8 Tips To Strengthen The Voice Of Your Intuition


Tips To Strengthen The Voice Of Your Intuition

Strengthen Intuition

All of us are well aware of the important role that the 5 senses of our body play to collect information but most of us overlook the importance of our sixth sense i.e. Intuition.

We, as humans, are Divine Beings endowed with six senses to guide us through life -Sonia Choquette, Trust Your Vibes


Sonia Choquette, a global spiritual leader and author of over 19 bestselling books on intuition and personal growth, insists that we should activate the gift of our sixth sense .i.e. Intuition and use it guide us to make most soul-satisfying and wholesome decisions.

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What does Intuition really mean?

Yeah, using Intuition is great but are you wondering, what does the term “Intuition” really mean?

Well, we looked the definition for you, and here is what we found, Intuition is the ability to acquire representation or knowledge about things, apparently without reasoning or usage of reason in general.

This definition states that it is the ability to acquire knowledge without necessarily using reason or intellect.

And since we are brought up in an intellect driven culture, I can well imagine that you may find it very difficult to believe that it could be a better choice to trust our intuition over reason or intellect.

Reason versus Intuition

So I am presenting a low down on reason v/s intuition here, so that you can see the difference and decide for yourself.

Here we go:

The reason is the primary function of the frontal lobe of the brain, but intuition comes from the heart center (which is also the first organ to develop in the body) and has the capacity to respond to energy 5000 times stronger than the intellect.

This is because intellect is too tightened up by a lot of filters and conditioning that we have been exposed to in our lives including the culture we are born in, our own ego defenses, and the opinions of people around us.

So your intellect can be too colored and conditioned and actually lead you to believe things that aren’t actually true by the power of debate and reasoning. On the other hand, your heart is an energy center that is authentic and is not capable of lying.

So, if we really want to listen to our sixth sense or intuition, we have to open up our heart space and listen to its still quiet voice, because the voice of the heart and the voice of our intuition are one and the same thing.

How can we activate and enhance the voice of our Intuition?

So, now that we know that the voice of our intuition can guide us better to live our most authentic and fulfilled life.

What can we do to strengthen the voice of our intuition?

1) Stop being a control freak

The most important prerequisite to strengthen intuition is to step out of the ego mode of being a control freak.

Whenever we are in a control freak mode and trying to control every external situation or person around us, we are basically operating from the fight or flight part of our brain. Whenever we are in this mode, we perceive everyone and everything around us as a potential threat.

The anxiety-laden fight or flight part of our brain completely shuts down our access to the intuitive voice within.

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And therefore the most first and foremost step towards activating and strengthening our intuition is to calm down a little and let go of our strong and obsessive hold on events and situations around us.

Another spiritual suggestion for remaining calm is to refrain from trying to control everyone around you. The more controlling you are, the more you’ll get lost in ego land and removed from your spirit. ― Sonia Choquette, Trust Your Vibes

2) Be playful and creative

Another easy way to tap into our intuition is to get out of our headspace and move into our heart space by indulging in some playful and creative activities.

Activities like dancing, painting, singing, or writing can take us into present moment awareness and heart space.

One difference between spiritual and ego law is that spiritual law is very playful and creative, while ego law is fixed and routine.
― Sonia Choquette, Trust Your Vibes

3) Tune in and listen to your vibes

Once you tune in and listen to your vibes, you will notice that your body has a way of communicating to you i.e. in the form of energy and gut instincts .i.e. Intuition speaking.

Whenever you are living your authentic life and doing things in alignment with your core, you’re going to feel relaxed and peaceful.

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You will feel light and your energy will feel high and your body will be relatively free from aches and pains.

If you’re on the right track doing what serves your soul, then you’re going to feel good, relaxed, and peaceful. Your heart will beat steadily, your energy will remain high, and you’ll be relatively free from aches, pains, anxiety, or stress.
― Sonia Choquette, Trust Your Vibes

4) Acknowledge synchronicities

Another way to strengthen intuition is by actually acknowledging its presence in our lives. Whenever we notice a synchronized event or have a sense of déjà vu and take out a moment to appreciate and acknowledge the presence of the gift our intuitive abilities, we are actually giving it a chance to grow and blossom.

