The Power of Intention: How Your Thoughts Can Change Your Life, Scientifically Backed

The Power of Intention

Did you know that what you think affects how you live? It can impact you and your environment. Good thoughts and the power of intention affects the physical reality of our lives. It’s strange but true and backed by science too. Take a look! Here’s how thoughts create reality.

Well, this has been tested by humans and the results are surprising but transformative.

Dr. Masaru Emoto, a researcher and alternative healer from Japan, has given the world wonderful evidence of the magic of positive thinking (Arnst, Chasse and Hoffman 2004). He became famous when his water molecule experiments featured in the 2004 film, What The Bleep Do We Know?

The Power of Intentions: How Good Thoughts Create Reality
What You Think Affects How You Live: How Thoughts Can Change Reality

His experiments demonstrate the power of intentions that how human thoughts and intentions can alter physical reality, such as the molecular structure of water.

Given that humans are comprised of at least 60% water, his discovery has far-reaching implications… can anyone really afford to have negative thoughts or intentions?

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The Power Of Intentions: Examples How Your Thoughts Can Change The World Around You

1. The Water Experiment

A group of approximately 2,000 people in Tokyo focused positive intentions towards water samples located inside an electromagnetically shielded room in California. Inside the room, there were similar water samples as controls kept in different spots, but that group was unaware of it. 

It was hypothesized that water “treated” with intention can affect ice crystals formed from that water. Also, it was pilot tested under double-blind conditions

Ice crystals formed in both sets of water samples, yet only certain kinds of formations were present within the water they were concentrating on. Dr. Emoto found that samples of water that were treated to positive thoughts and intentions formed clear and beautiful ice crystals, whereas those exposed to negative thoughts and intentions showed negative and ugly patterns.

Ice crystals formed from both sets of water samples were blindly identified and photographed by an analyst. Later the resulting images were blindly assessed for aesthetic appeal by 100 independent judges.

water crystals
How Your Thoughts Can Change Your Future

In conclusion, the study results are consistent with a number of previous studies suggesting that thought and intentions may be able to influence the structure of water.

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2. The Rice Experiment

Dr. Emoto demonstrated the power of negative thinking with his rice experiment. He places a small amount of cooked rice in two different glass jars. On one he wrote “thank you” and on the other “you fool”.

He then instructed school children to say out loud what is written on the labels every day when they passed them by.

After one month it was observed that the rice on the container with positive thought barely changed. But, the rice on the other container was rotten (Gauvrit and Francfort 2015). 

Hopefully, you understood the impact of positive thoughts and intentions. By saying positive thoughts, you not only cleanse yourself but strengthen your aura and those around you.

So, think about what is worrying you most in the present time and transform it into positive thoughts. Tell yourself “I can do it”, “I will learn” or whatever suits your present situation. Repeat them each day and see how it changes your life.

How Good Thoughts Create Reality

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Make sure to completely avoid negative self-talk “I will lose…,” because your words and thoughts have vibrations that impact your health and your energy. Next time you are angry with someone just reminds yourself about the beautiful and ugly water crystalline structures.

Power of Intentions: How Your Thoughts Can Change Your Life

So what are your thoughts on this? Do you think that your thoughts can change your life? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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thoughts  and intentions
How Thoughts Can Change Reality
Your Thoughts Can Change the World Pin
The Power of Intentions: What You Think Affects How You Live
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The Power of Intention pin

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