixth sense!

What is Sixth Sense

Sixth sense or extrasensory perception is the power that helps you receive information not gained through your five physical senses (sight, sense, sound, smell, and touch). The reception of information is sensed through the mind, and you know things that are beyond the realm of conscious reasoning. (1) The sixth sense is a keen intuitive power that denotes psychic abilities such as intuition, telepathy, psychometry, and clairvoyance.

Human beings have sixth sense abilities but most of us never notice them. Some of the signs of sixth sense are – 

  1. You have an ability to smell a person’s emotions, intentions and personality
  2. You can sense danger or discomfort immediately 
  3. You can predict how things will turn out in future or say precognition
  4. You have a deep bond with pets and nature 
  5. You have an ability to “see” dead people, places, and histories, without any physical cues 
  6. You can sense unexplained movement or see shadows in your peripheral vision

Do you have a sixth sense? If not, then why not develop these inherent tendencies to make yourself powerful enough to impact your and other’s lives.

There are plenty of benefits of developing a sixth sense. If you look at people with a high sixth sense, they are always conscious, creative and maintain high energy levels. When you sharpen your sixth sense, you are better able to express passion, love, and feelings through your artistic talents. Also, you gain a high sense of self, ability to be more responsible and compassionate, and empathetic towards others.

Here are tips to open up or develop your sixth sense:

1. Supercharge your physical senses 

You need a strong sense of smell, touch, hearing, vision and taste. Do the following things to cultivate your perception:

  • Try to inhale strong scents every day like that of coffee or essential oils.  
  • Listen to music of alternate genres with elements distinct from one another 
  • Do eye exercises (roll your eyes, massage temples, focus etc.) on a daily basis 
  • Add a variety of food to your diet and stimulate your taste buds  
  • Touch different things like silk shirts, stones, seeds and pay attention to how things feel.  This will stimulate your sensory recognition pattern. 

Supercharging these five physical senses will sharpen your sixth sense. 

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2. Expand your awareness 

Stop being judgemental! Think beyond what is considered normal in society and suspend disbelief. Social conditioning creates a belief system, which may or may not be correct and if we never come out of it, we will remain close-minded.

Accept others’ opinions, explore the world, try to gain new experiences, develop new beliefs, and that’s how you can expand your wisdom. So, the next time someone disagrees with you – don’t get offended or try to prove your point! Be curious about different perspectives and think of a problem from different angles. It will boost your intelligence and sharpen your sixth sense.

3. Emotions and repressions 

Always stay tuned with your inner self so that you can stay grounded. The mind and heart conflict will always be there. Let your mind go by logic and reason but don’t forget to let your heart play its role of feeling.

When you feel something by heart, it translates into actions and in this process, you get transformed. So, don’t repress your mind or heart, but learn to distinguish your real feelings from pseudo feelings. Learn to trust yourself, trust your feelings else you will become judgemental, which only clouds your mind. 

4. Pay attention

You need to be mindful every second and that is possible only when you pay attention to every little thing around you. Use all your senses! When you walk to your corridor count the steps, try to listen to every small sound in your surroundings like horns of buses or the chirping of birds. Have an eye for detail – notice changes in board bills that you see every day on streets or colour of walls. 

When you talk to people, pay attention to their way of walking and talking, notice their mood, behaviour, expressions etc. Don’t just hear, but listen!  Observe, observe and observe some more. Record everything!

Train your brain to notice every insignificant thing so that you can be attuned to the world around you. And when you communicate, do it with all your senses. Remember that 93% of the communication is non-verbal. 

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5. Feel the vibes 

Trust The Vibes You Get

Have you ever felt anxious talking to a stranger? Or felt something is just not right at your home or office? These are negative vibes or say emotional signals or messages from your subconscious mind that help you sense the energy of the situation.

If you feel energized talking to a positive person then it’s a good vibe. Feel the vibes to open up your sixth sense! This is a form of exercising for your non-visual senses so that you can perceive more subtle variations in the environment that you were previously unaware of. 

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6. Keep a dream journal 

Sounds weird? Well, a dreams journal will help you track recurring dreams and related themes and patterns, and understand subconscious thoughts and feelings. Interpret your dreams to know what your subconscious mind wants. You can gain awareness of ideas, changes or experiences happening below the surface of your immediate consciousness. Trust me this is an awesome way to strengthen your intuition. 

