Science And The Law Of Attraction: 4 Times Research Supported The LOA


Science And The Law Of Attraction

I love teaching people about the science and Law of Attraction or LOA because it is just so amazing! With that being said, there are many skeptics out there who question the legitimacy of the LOA. This, of course, is completely understandable.

For those who don’t know, the Law of Attraction is a law that determines how our reality is created. The Law of Attraction states that what we focus on, believe in, and expect, we witness in our reality.

In other words, your thoughts, your intention, and your focus literally create your reality. You are not a by-product of the world you live in, rather you are the actual creator of the world you live in.

Those who focus on things they do not want and wallow in negative emotions create undesirable realities/worlds. Those who focus on things they DO want and dwell in their positive emotions, by contrast, create highly desirable realities/worlds.

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Now, as for me, I am not someone who blindly accepts ideas. Being a former teacher with a background in science and psychology, I like to put ideas to the test! As such, I have uncovered many scientific reasons that back up my belief of the Law of Attraction. Today, I’d like to share a few with you!

Here is some of my favorite scientific support for the idea that you create your reality and the power of positive (and negative!) thinking.

1. Dr. Masaru Emoto’s Water Crystals:

Dr. Masuru Emoto conducted one of the most amazing experiments that clearly demonstrated the power of focus and intention.

To do this, he took water from the same source and bottled it into separate containers.

Some of the water was exposed to music, some prayer, and some words. For example, some water was labeled with positive words like “love” “eternal” and “peace.” Other samples were labeled with negative words like “evil,” “fool,” and  “disgust.”

The results? Water that was exposed to positive prayer, music or words and then frozen developed beautiful and symmetric crystalline patters.

Water that was exposed to negative words or painful music, however, froze into ugly patterns.

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Emoto’s work clearly demonstrated the power words, prayer and music have on reality. Exposing water particles to a positive medium had powerful, positive results in its structure. Exposing the same water to negative medium had powerful, negative results in its structure.

To see more on this, visit Dr. Emoto’s website.

2. The Double-Slit Experiment:

Quantum physicists have demonstrated that our basic elements of matter (quantum particles) do not exist in just one location. Instead, they exist suspended in a field of possibility. When an observer observes a quantum particle, he or she locks it into position.

The ramifications of this experiment are absolutely mind-blowing. The double-slit experiment suggests that all of reality exists in an infinite field of possibility, and we as observers are what collapse this infinite potential into what we call “physical reality.”

It seems it is the observer’s observation that literally forms reality around him or her.

For more on the mechanics of the double-slip experiment, check out the video below excerpted from the documentary “What the Bleep do We Know?”:

4. The Placebo Effect:

For those who don’t know, the placebo effect is a well-documented scientific phenomenon. The placebo effect is an effect whereby people literally experience the effects of a medication when given a “fake” medication (like a sugar pill).

For example, if you were to give a patient a sugar pill, but tell him or her it was a sedative, the patient will often report feeling sedated or will literally fall asleep after being given the pill.

As you can see, the placebo effect suggests that our beliefs and expectations about how a medication will work have a profound effect on how we experience the medication.

For more on the placebo effect, check out this article here.

4. The Harvard Grant Study:

The Grant Study is the longest ranging study on adult happiness. It is a longitudinal study on adults over a period of over 75 years, conducted by Harvard University.

This study shows repeatedly, that the number one predictor of happiness, health and long life is having positive and fulfilling relationships with others. Enjoying positive and loving relationships actually promotes a healthier immune system, regardless of other factors like socioeconomic status.

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As it seems, experiencing sustained love is your best chance of enjoying your life (and living a long one!).

Considering that love is a highly positive emotion, I would say this is not at all surprising to those who follow the Law of Attraction! The better you feel, the better your reality.

For more on the Grant Study, check out this TED Talk:

Though it is pretty natural to be skeptical of the Law of Attraction, there is plenty of evidence in the world that it is a legitimate force in the universe. The power of intention, focus, belief and emotion is well-documented, if you look for it.

Of course, if you know of any other evidence of the relationship between science and the Law of Attraction, please comment below and share!

XO, Andrea

Law of Attraction Educator

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Science And The Law Of Attraction
Science And The Law Of Attraction: 4 Times Research Supported The LOA
Science And The Law Of Attraction pin

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