Motivation Such an Aggravation: Affirmations and How to Take Them

Does it ever feel like you’re never what you wanted to be? Use these affirmations, ideas, and suggestions to get the motivation to live your best life.

Motivation Such an Aggravation: Affirmations and How to Take Them

When it comes to self-motivation, sometimes it’s as simple as a few life hacks, like doing some daily meditation or affirmations.

At first glance, meditation and affirmations don’t seem like they could really help you live your best life or make any real difference in firing up those jets. However, it’s scientifically proven that meditation significantly reduces anxiety and has many other health benefits.

If you take away the anxiety and get your body working at it’s best, you’ll have the focus to put on living your life. The blocks are gone, and affirmations and other tricks can come in.

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite ways to motivate yourself. Keep reading for affirmations, ideas, and suggestions to get the motivation to live your best life.

Clear the Space for Your Amazing Life

Before you start saying affirmations, let’s clear out some of the roadblocks getting in your way. We’re talking about things like worries, to-do lists, expectations from others, and all the things you’ve learned that at one point probably helped you move forward or get through a situation.

These are your basic defense mechanisms. They’re great in tough situations but you can turn them off in between so that you can enjoy your life.

Enter meditation. The goal is to clear your mind of the noise. Once you get this down, you can focus your mind on the positive affirmations and start letting ideas come in that excite you. That’s real motivation!


How to Meditate

You don’t have to sit like a Yogi and chant, but you can if you want to. There are many ways to meditate. The action is to focus on repetitive action like breathing, walking, or doing a creative project, like coloring.

Don’t think about anything else but the repetitive action. If a thought enters your mind, let it keep going. Try to do 5 to 10 minutes a day. Don’t worry if it takes a while to get it.


Focus on What You Do Want With Affirmations

Motivational affirmations help you get in a positive place. They get you to focus on what you want, rather than what you don’t want. The meditation is what helps you sweep away those thoughts that you don’t want clouding the path so you can do this.

The trick here is to make your affirmations yours. Personalize them to your needs and what will make you happy. This is the fun part!

Think of it like playing and making things up. A good time to create your affirmations is when you’re doing something meditative, like walking.

Ask yourself what you love to do? Ask yourself what makes you happy? Then repeat that: I love to _____. I feel happy when I _______.

Also, you can do a few that remind you that good things happen to you. Some examples are:

  • Things work out for me
  • I am surrounded by people I love
  • I am doing what I love
  • I am doing my life’s purpose
  • My inner self knows what I should be doing
  • My heart points me in the right direction
  • I let myself play and do things I love
  • I make time and room for fun things in my life

If you can’t come up with one that you love, do a bit of searching for a good one or two for you. Every time you feel worried or not on your path, say them.


Do Fun Things Just for the Heck of It

We all need something good to look forward to! We need to do things just for the fun of it, things without a goal that make you happy just because. Things that are like play. Actually, things that are played. Because grownups need to play too!

It’s actually a form of meditation because you’re completely in the moment. It makes you happy and you embody the joyful, confident feelings you get from affirmations. When you start to feel confidence and happiness, you start to intrinsically feel motivation.

There you have it — self-motivation in your real life!

We like to put things on the schedule because then your mind knows the goodness is coming. Play can be anything. We’re big on games where you’re in it with other people too, like sports and our new favorite Breakout Games.

These kinds of games put you in that space of make-believe. You get to improvise and think on the spot. Just watch how your energy and confidence builds.

Once you get a taste for you it, you’ll want more and to put it into action in your real life.


Surround Yourself With Happy and Motivated People

Stick close to those that make you happy and that are motivated by themselves. Lean into them.
If you don’t have a group of people that embody that positive spirit, start looking and find them. Take classes. Meet up with different people that do activities you love, like sports, crafting, culture, or something like the breakout games.
These people don’t need to be tied to your work. They can be tied to your play. But the positive energy and motivation in those around you are usually contagious.


Let Your Confidence Build With Little Steps

If you’re looking for motivation, remember that first, you need to trust that there are light and hope at the end of the tunnel. This takes small steps as you can’t build trust/faith overnight.

Give yourself a break and let the hope and motivation ease in. Start with meditation, affirmations, and play. Ask yourself what it is you intrinsically want to do. What is your purpose? What are you motivating yourself towards?

Once you know it, do one thing towards it every day. As you do all this together, the built-in confidence and motivation will begin to propel you onto your path so you are living your best life.


Easy Steps to Motivation for You

Now that you know these simple but effective life hacks to garner self-motivation to live your best life, you’re ready to get to it! Did any of these tricks to motivate yourself pop out at you? Start with that.

Give it a go. Commit to it for a short period of time, like a week or a month. See how it goes.
At the end of the time period, decide if it’s a success or not and if you want to continue. If not, then be happy you’re done with it!

Once you harness that part of yourself that is rearing to go, jump back onto our blog and check out some other life hacks. You’re sure to find more fun ways to better your day and life and to just chill — which you now know is just another tool in your belt.

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