Writing down about your dreams immediately after waking up can help you process your emotions and get a better understanding of your problems and life events. If your dreams feature positive outcomes you can overcome anxiety too. Do you know many famous writers got ideas from their dreams? You too can fuel your creativity! 

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7. Invest in “ME” time

Do you want to make some serious decisions? Or find a solution to a big problem?

Take a walk or find a quiet place in your home and sit for meditation. Just take deep breaths to calm your thoughts. The goal is to be quiet and serene! You need to go within to question yourself or find answers. You need to practice this on a daily basis for quieting your mind. And you will see your memories, insights and senses converging to provide guidance to you. 

8. Visualize and speak your intuition

You must know your intentions well and visualize yourself putting them into action. Your intentions are your affirmations like “I will earn $1000 a day”, which you must put into action to realize your life’s vision.

 So, whatever goals you have, just visualize it in your mind and speak them out loud. This exercise will help you reinforce your desires with your subconscious mind and get charged up to actualize what you want. Simply put, you are sending messages to your subconscious mind just like your subconscious mind, dreams and intuitions send messages to you.

9. Spend time in nature


Sending more time with nature can help you develop strong physical senses. Talk to trees, greet the sun and the moon, do water rafting,  or admire the beauty of flowers.

This exercise will improve your short term memory, reduce stress, improve vision, boost creativity, improve sleep quality and increase happiness. Also, nature lovers are found to have a deeper sense of spirituality! Nature not only stimulates your mind but helps you reconnect and rejuvenate to allow for better intuition. Over time, this will raise your sensitivity to your sixth sense. 

Voila! Hell lots of benefits!

10. Don’t shut your inner voice or intuition  


Saying NO to the inner voice or intuition is like saying YES to a big loss! Because inner voices serve a higher purpose to you or to someone else. Don’t confuse between your inner voice and intuition, although both come from inside of you. 

While intuition comes from your unconscious mind and through your senses, your inner voice comes from your conscious mind. Intuition is the feeling that you get or see or hear a reminder or just know that you need to do something. These are short, to the point messages and direct, like “don’t go for it”. The inner voice is thoughts that pop into your head or something inside your mind like “what if?” or “why?” as you wonder about something. Mostly they are not to the point or direct.

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11. Practice meditation

Meditation Is Hanging Out With Your Soul

No. You don’t have to become a monk! Meditate to strengthen your mind and brainpower. Start with 10 minutes a day and keep doing for a few weeks to notice wonderful changes inside you.

A study showed that even four days of practising meditation may be enough to increase your attention span.(2) If you have poor concentration, meditation works like wonders. You can work efficiently despite background noises because the internal chaos is dead. Another study found that meditation can reverse patterns in your brain that contribute to poor attention, stress and mind wandering. (3)

Meditation is a magical tool that improves your mental and emotional health because you tap into your inner calm. A healthy body and mind allow clearer thinking and stronger intuition, which in turn will open up your sixth sense.

Wondering how to meditate without sitting still? Read on to know 7 Informal Meditation Practices To Meditate Without Meditating

12. Keep writing 

To gain a stronger sense of inner knowing, start the habit of writing your thoughts. Journalling keeps your thoughts organised, allow you to reflect on yourself, record ideas, and inspire creativity.

This exercise helps you tap into your subconscious mind and strengthen your intuition. Studies showed that writing allows free-flowing of thoughts and helps lower stress, anxiety, and depression. (4) Journaling boosts inner awareness and high self-awareness makes you more confident and self-assured.

Positive affect journaling (PAJ) “may serve as an effective intervention for mitigating mental distress, increasing well-being, and enhancing physical functioning,” explains a 2018 study. (5) Practice free writing to sharpen your sixth sense!

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The bottom line

If you want to open up your sixth sense and make most of this extraordinary gift all you need to do is – practice, practice and practice! Use all your physical senses, be 100% attentive to everything, observe more, listen more, and boost self-awareness to recognize and develop your intuition that is beyond conscious calculation or cognitive calculation. Powerful and beneficial, the sixth sense helps you find your life’s purpose and find your way out in everything you do. In short, you will be happy, successful and live life the way you want!

Are you ready to open up or sharpen your sixth sense?



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