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How To Manifest Your Dream Job Or Career Using The “Law Of Attraction”: 4 Ways

how to manifest

Eyeing a particular job for a long time or looking for a much-awaited promotion? Want to achieve what you desire? The Universe works in mysterious ways, all you need to do is believe. Read on to find out how to attract your dream job into your life.

There are plenty of reasons for leaving a job, but doing a new job search can be a little scary. You don’t typically wake up one morning and hate your job or want to get a new career; usually, it builds over time when you realize you aren’t where you want to be or you’re not meeting your career goals.

If you’re working too hard, earning too little, and worst of all, not enjoying yourself along the way, then it’s time to search for your dream job — and the law of attraction can help you achieve it.

The reason career discontent feels like bad news is because you think it means having to start all over from scratch. But not only is starting from scratch not possible, but it would be to no advantage whatsoever in your work life.

If you’re discontent in your career, you don’t need to start over to get to a better place. You can start from exactly where you are! Because everything you’ve lived has helped you to define who you now are and what you now want.

So what is the law of attraction, and how can it help you attract a fantastic new job in your life? The law of attraction is the belief that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person’s life.

Turning Contrast Into Clarity

The setbacks you’ve encountered have given you invaluable clarity about what’s really important, and what you need to focus on in order for the attraction of your dream job to work.

Contrasting experiences (living what you don’t want) are as essential as holding a clear vision of what you do want.

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Instead of viewing your work situation as a mistake, choose to see it as gold and mine it for clarity.

As You Read The List Below, Notice Which Of These Conclusions Are True For You:

I want:

  • a greater sense of freedom.
  • to spend my time doing things I sincerely love to do.
  • greater control over the amount of money that flows into my life.
  • feel the exhilaration of conceiving and then running with a new idea.
  • work with other stable, happy, productive, effective people.
  • contribute to the upliftment and happiness of others.

Once you’ve identified what you want, take this inquiry one step deeper: Ask yourself how you would feel if you’d already created it. This will help you find the energetic essence of what you desire.

Finding The Energetic Essence Of Your Desire

For example, if what you want is outrageous financial prosperity, uncover the feeling that you believe the money will bring.

To get to the essence of this desire, just ask yourself what having an abundance of money would mean to you. You might associate it with a feeling of worthiness, empowerment, self-love, or freedom, just to name a few.

The desire for prosperity may be universal, but the feelings that drive this desire are unique to each of us. This underlying feeling is the essence of your desire. No matter what you desire in the outer world, what you’re really seeking is the feeling of this internal essence.

And when you’re connected to the essence of what you want, what you want finds you, without you even looking.

Here is a simple process for connecting with the essence of your new and improved career, so that you can draw it effortlessly into your life. Ask yourself, “What is my dream job?”

Bring to mind as many details about your ideal career that you can. Do you want more flexibility in your schedule? More interaction or collaboration with people? Are you looking for work that contributes to humanity in some way? Allow yourself to get a clear picture of how you want your new career to look and feel.

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Here Are 4 Ways You Can Use The Law Of Attraction To Attract Your Dream Job Or Career Into Your Life:

1. Uncover your “why”

Once you are present with what you want, begin to ponder the question, “Why do I want to create this?”

What do you think the fulfillment of this desire will enable you to do? How will creating your ideal career enhance you as a person?

2. Imagine yourself in that position

Allow yourself to imagine this desire as if it were already fulfilled. In your heart and mind, play with the feeling of having achieved every one of your career goals.

What quality do you hope you will experience as a result of creating this? Is it joy? Freedom? Love?

Maybe it’s a feeling of pride or accomplishment, or of contentment. Allow this feeling to wash over you, just for the pleasure of it.

3. Acknowledge the areas of your life you’re happy with already

Having identified the “feeling” essence of your ideal career, notice in what aspects of your life this feeling is already present.

For example, if you desire financial prosperity because of the freedom it will provide, notice where in your life you are already free. Now take this further and identify an action you could take that would enhance this feeling.

If you’re seeking a feeling of pride or accomplishment, what actions could you take to generate this for yourself?

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4. Connect with the feeling that your ideal job would give you

As you are taking this action, connect with this feeling essence at an emotional level. Feel the vibration of it permeate your body and radiate through every cell of your being.

Notice what new thoughts or ideas arise from this clarified state of being, and if it feels good to do so, act on them.

Return to this feeling state often — it’s as easy as turning to your favorite radio station when you get into your car. Commit to residing in this vibration each day, and watch what new experiences unfold as a result.

Learning to attune yourself — in thought, emotion, and energy — with the essence of your ideal career is the key to attracting it, in living color, into your “real” life.

Written by Christy Whitman
Originally appeared in Yourtango
4 Ways To Manifest Your Dream Job Or Career Using The 'Law Of Attraction'
Manifest Your Dream Job
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