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But if we dismiss that still small voice and stop noticing how the universe is communicating with us to give us different signs, we will gradually stifle and shut down that still inner voice of intuition.

Synchronicities are not flukes or random events—they’re intentional reflections of our intuition working with the perfect order of all things in the unseen world. It’s why fish swim upstream, birds fly south, and bears hibernate. Everything in nature intuitively gravitates toward what best serves its growth, and that includes the human race. The only difference is that we have the choice to follow our intuition or not. So if you want your sixth sense to work, stop resisting your vibes, and change the rules you live by instead.
― Sonia Choquette, Trust Your Vibes

trusting your intuition

5) Slow down and embrace the flow states

Another doorway to tap into your intuition or sixth sense is to get into flow states by regularly scheduling time for practices like meditation or mindfulness.

It is very important to slow down once in a while and do nothing to get into receptive states so that we can hear the guidance of our heart and intuition.

Get your appointment book out and schedule do-nothing-but-relax periods during the week, and then keep those appointments.
― Sonia Choquette, Trust Your Vibes

6) Energy flows where attention goes

Another way of developing and honing our sixth sense is to pay attention to where our energy goes because like attracts like.

If we always worry about worst-case scenarios or how someone can potentially harm us, we are sending out the energy of fear and victimhood, we will attract back similar circumstances back to us. Which will further propel us into the fight and flight mode and that will attract more fearful circumstances.

And it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy and kind of a vicious loop. Therefore, it is imperative that we remain mindful of where our attention goes to and this will in turn strengthen your intuition.

The way telepathy ordinarily works is that we mentally tune in to the same vibratory frequency we send out, and we especially tune in the frequencies that we focus on or care about. It’s a simple case of like attracting like: If we dwell on fear, focus on danger and injury, and feel like victims, we’re going to draw the same to us. If, on the other hand, we focus on positive, life-affirming, and loving experiences, these will be returned to our field of consciousness by others.
― Sonia Choquette, Trust Your Vibes

7) “Empty the garbage”

Another interesting tool proposed by Sonia herself is called the “Empty the garbage” process.

She explains that all the irrational fears and doubts that we have are actually the garbage that stops us from accessing our intuition. And one very important way to access our intuition is to actually empty this garbage.

She states that if we can verbalize our fears out loud like “I am scared that people will make fun of me if I fail,” or “I am not good enough to do that.” or “I am scared of being hurt or let alone” or “I am scared of getting disappointed” or “I am scared that I won’t be loved back” till we cannot come up with any more fears, we will be able to quiet our fight or flight part of the bran.

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Once we have done that, we need to get in touch with our heart center and listen to what it has to say. You can do that by putting our hands on our hearts and say “My heart says” and verbalize the answer that comes up.

And to know if the answer that comes up is really from the heart space or not, you can notice the energy field of your body.

If you’re feeling expanded, then that means it is the voice of your intuition, because the voice of your intuition will always expand your energy field. And if your energy field feels contracted, then that means it is the voice of your intellect and ego, because the voice of your intellect will contract your energy field.

8) Live your authentic life

When you start living your authentic life, a life that resonates with what you are at the core, the voice of the intuition will automatically get stronger.

When you start living your life according to your own values and impulses instead of just playing it safe and thinking about what people think, your intuition and sixth sense will start growing stronger and stronger.

You begin to take full responsibility for your life. You realize it’s mine to live and I can live by my own impulses instead of just playing it safe and hoping that people either don’t hurt me too much or take care of me at best.
― Sonia Choquette, Trust Your Vibes

So, are you ready to strengthen the voice of your intuition?

Tips To Strengthen The Voice Of Your Intuition Pin
8 Tips To Strengthen The Voice Of Your Intuition

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